Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Diane and Ellen

Diane and Ellen
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A cute photo of Ellen and Diane taken at the work holiday party!

Two Beauties

Two Beauties
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Siobhan and Mommy on Christmas day. Is she a beauty or what?

Genius Diego

Genius Diego
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For those of you who don't know us too well, this kid is SOOO our kid!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

A new place to shop

Check out woot They put new stuff up daily. The writing is a crack up!

Di's Movie Review

The latest movie is American Splender.
Here is the summary from Netflix

Harvey Pekar (Paul Giamatti) was a working-class stiff, a file clerk who found an outlet for his creativity by chronicling every minutia of his life in Cleveland, Oh., for more than 20 years in a comic-book series called American Splendor. This revealing biopic co-stars Hope Davis and tells Pekar's story through two-dimensional images, archival footage and more.

I thought this movie was VERY interesting. It is a look on how someone so negative, odd, and not lovable, become lovable. A comic book star that isn't a star, he is no hero!

From 1-10, I give it a 6.5, Eric gives it an 8 (he really liked it alot) I enjoyed it. I recommed it. I think this movie was amazingly not what I thought it would be, which just made it better. Give it a try!

Check out Harvey's blog here, it isn't exactly updated but fun to read.

See ya at "Di's Movie Review"!

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas Everyone

If there is anyone out there who is reading this. Let us know how you are spending this day! Have a wonderful day.

"Love is the greatest gift
so it's a blessing to be with
the one's you love
this special time of the year"

Friday, December 24, 2004

Santa Claus is coming to town

Isn't it funny that we use the threat of Santa to make our children behave? I mean, has anyone ever misbehaved and been passed over by Santa? I can't tell you how many times in the last couple of weeks I have been on my way to e-mail or call Santa so Siobhan will behave. What am I doing the rest of the year? Why do I use Santa during December instead of what works throughout the year?

Something to think about. Although I will continue to say "Do I need to go e-mail Santa and tell him how you are not listening?". Maybe it is because it works! (sometimes!)

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Whoever said Chicago is the windy city has not been in Orange County the last few days!

I was out shopping today and was reminded of the Gilligans's Island where he was holding on the tree and was lifted off the ground! Luckily little Diego was being carried. hee hee

Stay warm out there!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Please note the time

It is 2:39am and here I sit in front of my computer. Diego has been fed and is fast asleep. I have been up for about an hour already. I woke up because of these gosh darn winds which are killing me (asthma, nose is running). I thought, well at least Diego will wake up soon to eat and I am already awake. So after 6 hours, he wakes up, eats and is back asleep. Where am I? Here with you!

How can I sleep when my nose needs tissue every 30 seconds? So I check my e-mail, NONE! Now, what? Here I am.

So I could go on and on about nothing, instead I will say, please note the time and no one is on ichat. Is everyone asleep? Oh Michelle is up. Good girl!

3 more shopping days until Christmas and I have more people than that left to buy for.


Sunday, December 19, 2004

Little D

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He is only 6 months, is this kid advanced or what?

Diego And Dad

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Here is a photo of Daddy and his little man. Okay, not the best picture of Diego, but he still looks like a little man!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Santa Diego

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Was this kid made for pictures or what? So darn cute!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Please take a minute

"We can use the best, most effective methods available to help homeless men, women, and children experience real change in their lives. But unless we stop seeing them as a separate category of people called "the homeless," even our best efforts will be useless."
-- Excerpt from the Los Angeles Mission's newsletter

Look at all these pictures of the homeless in San Francisco. There are so many, and THEY take care of the homeless. Each little bar at the bottom of the page is another page of photos. Sad

Click here for Project Hello

Can you guess this one?

What movie is this from?

"Do you wear black?"

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Movie review

I have decided to start giving a brief discription and review of the movies we watch. I will rate them 1-10. If it is a 10 I would watch it over and over and not grow bored. If it gets a 1, then I wanted to turn it off and not waste my time. A 5 means I liked it but wouldn't watch it again within the next few years. If anyone cares, here is my first review!

Last night we watched Ghost World.

Geeky humor that really snarls pervades this movie riff on the legendary underground comic/graphic novel by Daniel Clowes. Mopey high schooler Enid (Thora Birch) and her equally disaffected friend Rebecca (Scarlett Johansson) are a couple of slackers with a penchant for hurtful practical jokes. But when Enid begins to bond with one of their targets (Steve Buscemi), look out -- teen angst might give way to real feeling.

I liked it. It was funny and I could relate. Heck, I think anyone who was once a teenager (that's all of us) could relate. A little slow a few times (or was I just tired), but overall I think I will give it a 6 out of 10.

Thanks Netflix!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Think about it!

Someday at Christmas men won't be boys
Playing with bombs like kids play with toys
One warm December our hearts will see
A world where men are free

Someday at Christmas there'll be no wars
When we have learned what Christmas is for
When we have found what life's really worth
There'll be peace on earth

Someday all our dreams will come to be
Someday in a world where men are free
Maybe not in time for you and me
But someday at Christmastime

Someday at Christmas we'll see a Man
No hungry children, no empty hand
One happy morning people will share
Our world where people care

Someday at Christmas there'll be no tears
All men are equal and no men have fears
One shinning moment my heart ran away
From our world today

Someday all our dreams will come to be
Someday in a world where men are free
Maybe not in time for you and me
But someday at Christmastime

Someday at Christmas man will not fail
Take hope because your love will prevail
Someday a new world that we can start
With hope in every heart

Someday all our dreams will come to be
Someday in a world where men are free
Maybe not in time for you and me
But someday at Christmastime
Someday at Christmastime

Care to join us?

What is going on? Last night Eric and I decided to go out to eat, something we do often. Sizzler was out because the one by us is closed for remodeling. We decided on Chili's, but when we drove by there were many people outside waiting (there was something going on at the Pond). We went by a Indian place, closed for remodeling. Okay, we will go to Spoons, CLOSED! We started to feel as though something was going on.

Finally we decided to go to Red Robin. Eric thought the prices had gone up, and I said "Because they are the only place open anymore." What is going on with all these yummy places to eat. Okay, really I don't think Sizzler is yummy, but it IS really close!

It all just seemed something out of the Twlight Zone!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Little D

Practically ready for college. He is almost 6 months (a couple of days to go!). Finally a tooth has popped out and now he is sitting up. Yikes. Amazing how fast they grow. Lots of Eric's family got to meet him for the first time last night and of course everyone was saying how cute he is! (And he is too!)

I will post some more photos soon.

Anyone out there?

Quote of the day

What movie is this from?

"You used up all the glue..on purpose"

Saturday, November 27, 2004


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What a smile!


Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

So serious!


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Pictures of Diego on our computers camera!

Friday, November 26, 2004

Eric and Di

Eric and Di
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Is that a cute couple or what? Eric did a wonderful DVD for me with lots of photos (of me!) and we realized that we have very few of the two of us together. We will take more pictures!

Thursday, November 25, 2004


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Another cute preschool picture. She looks much older than 2!


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This is Siobhan's first preschool photo. Is she cute or what?

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I have been guilty of it myself, but what is the deal with the @ sign. I mean really, is it that hard to write "at"? Does it take any less time to make the @ symbol? Long words might need to be shortened, but two letters? Why are we always in such a rush?

This is Diane and I am @ home.
This is Diane and I am at home.


Giving Thanks early

I want to give thanks to my whole family early. I want to say a special thanks for yesterday. I was sick with the stomach flu yesterday and everyone was so helpful. I slept and slept and slept. It was wonderful.

I want to say thanks to Carol (Nana) for watching Diego now after watching Siobhan for two and a half years. (thanks for yesterday too, by the way). And for never saying no when we ask if you can watch one of the youngins.

Mom, thanks for always being there. I swear I see you now more that you moved out of state. odd!

Bradley, thanks for trying to do better in school both in your grades and your behavior. Keep it up. Thanks also for taking your brother for walks, holding him, helping him be happy.

Krystal, thanks for trying harder in school and always willing to play with Siobhan. You are a ray of sunshine in this house (except when you are singing!)

Siobhan, you are a gift. Your smile and laugher makes my whole life seem worthwhile.

Diego, thanks for being the best baby EVER. Always with a smile!

A super special thanks to my wonderful husband Eric. You are everything to me. I can not imagine life without you. You are truely my soul mate. You bring out the best in me. You help me to achieve all that I want in life and give me everything I need. You make each day worth waking up for. You have honestly taught me what it is to love someone for who they are. Our children we love because it is just in us to do so. I love you because of who you are, the wonderful things you bring to this world and our love for each other and all our wonderful babies!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

I need help!

I need some ideas of what to get my mailman for Christmas. He is a really nice and frankly, after six years, I am out of ideas. Anyone have any ideas? Please post them!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Not like TV

How come everyday can't be like on TV? Where everyone is happy and nothing goes wrong? No one argues or fights. Kids get up in the morning and mom has time for coffee. Nope, real life is NOT like TV.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Happy 14th Birthday Bradley

Man, am I old!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Check this out!

  • Click me! to see Krystal's way cool video. Ebert & Roeper gave it two thumbs up! Let us know what you think. Leave comments people!
  • Monday, November 08, 2004

    5 months old now!

    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Is this kid cute or what?


    Diego 3
    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Still enjoying that toy!

    Diego 2

    Diego 2
    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Happy 5 months Diego. Yum Yum, that is the best tasting toy ever!

    Dad and Siobhan

    Dad and Siobhan
    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Eric holding Siobhan while she is fast asleep after a hard day of playing. Is she an angel or what?

    Classic toddler moment

    Last night at Mass Siobhan walked up for her blessing during Communion. She was very upset when we got back to the pew. I asked her what was wrong and she told me, and I quote, "I want a chip too!"

    Hee hee, ha ha. It is very hard to explain to a two year old what the Eucharist is, but who would have thought she would think it was a chip. CLASSIC

    Saturday, November 06, 2004

    Fresh flowers anyone?

    How busy is the Orange PD? Today we got off the 55 fwy exit at Katella, and usually there is a guy standing there selling flowers. He was there again today but he had company, a police officer. I back the badge, but really. I can guess he does not have a license to sell flowers, but are the cops so bored there is nothing else to do?

    What harm could this guy be causing? He isn't even begging. At least he is selling something to make money. Or was trying to anyway, before he got hassled.

    There are no bad guys out there? No one running a stop sign? Making a famous California stop? No drunk drivers? No fights? No nothing, that he has to tell the hard working (he is out there until nighttime, until his flowers are gone) guy on the fwy ramp. There is a guy who sells flowers down Katella/Santiago Canyon and I bet no one is bothering him (he is white).

    I just would like to say that I think the Orange Police Department could find better use of their time. Something other then bothering a man who is trying to make a buck by doing little other then glancing at drivers as they exit the fwy. God forbid someone might like to take some fresh flowers home.

    goings on

    Many things going on here. Krystal has been busy at the Discovery Science Center as a teen volunteer. Bradley, of course, is still busy with soccer.

    Siobhan moved up with the three year olds in her school. (She won't be three until 1-31-05) and seems to love it. She gets the bigger playground now!

    Diego has been a joy. He is sleeping about 9 hours a night, but last night, oh last night, he slept 11! And boy did we need it. He is rocking back and forth on his knees and hands. Trying to hard to sit up when laying flat on his back. Still no sign of those darn teeth (ugh!), but we are still hopeful.

    Somehow we made it through this week and then the LA Galaxy to lose on Friday and end this season.

    I lost another pound, up to 20 now, although I still am not seeing a difference.

    Eric is busy filling every spare minute working. I haven't actually cooked dinner in days (lucky family). I want Indian food.

    We haven't heard from Nan in a while. I hope she hasn't forgotten us. We think of her everyday.

    My mom came for a short visit, it was great to see her.

    Eric's trying to decide if he should go to MacWorld without me and just take Krystal and Bradley. I say "Go!" (If it was reverse, I would be out of here) but I still don't have much time from work seeing as how I have only been back one month.

    49 days 'till Christmas.

    10 days 'till Bradley turns 14 (yikes)

    Nana Carol watchs Little D while we work and she is loving it. Siobhan gets to spend time with her every morning and right after school. She loves that too.

    Thursday, November 04, 2004

    My last election comment

    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    I think this will be it, although I think it says it all. We are in a depression in our house. I don't understand Americans. I don't understand how people can want more of the same. People chosing a President over religious reasons. Aren't we American? Freedom from religion, of which there are many.

    There will be a draft to come, you wait and see. And all those people who voted for Bush will watch as their sons and daughters go off to war. That will be a sad day for everyone and something I hope never happens, but I believe it will.

    I can't even begin to describe all the fear I have. I hope my job will remain because as a whole the Republicans do not believe in Social Services. I guess they think everyone is as rich as them.

    I guess my children will have to continue a private school education not because I want to but because the public schools will get no funding.

    I hope the abortion rate does not continue to go up as it has the last four years. Maybe if there was more money for Social Services more women would keep their babies.

    Maybe Bush will suddenly start caring about the enviroment. Maybe he will stop drilling for oil everywhere. Maybe he will end this so called "war". Maybe he will fight for those in Sudan. Maybe he will actually care about the middle AND lower class. Maybe, just maybe he will find a heart in the next four years. I hope, but I doubt.

    I am sad. yes, I am a liberal, a bit left wing, but no one can say that my feelings don't matter. No one can tell me that I shouldn't be scared for my children, for my family, for myself.

    God bless you George W. Bush, because frankly I think you will be seeing very little of him after this life.

    Monday, November 01, 2004


    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    She LOVES her dress!

    Little Diego and Siobhan

    Little Diego and Siobhan
    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    They are ready to go and get ALL the candy the neighborhood has to offer.

    Waiting for the Prince

    Waiting for the Prince
    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Can I go get some candy now?

    Hee Hee

    Hee Hee
    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    There is no bug in a rug here. If all bugs were that cute, we wouldn't need so much bug spray.

    Waiting and waiting

    Waiting and waiting
    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Sunday, October 31, 2004

    Trick or Treat

    Halloween. All hallow's eve. Watch out for all the ghosts and goblins, not to mention all the Princesses, Harry Potters, and Doras out there. Scary. Halloween is fun. The people down the street have been working on a haunted front yard all weekend. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it is done.

    We have been so busy we forgot to get a pumpkin. Who forgets the pumpkin? Well I guess Siobhan will see lots of neighboring pumpkins. She is looking very forward to Trick or Treating. Last week Eric asked her what she was going to say when she went to people's houses, and she said "Give me some candy please", hee hee. Actually I think that would be cuter!

    Diego is going along but I don't think he will be asking for any candy, seeing as how he does not yet have teeth. Besides that just means there is more candy in the house that will be tempting. I bought no chocolate and lots of fat free candy. We have Fun Dip, Applehead, Lemonhead, Redhots and candy braclets. What the heck do you care what kind of candy I bought?!

    So anyway, I am looking forward to tonight. I think Siobhan will enjoy handing out the candy as much as picking up some treats for herself. I enjoy seeing the little one's all dressed up. What I can't stand are the 10-13 year olds who come wearing regular clothes. You know you might as well give candy to save yourself some problems. I think I might have Eric take care of those kids this year.

    Happy Trick or Treating. Have fun out there and be safe!

    Love today and tomorrow

    I would just like to take this time to remind everyone to tell those that you love, that you love them. Don't wait for tomorrow. Don't fret over the little things. Remember to love and to love everyday!

    I would like to let all my family and friends know that I love them. I love each and every one of you. I would like to take a special moment and say "Dad, I love you!"

    The Grove

    Siobhan and I attened Sesame Street Live on Friday night at The Grove in Anaheim. Of course Sesame Street was great, everyone was there. Even Mr. Noodle's OTHER brother, Mr. Noodle.

    I just want to say that if you ever want to go to a show that is there, go! All the seats are great. There is not a bad seat in the house. You can buy tickets at the door if they are not sold out. AND getting out of the parking lot is a breeze.

    We really had a great time. I am going to look for things to go to there (of course it doens't hurt that it is only about 7 minutes from our house).

    Here's to the arts!

    Thursday, October 28, 2004

    iPod, iPod, iPod

    As some of you may know, eveyone over the age of 3 here in our house, has an iPod. I think I might depend on mine just a little too much. I realized yesterday as I was listening to the RADIO, that I wanted to speed through the music at the beginning to get to the lyrics and I COULDN'T. What is that about?

    Would it be so hard to make the radio like my iPod? So I could pause, speed up, go back, turn it up at will? I suppose so, but until then I shall enjoy my iPod to no end. I love my iPod. I wish all of life could be so easy.

    Weight Watchers update week 10

    okay, yeah, I skipped writing last week. I gained .6 and it was a very busy week. Quite frankly I didn't want to face it, okay!
    But this week has proved to be a really good one. I am now, in week 10 of the program, down 19 pounds! WOO HOO! Even I can't believe. That's almost 2 pounds a week.

    I really hope to hit my first Weight Watchers goal by Christmas (maybe even Thanksgiving)!

    Anyone else want to join? There are a few friends and family doing really really well too.

    Hope you see less of me!

    Monday, October 25, 2004

    2 months people

    Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. Please put a penny in the old mans hat, if you haven't got a penny a ha' penny will do, if you haven't got a ha' penny, then God bless you!

    Can't believe it. Wasn't Christmas just here? Didn't we JUST take down the lights? Didn't we just put out the tree? Sent cards? Bought gifts? Midnight Mass( at10)?

    Just remember that we need to celebrate the birth of Jesus, that is what Christmas is for. It is a time of giving, but stop worring about buying all your gifts. Forget about who needs what and what you got for whom.

    Can't wait for my brothers cinnamon rolls, he better not forget those! hee hee (only I mean it!)

    Two months to try and do Christmas right. Different. More real. Let's hope we all succeed.

    Sunday, October 24, 2004

    blogs, blogs and more blogs

    I sit here hour after hour ignoring my family as I go from one blog to the next. Just looking to see what is going on in the world out there. What people think and what they are writing about. I have found a dillema. How come a lot of the blogs that I think look really interesting are always in another language? They have cool pictures that I would like to know about, yet I know nothing. Poor me. Hee hee, but really it is the truth. Look around, see if you find the same problem. That little link at the top right hand side that says "next blog". Don't you feel it calling to you? Tormenting you? Begging you to click it?

    My chocolate Lab

    When my Lab, Cucui, was a puppy we couldn't water without her trying to eat from the hose. When we take her to the dog beach or any other body of water she jumps right in. When we got our fountain, she thought it was just for her. Why is it then she HATES getting a bath?

    Saturday, October 23, 2004

    So sad it makes my heart hurt

    I can sum it up in one sentence. What about Sudan? Over 70,000 people have been killed over there. Yet we are doing nothing to help them. Even if you 100% agree that we should be in this "war" that we are in, why are we doing nothing in Sudan?

    Those people have begged the US for help and yet we do nothing! It is sick! Women are being raped and then brand so that everyone knows what happened to them.

    It has been about 18 months, yet we sit by and do nothing! How can we do this. This is a country that CAN NOT help themselves. We are not talking about giving them democrocy, we are talking about saving THOUSANDS of lives. They suspect that 10,000 people wil die every month. Many of these are women and children!

    You can go here and view the 60 Minutes article.

    I think more people need to be informed that SEVENTY THOUSAND people have already died and ANOTHER EXPECTED TEN THOUSAND per month, we need to do something more then sending humanitarians to help.

    God bless those people!

    Three dry days..

    ..and I don't mean the rain. Siobhan has spent three full dry days with no accidents in panties! One day after pre-school I even took her to the mall and she stayed dry. We are so proud of her. I just know she is going to continue!

    Sunday, October 17, 2004

    Saturday, October 16, 2004

    Monday through Friday IS okay!

    Can I just say that I LOVE my job! Things are really looking up at work. I feel great about being back at work. Maybe it was the 4.5 month off. Maybe it is all the changes going on and new people starting. I love when new people start, it is a chance to make new friends. I love the people I work with. Everyone treats everyone else like family. (which is really a good thing since we are there so much).

    Sometimes I forget why I work there. I forget that I am helping families to suceed in life each and everyday. I help them better themselves and the lives of their children. When I am able to remember that, I feel like I am making a difference in the world. I have to be doing a job that I think makes a difference, otherwise I would never be happy. How great for me! hee hee

    I hope you love your job too!

    Tuesday, October 12, 2004

    amazing kids

    I dropped Siobhan off at pre-school today and she DID NOT CRY! My gosh I was so happy. Her teacher said she was a little sad after nap but then she was okay. YIPPEEEE. I just hope it continues.

    Took Diego for his four month check-up yesterday. He weighs 16 pounds and 4 oz. What an amazing baby he is. He is so happy all of the time. Usually sleeping 6-9 hours a night. He smiles at EVERYTHING. And I do mean everything. Eric holds up a sock and he smiles. hee hee

    Weight Watchers update week 8

    Had to go a day early so I can be home to watch the debate tomorrow. I only lost .4 this week, for a 8 week total of 16 pounds. I am getting there slowly but surely. I will keep trying!

    I WILL reach my goal!

    Monday, October 11, 2004

    potty time

    Tomorrow we will begin sending Siobhan to pre-school in panties. What a big girl! Of course, we will also send many changes of clothes (just in case) but this whole pull-up thing has gone on long enough. I mean, she can correct us for goodness sake. I know she is capable of going on the potty all of the time, maybe this will help her be aware of it.

    She needs to get into the next class at school. Where all the kids are potty trained, have better toys, and can actually talk. The kids in her class now only say one or two words. Siobhan is well into a full converstaion. She said she wants to try, her teacher is willing, so what the heck. It will either work or I will have a lot of laundry to do!

    Superman is dead

    Christopher Reeve died Sunday due to complications from a bed sore. Even though he was a normal guy he sure turned out to be a real Superman. He never gave up his fight. What a wonderful strong man.

    Christopher, you will always be the one and only true Superman! God bless you!

    So close but no cigar

    I worked out a deal with Siobhan. She really wants the third Princess DVD, so I told her if she could go two days without crying at preschool, it was hers. (I figure I probably would've gotten it anyway, this way I get something out of the deal). So today was supposed to be day one. She was doing great. She asked me to stay a few minutes. I stayed while her teacher read a story and they sang the ABC song.

    I think my downfall was when I asked for a hug. I think I should've just said good-bye and been on my way. Through the hug she was okay, I stood to go, and here it comes. "Mamaaaaaaaaaa, Mamaaaaaaaaaaa". I said "Okay, I love you, you will have fun and I will be back later, right? I will always be back later", and I was gone.

    Oh how my heart breaks everytime I leave her. I KNOW it will end soon. It is already A LOT better then before, but it still feels like she is tearing at my heart.

    Maybe tomorrow.....

    Friday, October 08, 2004

    Understanding Catholics

    I was thinking of something as I was driving home. There are a lot of people who support Bush just because he is against abortion. People who do not think that it is right to kill a person. Those same people who do not believe in abortion, supporting Bush, are supporting the war.

    Supporting the KILLING of people. So is it okay to kill SOME people? It is only okay to kill people who are already born? Kids and adults?

    Shouldn't all killing be wrong? Shouldn't the amount of killing matter too?

    I am not saying that an abortion is okay. I am saying No killing is okay". It is not okay to kill an unborn baby. It is not okay to kill children. It is not okay to kill adults.

    Killing is not okay. Yet there are people supporting the President because they don't want abortions, but they are supporting the killing going on both to others and our soldiers. Just something to think about.

    Wednesday, October 06, 2004

    weight Watchers update week 7

    yeehaw! Down another 1.2 for a total of 15.6. YEAH!

    Man can move mountains, one stone at a time!

    Sunday, October 03, 2004

    Cucs In A Box

    Cucs In A Box
    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    You know how when you buy your kid a toy, they always enjoy the box? Every parent says "I should have just gotten a box instead." Well here is someone else who enjoys the box as well.

    Krystal was outside looking for Cucui, when Cucui finally peeked her head out. Now she may not look that big, but we were surprised she could fit into that box.

    Two for one! Diego has a toy and Cucui has a dog house (custom!)

    hammock dog

    hammock dog
    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    This is Eric's dog, Xochitl. She loves to be wherever we are. Here she is enjoying the hammock. I mean why else would we have a huge hammock but to let the little chihuahua enjoy herself in it. You have to admit she is cute though!

    My dog, Cucui, would also like to enjoy the hammock. But I don't think the hammock would like to enjoy a 60 pound Chocolate Lab!

    what about our little girls?

    Siobhan and I were going over the characters on Diego's Sesame Street blanket. Elmo, Big Bird, Ernie and Cookie Monster are on there. All of them are boys (at least I think Big Bird is a boy!). So I was thinking, who else that is a big name is a boy. Here they are:

    Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Ernie, Burt, Snuffy, Oscar, Grover and The Count. All male!

    Not to mention Barney, Clifford, Caillou, Arthur and Jay Jay. Anyway you see my point.

    What do we girls have, Dora! Now I like Dora, she is all over our house, but there is only Dora. (I mean let's not even mention Barbie!) Something to really think about. Dora can't do it all.

    Day of rest?

    How come if Sunday is a day of rest it is the only day I want to cook a big meal? (Maybe because my day of rest is Monday through Saturday!). Today we are having Pozole Verde. I was going to make it yesterday but I drove all over Anaheim looking for nixtamal. I knew one store that sold it but it was the wrong direction, so here I am, cooking.

    This is the second time I have made it. The first time it was great except it had too much chicken, so we are adjusting that. It is an all day thing because the nixtamal (I refuse to buy hominy) has to cook for two hours, but nothing is too good for my family. hee hee Truth be told, I enjoy it!

    So in an hour and so we will be enjoying a great linner (we skipped lunch today) of green pozole. Yum Yum!

    Saturday, October 02, 2004

    Mike Tyson at Childtime?

    I arrived at Siobhan's preschool only to find out that she had been bitten two different times by a girl trying to get Siobhan's attention. The second time was only about 15 minutes after the first.

    It is so hard when you do all you can to prepare your child and something like this happens. I know children bite. I know it is to be expected (like the runny nose she has now). Before Siobhan started school I told her if she bites anyone her teacher was going to send her home. Now, I know part of the problem is Siobhan's speech and understanding is well beyond her 2.8 years, and we expect others to be the same. But how hard is it to tell your child "Do not bite!"

    Poor baby. She looked so sad when I picked her up (the last bite happened about 20 minutes before I got there). I would have done anything to get that look off her face. Poor baby. Those kids better watch it if they know what is good for them!

    Friday, October 01, 2004

    four and a half months

    That is the amount of time I have been off work. Well no more. Today was the day.

    Eric asked once more before he left the house, "Are you sure you don't want to be a stay at home mom", and I was sure! I called him as I was driving in and it still didn't feel real that I was going to work. I walked in my office and my friends has decorated it to welcome me back. Natalie brought breakfast (she hates me, hee hee) and the administrator called a meeting right at 8:30. There was no messing around, it was right to work.

    Everyone gave me hugs! I felt so loved. Of course they all asked about Diego and Siobhan. It was nice to tell them that Diego is the best baby and actually mean it. Siobhan loves her little brother!

    Lots of work to do and I am looking forward to it. I am always one at work to say "Give me more, keep me busy!", and I think they will. I was thankful that Natalie allowed me to help her, so I could help fill my day.

    All and all it went well. Hope took Natalie and I to lunch so that was really nice. The day went quickly. I was glad to be able to rush home to my family. I missed them!

    lots of lots

    Yesterday we had our House Party for the debate and it was great! What a turn out. We had a few friends and met lots of new people. Our house was overflowing, there was no where left to sit. It was so cool.

    I wasn't sure what to expect but it was great. We had about 9 or 10 people over that we did not know. People who found us through the Democratic National Committee or the John Kerry web site. Everyone was so different but we had something so huge in common, wanting Bush out of office!

    It was so much more exciting then it would have been to watch it alone. Everyone cheering and clapping. Everyone knowing Kerry was saying the truth while Bush could only say how "Kerry flipflops" over and over again.

    I think we might try and do it again. Although it will be harder now that I am back at work.

    Go Kerry! Keep us free and SAFE!

    weight Watchers update week 6

    Okay, sorry this one is so late. Obviously it wasn't great or it would not have taken me so long to write, hee hee. This week I did not lose weight. I did not gain weight either. I stayed exactly the same, to the ounce. Can you believe it?

    I am doing the flex points, so I have so many points per day. I think it is great.

    I hope this week goes better.


    By Prince. It goes "Two thousand zero zero, party over oops out of time". Wouldn't that be 200,000?

    Wednesday, September 29, 2004

    what do you need?

    Everyone needs a new job or needs a lawyer, IF you base life on daytime commericals. I mean really, how many Bryman College, American Career College, California School of Culinary Arts and Larry H. Parker commericals do we need to see in one day?

    It's as if you are suddenly going to say "yes, I think my Doctor had something to do with my child's disability" (God forbid!) so I should sue. I mean really! And they won't charge you unless they get you money.

    Geez, with all the money spent on these commericals, they could cure world hunger or something.


    Today I am trying to do my best to clean the house between holding Diego (not going so well). Tonight is Weight Watchers (have a feeling it isn't go to go too well). Tomorrow we are having our House Party for the debate and then WORK ON FRIDAY. Yikes!

    I can't think of anything else to say but YIKES!

    Di's 8th(?) birthday

    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Here is a blast from the past. I think this is 1977. That is me sitting down cutting something (they trusted me with a knife?). The girl in the middle is my best friend for life Melissa, (You wouldn't believe the story there) and one of my three brothers, Tony. Dig that shirt man!

    Tuesday, September 28, 2004


    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Look at these cute kids enjoying the hammock in the backyard. You can hardly see little Diego but he is there. They said it was a family size hammock, I guess they were right!

    Alone again, naturally

    Today Diego and I are home alone. No Siobhan and no Eric. Could the house seem more quiet? There is so much to do. I only have 2 more days off before I return to work, yet all I want to do is be sad. Sad that Siobhan is not here. Sad that I am returning to work (although time and time again Eric asks if I want to be a stay at home mom, and the answer is no). I know I need to go to work (for me) but I don't want to actually go. Makes no sense!

    Siobhan did better today. A lot less crying. She has not forgotten about the Princess backpack either. I guess we will be getting that while Bradley is at soccer practice.

    How come it is so hard to decide what you want out of life? Do I want to work? Do I want to stay home? How would I be a better wife and mother? I am NOT a good housewife as it is. I hardly do anything while I am home all day. How will it be once I go back to work? Poor Eric, I don't know if he knew what he was in for when we bought this house but thankfully he loves me anyway! I always remember to do laundry and do the dishes, but beyond that.......

    Maybe I can blame my mood on the weather. It is gloomy today, not a typical Southern California kind of day. Yes, that is it. I am happy about Siobhan not being here and I am happy that I am going to back to work in a few days. (I don't believe it either!)

    Monday, September 27, 2004

    A house without Siobhan.. no house I wanna be in. Well, it has started, she is in pre-school as I type. It was hard on all of us. She spent the morning going back and forth on if she wanted to go or not. When we got there she wanted to play, told us she wants a Princess backpack to match her blanket, and was looking at the kids. Eric and I started to leave, and oh no, that was it. She was crying, poor baby. We kissed her, hugged her, I picked her up and handed her to the teacher (who is also having her first day!) and tried to leave. We waited in the lobby for a few minutes where we could still hear her crying.

    We finally left and about 10 minutes after we got home I called to see how she was doing. She was still upset but better. Great! Don't we feel like the worst parents in the world. Now I know it was going to happen, I know it is expected, but it does not make me feel any better. Eric and I both had tears in our eyes leaving her there crying out "Mama!".

    I called back around 12 and they said she was having a good time. They actually asked her while I was on hold. She ate lunch (no surprise there!) and was getting ready for a nap. Maybe she will do okay. I don't know what to expect tomorrow, but as long as she enjoyed herself today, all is well.

    Well, I must go search the internet for a Princess backpack. Because, like her mama, what Siobhan wants, Siobhan gets!

    Sunday, September 26, 2004


    This weekend has been enjoyable. Friday night, I went all alone, that's right no kids, to Happy Hour. To say good-bye to my assistant and friend Maria. She will be impossible to replace, I can tell you that. Not to mention she is a terrific person.

    Saturday morning, a soccer game. Bradley scored a goal and his team won 6-0. We came home and I actually took a nap. Then the kids and I headed out to pick up Bradley's friend and go to his school's fiesta. Rides, food, games, 50/50 raffle (which I did NOT win) one of them was up to $502.00. I could use $502.00 but oh well. It all goes to the church so I guess my $3.00 was well spent.

    Today, Sunday, Eric and Krystal are painting and Bradley is cleaning his room (always it seems). I am here writing this (do I have it hard or what?) then we will be heading out to our favorite Indian restaurant for brunch. Yum Yum!

    Tomorrow Siobhan starts preschool. Eric is having a hard time with it, I am unsure. I know she needs it but it does feel as though she is growing up. In reality she will not be any more grown up tomorrow then she is today, but it is still hard. We decided to start her a few days before I go back to work, now I think doing that will be harder on me. I mean if I am at work and she is at school, it isn't too different than when she was with NaNa. But if I am at home and she is at school, what an empty house. I mean 8 hours without holding, kissing, talking and feeding her. She loves to help around the house. It will seem to empty without her. It will give me more time with Diego but still will seem sad without her.

    So tomorrow is the big day. Bigger than me going back to work. We are letting our little Chivies out in the world. Those teachers better be great because they don't know who they are messing with. I know the Orange County Child Care Lisensing number by heart. hee hee

    Thursday, September 23, 2004

    Thank God for higher education

    Today I decided that I would put together something I ordered to hold all of Siobhan's toys. How hard could it be? All you have to do is use a screwdriver. I watched my Dad put together all kinds of stuff, I can do this.

    So there I am, both panels up, pegs in, and Diego starts crying. You can't screw the screws in until they are all in there (about a thousand it seemed) because it will be uneven (like your tire, eh?) So I have no choice but to allow him to cry, no, rather scream for a few minutes.

    If I let go, it will all topple to the ground, so I must continue. This thing would have taken Eric about 8 minutes to put together. It took me about 30. Now, I did get it. But as I was doing it I was thinking, if I had to work in a car factory or something, do you know how many cars would be recalled? I can barely work a screwdriver.

    So thanks to everyone to can put things together. Now I know why Toys R Us has the convient $10 charge to put it together for you.

    Let's just hope this thing holds!

    Sleep aid not required

    Last night I could not sleep. I tried watching tv. I tried reading. I checked my e-mail. Nothing. I am laying there thinking "I am never going to fall asleep". Then what happens? Diego starts cooing. Now I know he isn't going to wake up, but the second I hear him I am so tired. Why is that? For hours I could have gotten him up and fed him, but the minute he makes noise, I can't keep my eyes open. I was asleep seconds later.

    Odd! Somehow my body says, "hey your kid is going to wake up! Go to sleep so you can feel REALLY tired when he needs to be fed 15 minutes from now."

    Lucky for me he was out until morning.

    Wednesday, September 22, 2004

    weight Watchers update week 5

    Well another loss, 1.2 for a total of 14.4. I really was hoping to get another 5 pound star. But next week, right?!

    I'm winning
    I'm winning
    I'm winning-Santana

    Disney, fact or fiction?

    Have you noticed how Disney has help guide little girls to believe that they will grow up and fall in love with a Prince? That one day, when they are least expecting it, a Prince will ride up on his white horse and make all her dreams come true. Once they fall in love there are no problems after that? No fighting about bills (they are all rich anyway), how to raise the children (nannies), or anything else normal couples fight over. None of that.

    So as a girl you dream, there must be only one man out there for you and if he falls short, well what was all the fuss about?

    I think the story needs to be altered with each person. I will use myself as an example. My "Prince" rides up in a Passat. He might not be loaded but he provides for his family and we don't go without. As for all my dreams, well he helps me make them happen. Isn't that more important? I mean, do I really want someone else to make me happy? Wouldn't it be better that together we are happy because we help each other? We lean on one another, support one another, and tell one another "you can do it!". My "Prince" is here for a lifetime, and I am hoping for "happily ever after". If there is only one "Prince" out there for each person, I am sure I found mine.

    I got my "Prince" a card and it said something along the lines of, "If someone asks me how long we have been together, I will tell them, not long enough". I thought, right then and there, that says it all. 15 years, not long enough. 25 years, not long enough. 50 years, if we are lucky enough to see it, still not long enough.

    Maybe Disney leads us to believe in something that isn't possible. Or maybe Disney helps us realize that what we already have is everything they write about. Every dream coming true. True and lasting love.

    Tuesday, September 21, 2004

    wonderful children

    I love my children, obviously, or I wouldn't have four. (no Eric, we are not having five!) I love holding, kissing and playing with them. They are a joy (most of the time). A smile, laugh or hug can really make my day. But right now, right this minute is bliss. Krystal and Bradley are at school and Diego and Siobhan are both asleep. That never happens (until about 10pm).

    Wow, what to do? What to do? I thought I would take a moment and let you all know how nice it is, and really it will end soon. Krystal will walk through the door in about 15 minutes and my solitude shall end. I will be going out Friday night all by myself. The true meaning of by myself. Every last one of the kids will be left here at home while I go say goodbye to a good friend at work, for HAPPY HOUR. I plan to scrape up every dollar I can. (hee hee)

    I will be thankful for everyday I have with my children because I know one day they will move. They won't call, they will forget my birthday (sorry Dad!) and I will no longer be needed for every little thing. WOO HOO, then Eric and I can party. We will travel, (how much cheaper will that be?!) and play our music loud. We will be able to relax and not worry if homework was done, clothing is washed, rooms clean (never), and teeth brushed. Although seeing as how Diego is only 3 months, I think it will be quite sometime before that day comes. Still, I will do the best I can now, enjoy them, and miss them when they are gone.

    Only I don't miss them now. Boy the house is quiet. I might go read now. ta ta

    Sunday, September 19, 2004

    For anyone interested

    We invite you to come over and watch John Kerry DEMOLISH Bush during the first debate. We'll watch the Kerry DNC bio DVD as well. We'll have snacks, drinks and a "Donkey Bucket" available for donations to the DNC or Kerry/Edwards campaign. Please come share your thoughts and concerns...bring your WiFi devices and cameras too! We Habla Espanol! Kids are welcome.

    Thursday Sept. 30th 6pm

    Please just let me know and I will e-mail directions. Hope we see you soon!

    question about clothes

    Today I was putting Eric's shorts away and I happened to look and see what size he is wearing, and I had a thought. Why is that men's pants are sized by the inches in the waist (makes sense to me), but women's are not. I mean a woman wears, let's say, a size 8. What the heck does that mean? What is a size 11? But you know clearly what a size a men's 32 is.

    Just something to think about. Thanks to Levi's for at least doing most of the jeans in inches so we can all know what size we actually wear.

    Saturday, September 18, 2004


    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Please notice just how guilty she looks as we took this picture after she had a little "free" time. Little does she know we were trying so hard not to laugh as we took the photo. Thank goodness it was only her and not the walls or anything.


    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Showing us all her artwork. Please notice the nails as well. Crazy kid!

    Holly update

    This is an e-mail I recieved from her mom:
    We got to see her ankle xrays, post surgery. Strange to see things inside your kids body. She had a new cast put on and her foot straighted more on Wednesday. On Tuesday they identified the bone that is broken in her wrist and told us that downward pressure (like if you were lifting yourself up with you hand) is what not to do. 4 more weeks in that cast. We also had an ultrasound this week because we thought she may have had a hernia, no just "stretched skin".

    Friday, September 17, 2004

    Will Diego ever stop

    If you didn't see him roll over from his belly to his back, scroll down to Diego's Big Day and click on the link there. Last night he went to bed early so when he decided he was ready to eat at 4am, I pulled myself out of bed, and made a bottle. I came back to change his diaper and pick him up, and what to my wondering eyes appears? He has rolled (at some point) from his back to his belly. I can't believe it. Is this a week or what? Just to let you all know he will be filling out college app's in a week or two (hee hee). UCLA here he comes!

    Thursday, September 16, 2004

    Apple computer

    stock is up a $1.15 today. Do you think we will ever make any money on that stock if we keep buying more Apple products? Or do we make money because we are buying Apple products? Either way, I love my iMac (even if I hadn't won it). Some house have 3 or 4 tvs, we have only one tv. We don't watch much tv and we don't have cable or a dish. Of course we have, currently in use, 5 computers and DSL. Those we use! (you know what is funny, that really is more then one per person because the two little one's do not use them yet) plus two more not currenly being used and one over at a cousins house. hee hee

    I have an iPod. Found I couldn't live without it and told Eric he must get one. So Eric has an iPod. Krystal wanted one so we got her one for Christmas (thanks Ellen!) now Krystal has an iPod. Bradley wanted an iPod, well Bradley needs to get his grades up. So Bradley has an iPod sitting on the shelf, right where he does his homework, and it is his as soon as those grades are worthy. I wonder who will be next? Siobhan or Cucui?

    Netflix comes through again

    Today is a good day. Not only is it the beginning of a new Survivor, (although it will never be the same watching it without Nan) but low and behold what was in the mail but TWO Netflix movies. I will be able to enjoy yet another six episodes of Sex and the City and Spike and Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation. Really, what more could one ask for? It is almost like getting a gift in the mail (even though you do pay for it). A gift of laughter (it REALLY is good for you!)

    We could use some laughter too. One of Eric's old co-workers, and a good friend of both of ours, passed away yesterday. We will miss Gene, he was a wonderful man. He was always trying to get me to leave Eric for him (I might have if I thought he was serious, hee hee). I will always keep him and his family in my prayers. He was a great father and a super grandfather. He lived for his grandbaby, literally. We will miss you Gene. God bless you!

    Wednesday, September 15, 2004

    Weight Watchers update week 4

    Get this! I lost 4 pounds this week! I can't believe it. I thought for sure I gained. woo hoo. I am so excited. That is a four week total of 13.2.

    "I'm strong enough to take these dreams and make them mine"

    Tuesday, September 14, 2004

    Diego's big day!

    Click here to see what Diego can do!
    Diego rolls over

    Little D

    Little D
    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Here is little Diego being held by his big brother. What a cutie that kid is!

    Sunday, September 12, 2004

    Things that are required if you have children

    Some of these items are only needed during small periods of a child's life, but still important just the same:

    Vibrating bouncie seat (where Diego is currently sleeping)
    swing, one that runs on batteries (stock up!)
    about 15 thing to put on the crib (mobil, light, music, aquarium, etc.)
    his own room, for all your kids crap
    stroller (a good one, to last about 3 years!)
    a saucer (a must have!)
    good big sisters and brothers help out a lot
    grandparents, hopefully living real close by!
    a big car to carry all your kids crap
    dogs that don't bite
    soundproof rooms
    many bathrooms
    someone to fill in when you can not get your kid to soccer practice
    heavy duty washer and dryer
    room in the garage for all your kids crap
    lots of photo albums
    tons of Disney dvd's (Siobhan prefers Dora or Disney) I don't care what the "experts" say about your kid watching too much tv, when your making dinner, talking, working, or in a bad mood, what else is there? Maybe the "experts" can come watch my kids during these times. (How do you think I have time for this blog anyway? Thanks, Disney Princesses!)
    a never empty fridge (if you can find one that fills itself up, let me know where to pick it up)

    Of course, for your own sanity, lots and lots of alcohol (for me wine coolers do the trick, Eric likes Rum and Coke) now one might think that is a bit odd, but the one thinking that, has no kids!
    Also for me, a stack of books, so that I never run out.
    I think a nice tub is also very important. Hey better yet, drink a cooler, while taking a bath and reading a book. If you leave the water running you will never even hear the kids crying. ha ha

    Things I think you DO NOT need when you have children:

    a non-vibrating bouncie (what is the point)
    a baby monitor (I mean unless you live in a castle you WILL hear your kid cry!)
    so many clothes during the first few months (come on, how often are you ACTUALLY leaving the house anyway)
    sleep (at least your kids think so )

    I am sure there are lots more under each but my brain is all used up for today (it's only 7pm). I will leave you with these thoughts. As far as buying things for your kid, only do it if you know it will be used up before it is passed up. There is no point in spending extra on something that does not do anything extra.

    Having said that, one thing I think parents spend too little thought on are shoes. Maybe Payless shoes seem okay, but those little feet are growing and shaping and need to be in good shoes. Good fitting, flexable and hopefully washable shoes. If they are cute then that is a bonus. Eric and I do not believe in cheap shoes for any of us, least of all Siobhan (Diego too once he needs them). Here is a website for kids shoes, I hope you will at least check it out. They are a little pricey, but well worth it. We buy from them and I think they have an amazing product.

    Have a good night, and have a drink on me!

    Saturday, September 11, 2004

    one more

    I thought of one more movie I would love to have on DVD- DC Cab starring Mr. T.

    Friday, September 10, 2004

    DVD's I would like to have but would never spend money on

    90210 ( yeah, yeah, I know, I know)
    Mad About You
    Escape to Witch Mountain
    Emmet Otters Jugband Christmas
    Good Times
    Twilight Zone (all of 'em)
    Blade Runner
    The Princess Bride

    oh, I am sure I could go on and on, and no doubt they would all be movies that Eric wouldn't want to see. hee hee, I just might buy them. J/K

    Things I would like to see on DVD

    Here are some things I would like to see on DVD, if they are out there, let me know. These are not in any kind of order.

    Six Feet Under season 3+
    Northern Exposure season 2+ ( season 2 is supposed to be coming out soon, why hold back the others?)
    Ballykissangel season 3+
    Fame, the tv show (I know, I almost didn't want to put it down)
    Soupy Sales
    Battlestar Galactica
    Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home (loved that show!)
    Square Pegs

    I am sure there are lots more.
    Are there any you would like to see come out on DVD?

    Diego, wonder baby

    Not only is Diego by far the happiest baby we have ever seen, he is often known to sleep 9 hours a night. That's right, 9 hours! He just turned 3 months and has been sleeping at least 7 hours from the day he turned 2 months. What a joy that little guy is. Just look at him and he will smile and "talk" VERY loudly (wonder where he gets that?).

    Oh what wonderful things life brings us.

    Thursday, September 09, 2004

    What is with people?!

    Another little baby is dead because she, the 5 month old, was left in the car for up to FOUR hours. I do not understand how anyone can be so stupid. It used to be that you had to tell people not to leave animals in the car, and now over and over, you have to tell parents not to leave a child in the car while it is hot. I mean, come on, think people!

    This angers me to no end. First off I do not understand how anyone forgets a child. Okay, let's say you do. Wouldn't you, after a few moments, realize you forgot SOMETHING? I mean, don't you realize how quiet it is? That you didn't carry your child inside? That you forgot that what is supposed to be the most important thing in your life? Misplacing your wallet I can understand, leaving your child in a VERY hot car, I do not.

    Can people please just get some common sense? When you get in your car it is hot. Wouldn't a person realize that it is hot all the time? GEEZ, I just can't get past it! AAAUUUUGGGHHH!

    Back to school

    Today is the day! The house belongs to Siobhan, Diego and mom! woo hoo. I went to bed early knowing I would have to get up early, so of course I couldn't sleep. Then Diego, having slept 7 hours, decided it was time to eat at 4:30am. I put him back to bed, and again I couldn't sleep. (What is that about!) He woke up right before Eric left for work. Normally I am just waking up. I guess there is a lot to say about early risers (I don't know what though!). So, we will enjoy the day without Krystal and Bradley but at least we will look forward to them coming home!

    Sex and the City

    I am now on a mission to watch all the episodes of Sex and the City before I go back to work. That is 8 dvd's, 6 episodes on each one, I wonder if I will make it. I do have to account for mailing time (Netflix). I think I can do it. I really enjoy that show. Of course, on the other hand, I will be sad when I no longer have that to look forward to, but there are other shows I will watch. I will check out Dead Like Me, and I am waiting for season three to come out for both Ballykissangel and Six Feet Under.

    I am hoping Sex and the City comes today although it isn't supposed to arrive until tomorrow. Oh what joy those red envelopes bring!

    Wednesday, September 08, 2004

    Weight Watchers update week 3

    Not as good, but still okay. This week I lost 1.2 pounds for a three week total of 9.2. I am really hoping to lose 20 pounds by the end of this month. It may not happen, but that is what I am shooting for.

    If you don't quit, you can't fail

    Tuesday, September 07, 2004

    Don't go outside!

    The news said it should be 104 degrees today. Yikes! Did Mother Nature know that the a/c in my car is not working this week? Did she decide to make it super hot on the day before I am getting it fixed?!

    So at 7am, I made Krystal give her garden a lot of water. I bathed Cucui first thing this morning. I got the errands out of the way. Krystal bathed Xochitl so we could bring them inside. Eric makes fun of me, "They are dogs", well dogs get hot too!

    Here we are, inside with the air blowing (glad we got central air last year!), watching Siobhan's new Disney Princess DVD for the second time already. aaahhhh. So nice. The tile along with our new windows really helps keep the house cool. Oh drat! Now I have to go out (again in the car with no a/c today) and pick up Bradley from school. Just my luck!

    I would like to throw a raspberry at the weather men. They said 104 and it is only 94. See! They know nothing!

    Welcome home UCLA student who was missing for 6 weeks, I know your family feels blessed to have you home!

    Sunday, September 05, 2004


    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Who is the REAL princess? This is Siobhan with her cousin Jerry. As you can see, she really enjoys playing with him. Jerry, you never looked better!

    Friday, September 03, 2004

    Tour de France

    Tour de France
    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Please enjoy this photo taken at the Tour de France last year. Lance Armstrong better get training if he wants to keep winning.

    Thursday, September 02, 2004

    Holly update

    Here is an update on my niece:

    Holly went to the doc today. She had the stitches removed from her
    wrist and knee. They put hard casts on her wrist(purple) and leg(green,
    to honor her car)They did not remove the stitches from the surgery area,
    that will be in two weeks. It was painful but its done.

    Looks as though all will be well with Holly, we just don't know how long it will take.

    Wednesday, September 01, 2004

    Weight Watchers update week 2

    Second week on WW and I lost 2.4 pounds, for a two week total of 8 pounds. Is that sweet or what? I have not had a coke since I began but I will be celebrating with one Friday night. COKE!!!! YUM! Let's hope it keep up (or down) haha

    one month and counting

    I return to work one month from today. I have been off since May 24th. Am I eager to return? Partically. Why is it that we often define who we are by the work we do? Although I work for a non-profit agency that helps low income families by providing child care payments, I often feel I don't do enough. Should I volunteer as well? Shouldn't I feel complete with a job (which I love) a wonderful husband and four kids. Isn't my life full enough, yet I don't FEEL like I do enough. Who is judging me? Isn't is just me? And if so, why am I so hard on myself?

    Odd, though, the things we think about ourselves. Things we may never let anyone else know (until you get a blog). We judge ourselves so much harder then most people (at least I do). I know my shortcomings, those I wasn't aware of have been pointed out to me, and although I might seemingly not care, I do.

    I care about people probably more then I should. I have been told not to be so nice, but how can that be when I am a complete bitch the rest of the time. I know this about myself. I am sarcastic, no thanks to my dad, and love it. I have read that being sarcastic is a sign of hiden hostility, I don't buy it. I express myself pretty well. I ususally say what I am thinking, but being sarcastic is part of who I am. I am also usually quite literal, a trait which drives my husband nuts. (sorry babe!) But when something goes wrong, my fault or not, I am first to blame myself. I am easy to cry, which might seem as though I am sad that someone is upset with me, but it is often because I am upset with myself. Anything I can be blamed for, I have already blamed myself endlessly. I HATE to let people down.

    Sorry for getting way off the subject here. Work. hhmmm. I love what I do. I have some REALLY good friends at work, they make the day. Because wherever there is good, there is...not good. I will be as nice as possible (not the same as letting someone in while driving) but there are some people at work, that don't deserve to have even the smallest space in my thought process. They are evil and mean, they don't have a work ethic, they are people who take others work as their own, and blame others for their misfallings. I don't like that. No matter who you are, if you aren't doing what you love, you are the only one to blame. Get out. Take responsibility for what is yours, good or bad. Frankly, I think those are words to live by.

    So, I am looking forward to returning to work. To earning a paycheck again. To seeing my friends. To doing the job I love that makes me feel as though I make a difference in the community (although not enough of one, always hard on myself), but what will I leave behind. No more laying in bed in the morning with Siobhan. Holding her close, kissing, talking, telling each other how much we love each other. Holding little Diego all day, seeing him smile up at me throughout the day.

    Things are so hard. I guess I should be happy that I am lucky enough to have a job that I love as well as a family that I love beyond anything I thought I could know.

    So, one more month of freedom and it will be back to the 9-5 (does anyone actually work those hours?, okay 8:30-5). I will miss many things, I will come home upset sometimes, but I as long as I am coming home to Eric, Krystal, Bradley, Siobhan and Diego it will all be okay no matter what the day may bring!

    Don't know what you have until she's gone

    Talked to Nan (she was our exchange student from Aug. to June from Thailand) today. She is so busy with school. The school year she spent here is wasted. They are not counting it towards anything. She is repeating the 11th grade again. She is so busy and all she does is study. School was already in session about a month or so when she returned home, so she didn't get any break.

    I miss her so much. I didn't think it would be so hard. I hear her and she doesn't sound happy and it breaks my heart. She doesn't even have time for drawing. She did say she is going to try and join the newspaper, she really seemed to enjoy that while she was here.

    Eric and I are always talking about how other countries treat school as more important then we do here in the states. I don't think our schools are anywhere up to standards, but this is crazy. She is so behind. How could she spend a year here taking advance classes that our children will probably never take (maybe college) and be so behind in 11th grade back there. As much as I know school is important and must be a child's job, I don't think a child should have to spend all waking hours with a school book. I know Nan, I have seen her study, if she says she is always studing and is behind, she must be. She will not even be able to e-mail for two weeks because she has to study for a test.

    I want Nan back. I want her to be able to continue and expand her art. She is amazing. It seems as though, in Thailand, art is not important. I don't want her upset everyday.

    On the up side, she misses us too. She heard Diego in the background while he was eating (he is a loud eater). I miss her and wish I could hug her right now. We all miss you Nan and think of you each and every day.


    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Is this one cute dog or what? I better not hear any "or what's" out there either. This is Cucui, she is a chocolate lab and will be turning 3 years old this month. We might be having a birthday party for her. Do you think that's odd?

    Tuesday, August 31, 2004

    Liberal? Why yes I am!

    A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican
    by Donna L. Lavins and Sheldon Cotler

    Joe gets up at 6:00 AM to prepare his morning coffee. He fills his pot with good, clean drinking water because some liberal fought for minimum water quality standards. He takes his daily medication with his first swallow of coffee. His medications are safe to take because some liberal fought to insure their safety and that they work as advertised.

    All but $10.00 of his medications are paid for by his employer's medical plan. Because some liberal union workers fought their employers for paid medical insurance, now Joe gets it too. He prepares his morning breakfast -- bacon and eggs this day. Joe's bacon is safe to eat because some liberal fought for laws to regulate the meat packing industry.

    Joe takes his morning shower, reaching for his shampoo. His bottle is properly labeled with every ingredient and the amount that is contains because some liberal fought for his right to know what he was putting on his body and the breakdown of its contents. Joe dresses, walks outside and takes a deep breath. The air he breathes is clean because some tree-hugging liberal fought for laws to stop industries from polluting our air. He walks to the subway station for his government-subsidized ride to work; it saves him considerable money in parking and transportation fees. You see, some liberal fought for affordable public transportation, which gives everyone the opportunity to be a contributor.

    Joe begins his work day; he has a good job with excellent pay, medicals benefits, retirement, paid holidays and vacation because some liberal union members fought and died for these working standards. Joe's employer meets these standards because Joe's employer doesn't want his employees to call the union. If Joe is hurt on the job or becomes unemployed he'll get worker's compensation or an unemployment check because some liberal didn't think he should loose his home to temporary misfortune.

    It's noon time. Joe needs to make a bank deposit so he can pay some bills. Joe's deposit is federally insured by the FSLIC because some liberal wanted to protect Joe's money from unscrupulous bankers who ruined the banking system before the depression.

    Joe has to pay his Fannie Mae underwritten mortgage and his below market federal student loan because some stupid liberal decided that Joe and the government would be better off if he was educated and earned more money over his lifetime.

    Joe is home from work. He plans to visit his father this evening at his farm home in the country. He gets in his car for the drive to dads; his car is among the safest in the world because some liberal fought for car safety standards. He arrives at his boyhood home. He was the third generation to live in the house financed by Farmers Home Administration because bankers didn't want to make rural loans. The house didn't have electric until some big government liberal stuck his nose where it didn't belong and demanded rural electrification (those rural Republican's would still be sitting in the dark).

    Joe is happy to see his dad, who is now retired. Joe's dad lives on Social Security and his union pension because some liberal made sure he could take care of himself so Joe wouldn't have to. After his visit with dad, Joe gets back in his car for the ride home. He turns on a radio talk show. The host keeps saying that liberals are bad and conservatives are good. He doesn't tell Joe that his beloved Republicans have fought against every protection and benefit Joe enjoys throughout his day. Joe agrees, "We don't need those big government liberals ruining our lives. After all, I'm a self-made man who believes everyone should take care of themselves, just like I have."

    In the years to come, Joe's life will change dramatically. The U.S. dollar will be devalued as a result of our huge deficit, our living standards demolished, our standing with the world diminished and our social security gone...all because some conservative republican made sure he could take care of himself and his buddies.

    Aghast, i remain...


    If you have never gone to the eBay site, don't! It is dangerous. If you are looking for something, or nothing at all, you can spend HOURS on there. Eric and I used to sit up late at night looking up things on our own computers, sending the links via ichat, and before you know it, it had been a couple of hours.

    You can put all your stuff that you no longer want, need or have room for and for sure, someone else is looking for just that thing. Whenver I hear of someone looking for something, I say "try eBay". They always ask "do you think it would be there", I say "Everything is on eBay!", and it is true.

    You can find anything. I love the song by Weird Al, here are the lyrics:

    A used ... pink bathrobe
    A rare ... mint snowglobe
    A Smurf ... TV tray
    I bought on eBay

    My house ... is filled with this crap
    Shows up in bubble wrap
    Most every day
    What I bought on eBay

    Tell me why (I need another pet rock)
    Tell me why (I got that Alf alarm clock)
    Tell me why (I bid on Shatner's old toupee)
    They had it on eBay

    I'll buy ... your knick-knack
    Just check ... my feedback
    "A++!" they all say
    They love me on eBay

    Gonna buy (a slightly-damaged golf bag)
    Gonna buy (some Beanie Babies, new with tag)
    (From some guy) I've never met in Norway
    Found him on eBay

    I am the type who is liable to snipe you
    With two seconds left to go, whoa
    Got Paypal or Visa, what ever'll please
    As long as I've got the dough

    I'll buy ... your tchotchkes
    Sell me ... your watch, please
    I'll buy (I'll buy, I'll buy, I'll buy ...)
    I'm highest bidder now

    (Junk keeps arriving in the mail)
    (From that worldwide garage sale) (Dukes Of Hazzard ashtray)
    (Hey! A Dukes Of Hazzard ashtray)
    Oh yeah ... (I bought it on eBay)

    Wanna buy (a PacMan Fever lunchbox)
    Wanna buy (a case off vintage tube socks)
    Wanna buy (a Kleenex used by Dr. Dre, Dr. Dre)
    (Found it on eBay)

    Wanna buy (that Farrah Fawcett poster)
    (Pez dispensers and a toaster)
    (Don't know why ... the kind of stuff you'd throw away)
    (I'll buy on eBay)

    What I bought on eBay-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y

    I mean if Weird Al sings about it, come on...
    oh, the joy, that no one but another parent would understand. We are well on our way to having Siobhan using the potty full time. Dry all day yesterday, she has done wonderfully today, even #2. Woo Hoo. Although, to be honest, it will be sad to see those Princess Pull-Ups go bye-bye. She looks so cute in them and LOVES wearing them. I will not be sad to say bye-bye to the 10-13 dollars for a package of Princess Pull-Ups.

    A few more days of doing well and we will trek to the store for Princess panties. Why is it that when your child accomplishes something you are so thrilled for them, then you think about it, and suddenly you are sad? When Siobhan rolled over, I screamed with joy and cried at the same. So happy, so sad. Odd, I don't know that I ever felt that way before I had children (although that was SO long ago, who knows).

    Soon we will be rushing to find the restroom in every store we go to. Running to make it in time. Making sure we have extra clothes just in case. Good job Siobhan!

    tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow

    I never thought I would be one of those mom's who looked forward to school starting. Although I love that comerical for Office Depot that has the song "It's the most wonderful time of the year" and the day is flying by on the cart getting back to school supplies. haha

    Tomorrow Bradley starts school. It is only half day for the rest of the week but it is a beginning. Then one week and one day later, Krystal will be gone as well.

    I know it will not be all chocolates and roses, no sleeping in, no yelling "get your brother", etc. But, on the flip side, no teenagers for a few weeks before I go back to work. No fighting about who has what CD, who didn't put the DVD back, who did or didn't do what last. Peaceful bliss. That is all I am looking for. Is that too much to ask?

    I know that Siobhan and Diego will still be here and there will still be crying and complaining, but it will be so different. I swear that Krystal and Bradley TRY to get on my nerves. At least with the wee one's, they are only doing what they are suppost to be doing. (Although some may argue that teenagers are suppost to be pains in the ---es, doesn't make it any less annoying).

    So, tomorrow, one down and one to go!

    Monday, August 30, 2004

    jobs not needed

    I am always telling Eric and decided to let everyone else know as well. I have decided that in California, especially Orange County, there are quite a few jobs being held that we no longer need. Weather men, women, people, whatever. I mean really! How much does our weather change? Do we really need someone to let us know that it might (or might not) be a degree warmer tomorrow? Oh, cloudy skys in the morning, like each and every other day.

    Even when they try, i.e. it we might have showers early next week, they are always wrong. They NEVER know. I can predict the weather as well as Dallas Raines or Johnny Mountain (who came up with these names?). Does Dallas really think we buy that tan, by the way?

    Whenever the weather is on, I tell Eric "oh, look it will be sunny tomorrow", "oh, it will be the same as today", well of course it is the same as today. It is ALWAYS the same. So I say we get rid of those guys and use the money for...hhhmmmm...rain dancers. Yes, then there would be weather to talk about.

    What do Californian's talk about anyway? How's the weather? No, you will not hear that one. You might hear, "This is earthquake weather". We have all said it and we know we don't know what we are talking about. I mean if Johnny Mountain doesn't think the weather is bringing an earthquake what could you or I possibly know? I mean, the Doppler 7000+ is not a toy you know. It isn't called Accu-weather just for fun.

    Sunday, August 29, 2004

    COPS in Anaheim

    On our way home, we saw that the on-ramp from Ball to the 57 was closed with cop cars. A cop helicopter had it's light on overhead. There were cops coming with their sirens on from the back, towards us, cutting us off to cross the divider. Eric looks out his window and sees the alleged man running toward the onramp on the other side of the street. Eric yells "He's over there!", and cops are running all over, driving all over, speeding around the corner, traffic is stopped. We smell burned rubber. I told Eric that I did not know Anaheim had that many police cars. I wanted to hang around especially once I saw a K-9 unit go by (my favorite on COPS). It was crazy. We race home so we can turn on the news and see what is going on. I told Eric, "I guess I can speed huh, since there are no cops around here", hee hee and we both laugh. I pull into the driveway, race into the house, turn on the tv,..NOTHING. Three hours later, nothing! What the heck. I wanted to see what was going on. Why was ALL of Anaheim PD on Ball? I said it was probably only a traffic stop, ha ha.

    So if you see it on the news, we were there! It seriously was scary and exciting at the same time. Eric wanted to get out and jump the guy. He said he could take him. I have never seen anything like that before!

    A night without Siobhan

    Siobhan is spending the night at her Nana's house tonight. We went to dinner and then dropped her off. Eric did NOT want to let her go. We drove back around so we could say good-bye again. We are at home, it is so quiet! And I do not mean that in a good way. Where is my angel asking to put her pj's on so she can be a princess. Telling me she wants MORE orange juice. Seeing her go to Diego, using that high pitch that adults use with babies and say, "oh he's so cute, what a cutie-patootie, oh he loves me, etc, etc". Her playing with all her toys, getting in the way, making all kinds of noise. Giving us kisses and going to bed and then remembering "oh, I need to give hugs".

    Siobhan called and I asked her if she wanted to come home and she said "not yet". The house seems empty without her. How is that? We still have five people in this house along with two dogs, and yet it feels not right. That little girl can fill anyone's heart with love. She is a doll. She demands your attention. That girl can make me smile even as I am putting her in time out. She always manages to say something too funny.

    Tonight we will be without her, but she will be showering all her Nana's friends with her little smile and her giggle. Tomorrow and everyday after we will feel our hearts grow with love for her. For those of you who know her, you know what I mean.

    Sleep tight my little beautiful love. I can't wait until you say "I love you too mama".

    Saturday, August 28, 2004

    oh happy day

    Today as I was enjoying myself, relaxing on the couch, Eric hands me the mail. What is there?! A postcard from KOCE (a PBS station) letting me, personally, know that Eastenders will be back to primetime. They will be showing Eastenders on Friday's at 7pm and 7:30pm. Currently it is only on Sunday at 5:30am and 6am. Now, I am a huge fan of the show and have been for years, but I like my sleep more. As it is we are already behind England about 4-5 years I think. They have a show per day and we have two per week, we will never catch up, yet I love it. I have to be sure not to visit the website too often because it will give away something, but more often then not it talks about people I haven't even gotten to yet.

    It is like a soap opera, about these people who live in the East End. At first (about 7 years ago), I had THE hardest time figuring out what they were saying half of the time, but now, no problem.

    So I am happy that it is going to be on, check your local listings, maybe you will enjoy it and become hooked like me!

    not like mexico

    I am at home drinking a pina colada and we had chicken fajitas for dinner. Mexican like, but not Mexico! There is no dry ice or flowers in my drink. There is no pool, no taco stand by the pool and no beach. Tonight when I go to sleep I will dream that the sound of the fountain is the ocean. I will not eat my weight in lobster, but will enjoy my family just the same.


    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Other people just THINK that their babies are advanced! Diego trying out his big sisters bike.


    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Could she be any cuter?


    Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

    Here is Siobhan enjoying her bike on a very nice day!


    hey everyone, not doing too much today. We watched a movie (Annie Hall) and went shopping (REI) and Eric went to the market and will pick up a lottery ticket. Wow the phone JUST rang! Can I tell you, I love this thing we have on our compuer called Phlink. It is super.

    It works as an answering machine, but on your computer. Now, I know people have those, but it does all these other cool things as well. I can make it answer only at certain times if I want. I can make a seperate message for every phone number I have if I want to. (for example, when my mom calls she hears Siobhan say "Hi Grandma Sue, I miss you" and when Eric's mom calls she hears Siobhan say "Hi Nana Carol, I love you). I COULD do it for each and everyone of you. So my favorite thing though, is when the phone rings, my computer talks and says "Incoming call from...(for example, Eric's cell, or Nana Carol, or Di's mom) whatever they are listed as in my address book. So if I am in watching tv, I hear who is calling. I don't even have to move to know if I want to talk to you or not. HA! How cool is that. Of course it does lots of amazing things, can e-mail your voice messages in text or as a file you can hear. You can make links so when people call they could find out the weather, directions, whatever!

    Modern technology huh? I love my Phlink, it's cool!

    Anyway, we are going to be watching more of the Olympics, I hope they have something other then swimming or diving on. I have seen no boxing, hardly any track and field, you know come to think about it, the only things I have really seen are swimming, diving, gymnastics, track and field, volleyball (please no more), bits and pieces of wrestling and trampoline. What is that about. I have seen almost no one get an award. I mean since when did getting a gold medal become so common place that you don't want to see it put around someone's neck. Yeah, so and so won, they interview and then if you are lucky you hear their national anthem, but they skipped the most important part. aauuuggghh Frustration. I am not happy at all with channel 4's coverage. In the middle of the night they show the same stuff that was on during the day. Like there is nothing else going on at the Olympics for 3 weeks? come on!

    Friday, August 27, 2004

    thank you netflix

    I just want to say "thank you netflix." Eric and I decided not to get cable because we do not watch much tv and what we do watch is usually is PBS. But thanks to the great minds at Netflix, I am able to watch tv shows that are on cable. Two of the one's I have been enjoying are Six Feet Under and Sex in the City. I have seen the first two seasons of Six Feet Under and have really enjoyed them. Although thanks to the ad on a OCTA bus, I know that Nate will marry Lisa. GREAT! Thanks a lot! The 3rd season isn't on dvd yet, so I have no idea what is going on. auuuggghhh

    Sex in the city, I heard about because it was up and I think won award after award. So, I thought, what the heck, I will rent it and see. I watched the first six episodes and thought this is okay. I am currently about half way through season 3. I plan to see all of them before I return to work. I usually watch all 6 episodes in one day and wait for Mark, the mailman, to bring me another. I am so into that show. It isn't that it is just about women, it is about single women. And I think that any woman could identify with one of those women on that show. My mom watched the show and I had to know, "Did Carrie marry Mr. Big?" and I really wanted to know and she told me. I did not feel like I was cheated, like with Six Feet Under, I was just glad to know the outcome. I love Mr. Big. He is not young and in perfect shape. He is rich but is not too sweet or good, but he is not a bad man either. I am so caught up in Carrie and his relationship, or lack of. Now don't get me wrong, I am not one of those girls who watches soaps, or reads romance novels, somehow that show found the right fit. They knew how to get me interested, thinking and coming back for more. I want more, more, more. I want to put all 5 netflix movies as Sex in the City so I can see them all. But.... then I will be done. What then? It will be over.

    I plan to move on to Dead Like Me. I thank HBO for creating shows like these and a big kiss to netflix for letting them come into my home!


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    Lourdes, Danielle and Siobhan. Which one is cuter? It is really hard to say!