Monday, February 21, 2005

The Godfather Part II

Ya know it is funny. My Dad must have watched all the Godfather movies I don't know how many times while I lived at home, but I always thought I wouldn't like "that kind of movie". I watched part II today and boy, those are good movies! No wonder everyone watches them.

If you have been like me and have not yet watched it, do so. I really think just about anyone would like it.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

bummer day for Siobhan

We had such great plans for today. We went for an early lunch at the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana (one of our favorite places). Then we headed over to the Discovery Science Center (where Krystal volunteers) so we could enjoy the pigs they have there. When we pulled up, WOW. There were cars lined up, people lined up, it was crazy.

So, no Discovery Science Center. We thought we would head to Irvine Park so Siobhan and maybe Diego (if he is big enough) could ride the ponies. It is one of our favorite outings. But of course, due to the rain, the ponies are not open. Poor Siobhan.

I told her we would go home and take a nap (she has a bit of a cold) and I would take her to Chuck E. Cheese's. So she takes a nap, and off we go. Holy cow! There is a line outside the door at Chuck E. Cheese. Nobody over the age of 13 wants to go there THAT badly. So what to do? She has already been let down three times today. So we headed over to the Disney outlet where she had NO problem picking out a thing or two, then to ice cream. We are the only one's in Dairy Queen (could it be because it is pouring outside?). I ask her what she wants and I order it. Do you think she wants her ice cream? No, she looks at mine, and that is the one she wants. hee hee How could I not give in?

So we are at home, she has new Princess chanclas on her feet and a new Belle toy to play with. We are so sad for her! Luckily she is not a complainer and seems okay with her new toy. She knows we will do all those other things another time. Didn't there used to be a time when people went away for the long weekend?

Rock on Dude

About eight months ago Eric decided that the kids needed a guitar to play with and see if it sparked any muscial interest in either Krystal or Bradley. They played with it a little and it just sat there.

Then all of sudden Bradley decided he was going to play with it. It was doing lessons over the internet, and soon was able to play Smoke on the Water (David, can you believe it?)

Bradley has spent some time on and wanted an electric guitar. So there we are, spending our Friday night (while it was raining mind you) at Guitar Center. Bradley walked out so proud with an electric guitar and an amp. He has spent every free minute these last few days in his room playing that thing. Woo hoo, finally something he is into besides soccer (Mom always said "Don't play ball in the house").

Eric and I always have music on but neither of us play an instrument. One of my brothers plays the guitar and another the drums. I was always the one who wanted to sing (too bad I don't do it well!) And now this! Where will this end? Will he form a band? Will we have to convert the garage to a place where he can jam? Will be be bugging Uncle Richard to make a recording in his studio? Have we created a monster?

Really, we are pleased. Music does nothing but help someone be creative. I just hope we soon hear many other songs then Smoke on the Water. I had enough of that with my brother!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Uncle Buck

How cute is this movie? I saw it tonight for the first time. (Am I finally catching up on older movies or what?). I liked it, thought it was really cute. Everyone needs an Uncle Buck!

random thoughts

If children were born as teenagers, no one would have more then one child.

it's 3am..

.. and I feel like I should sit here and write some sappy love song.

"It's 3am, and my lover is gone
my heart is broken
and I'm all alone"

only, I'm not. Just everyone but Diego and I are sleeping. He is "talking" away in his crib. He thinks he has some very important 8 month old things to discuss that just CAN NOT wait until morning. Luckily for all involved he is good about just laying in his crib.

"It's 3:05 and my heart is still beating
your away and I feel like I'm needing
some love from you
or my heart will begin fleeing"

oh yeah, winner stuff there!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

My life won't be complete

I know this may sound shallow, but my life will not be complete until I have the game Chain Reaction by Data East Corp. I have looked and looked. I have looked for the actual arcade machine, but I can't find it. I used to play it all the time at CSUF. I called a few years ago and they said they don't have it anymore. (Probably a good thing because I would be there so often!). I don't even know where else to look. I just spent about an hour searching on the internet. I am tired of seeing screen shots, I wanna play!

boo hoo

When Harry Met Sally

I don't know why I am writing a review. I think I am the only person who hadn't seen this move. I really enjoyed it. It was cute, funny and romantic. My husband actually suggested we buy it. I thought it was great. I think this will probably be added to the few movies that I could watch just about any time. If you are like me and somehow made it this long without having seen this movie, watch it. Trust me, it was cute!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Oh my golly gosh

I went to Weight Watchers last night. I lost 5.9 pounds this week! I am back on track!

Friday, February 04, 2005


Siobhan turned 3 this week. I can't believe how big she is. She got some great gifts! ( I will try and put some photos up later).

Bradley is done with soccer. The last 4 All Star games were cancelled due to the rain. He will be saying a final fairwell to his coach, Kenny. He has been great. I am guessing Bradley will try out for soccer at high school next year. (Two kids in high school, how old am I?)

Krystal is getting ready for another season of track. She is working hard to bring her math grade up. She is spending time at volunteering at the Discovery Science Center, and always asking to go surfing.

Diego is standing! He stands with one hand lightly on the table. I know he is going to walk early, he is not yet 8 months. Too cute that kid. He is doing okay at night. Usually in bed by 8:30, lately up around 12 to eat and back to sleep until about 6. Eric swears he has an alarm clock in his bed.

Carol, my mother-in-law moved really close to us. She is about half a mile away. It is nice because she will not be spending time on the bus to come here and head home each day. The best thing about it, I think, is the kids can walk over and visit whenever they want.

We will be heading down to Mexico later this month to spend a weekend with my brothers. How many Pina Colada's can one have while on Weight Watchers? What? Oh, I didn't realize that everything was fat and calorie free once you cross the border. Good to know!

Eric and I are planning to head to San Francisco for a weekend alone next month. That is right, I said alone. Meaning no kids. We do everything with the kids. Need I remind everyone we took them on the Honeymoon (well, the one's that were already here anyway!) So that will be nice, and weird. We are already missing the kids.

So, there is a little about us. A few things going on.