Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Will the fun never end?

I am about to leave to have an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (say that three times fast!). It seems no big deal. They will put a flexible tube through my mouth into the Upper Digestive Tract. They can see why I have a dilated bile duct and if anything else is going on. I have severe stomach cramps most times after I eat. Ever since I had that darn gallbladder removed. I know they will come to find out that it is VERY important and you can't live without it (like your heart). hee hee

Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

soccer, will it ever end?

Two games yesterday and it was hotter than, well hotter than 98 degrees in the shade. Today, he had one at 10am, we figured it wouldn't be too bad since there was at least a little breeze. For the most part we were okay. When Bradley's game ended at 11:45 (we won!) they told us we needed to be back at 1:45pm. GREAT! It is 1:30 now and I just bet it is going to be wonderfully comfortable out there. I would like to remind everyone that soccer season hasn't even started yet. Lord help us!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday, what fun!

We are having a garage sale today. Bradley has two soccer games. My brother is having a party (that I am going to TRY to get to). Remember when you used to spend Saturday in front of the TV all day?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

okay Andrea, I'll play

The Last....

Last Cigarette: never, gross!
Last Alcoholic Drink: too long ago, last night! (Might have one tonight to make up for waiting so long)
Last Car Ride: 2 hours ago, dropped Bradley off at soccer practice (again!) Eric's picking him up now.
Last Hug: moments ago, Siobhan on the couch
Last Time You Cried: 2 days ago when I saw my sad friend at work
Last Library Book: who knows!
Last book bought: Frankenstein by Dean Koontz
Last Book Read: Currently, The Experiment
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: A Day Without a Mexican
Last Movie Rented: Born Into Brothels
Last Cuss Word Uttered: ha ha, with my mouth, could have been anything!
Last Beverage Drank: water
Last Food Consumed: M&M's (right now!, it WAS a fundraiser though)
Last Crush: George Stephanopoulos
Last Phone Call: work, ick!
Last E-mail you wrote: to my mom to say "hi, and I love you"
Last TV Show Watched: Daily Show
Last band you saw: Keb' Mo
Last Time Showered: 7:30am this morning
Last Shoes Worn: Dr. Martins
Last CD Played: JOURNEY
Last Item Bought: gas (of course!)
Last Annoyance: Krystal didn't wash ALL the dishes like I asked
Last Disappointment: myself, always!
Last Soda Drank: Coke
Last Words Spoken: "How do you spell pistachio?"
Last Ice Cream Eaten: pistachio nut
Last Webpage Visited: Andrea's blog

Monday, August 22, 2005

A safe return

Ellen is a very good friend of mine and her boyfriend is leaving for Iraq tomorrow for the second time. I would just like to take a minute and say that although I totally disagree that he (or anyone) is going to Iraq, I hope for a fast and safe return. My thoughts and prayers will be with you everyday you are gone. I am dreading the sadness in Ellen's eyes until your return. Please be safe Preston and return home real soon. You WILL be missed!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

One last day to relax

Okay, yeah, I had to work yesterday but we are not counting that. Today is our last day to relax. We have watched a lot of home movie DVD's (gone are the days of putting out the lights, closing the curtains and running the projector). Letting the kids run around and play. I have been reading (although I DID was some dishes), we are finishing up the laundry and getting ready to return to the real world.

Work? What the hell is that? hee hee. I hope to have the pictures from our trip up soon. I was just thinking about when we went to Mexico last year with Nan. I sure do miss her.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of today! Eat a BIG Sunday dinner!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Just a couple of teasers!

Here is a picture of the pool from our room. Man, look at that ocean!

This is a picture of Siobhan and Bradley enjoying a drink at the New Port Beach Hotel by the pool.

Mexico no mas

We are back. We looked at the property and what a view! It is amazing. A normal person would never be able to afford a view like that here. The lot is 200 square meters and the asking price is $45,000. There are two lots next to each other but even if we wanted to, that is a lot of money.

We headed to the Estero Beach Hotel. We stopped at the fish market and had some wonderful fish tacos (carne asada for Siobhan). We all ate until we could eat no more. We had plenty of drinks and the bill was a grand total of $23.00.

When we arrived at the hotel, it was nice. We took lots of pictures of everything ( I will post later) and we were pleased. The room was average (two queen beds, TV on the dresser, table and chair) it had a little balcony with two chairs and a table. We had to watch Diego because he could have slipped between and fallen.

The pool was cool (minus all the children), it was oddly shaped. It had two jacuzzi's and (my favorite) a swim up bar. I have never been to one, and I have to say it gets two thumbs up. We had a few drinks (you had to pay cash, how stupid is that?). Right before we leave I didn't know what kind of drink to have so Francisco said he would make me a California Iced Tea. Well, let me tell you, that thing has NOTHING in common with any tea I know. It tasted great and I was feeling it before I even finished. Of course I ordered one more (the bar WAS closing) but I only finished about half of it. We left the hotel to go get something to eat, bouncing around on the street, to finally decide where we would eat. As soon as Eric pulls over, I hop out of the car and let it go. Threw up right there in front of the guy selling watermelons (of course we bought one at one dollar). But man did I feel better. I ate three tacos, most of a tortas AND had ice cream afterwards! That damn drink, it was the devil (can't wait to have one again!)

The kids went swimming again while Eric fell asleep on the balcony and Siobhan and I fell asleep telling stories. Thursday we left the hotel and did some shopping and had lunch in Ensanada. Siobhan bought this Dora cape (wait until you see the photos) we are still laughing at it. We tried to look at one other property but couldn't find it. We had a very long ride home, and a jackass at the border (yeah, I said it, jackass!) But we had one hell of a time.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hold on to your hats, we are in for a bumpy ride

I am writing from Mexico! We had a hell of a trip already. Bradley's soccer games took up all day Saturday and we arrived about 10pm. We checked in, got the crib we ordered and went right to bed. (Of course Eric and I went down to the bar for a drink first).

Sunday proved to be a good day in the beginning. We ate at the hotel buffet, swam at the pool, ate tacos and had LOTS of drinks. Wow, what a day. After cleaning up we decided to go have a nice BIG lobster dinner. WE piled in the car, and what the hell, the car wouldn't start. It wasn't giving anything at all. We walked over and had our lobster dinner but of course all we could think of is what we were going to do about the car. We went back to the hotel and we didn't sleep so well worried about how and IF we were going to get home.

On Monday we were invited over to our friend Oscar's house to meet his family and enjoy some shrimp ceviche (yummy). His kids were cute, (he has a one month little girl and three boys), his wife was really sweet. We enjoyed some wonderful food and even better company. Oscar brought us back to the hotel and had a guy meet us there to look at the car. He touched it, I started it and what do you know, it worked.

We swam, had dinner at the hotel, more drinks. Today we are shopping and looking for propery to buy. Wish us luck. By the way, they charge a buck for 15 minutes on the internet here in this internet cafe. hee hee, oh how I hope we can afford it!

Friday, August 12, 2005

say goodbye Diane

Goodbye Diane. Yee Haw, we are out of here. Everything is packed and most of it in the car. Two soccer games and we are ready to relax and enjoy.

I special thanks to Nick for staying at the house and keeping good care of the dogs (and making sure none of you hoodlums come and take my Doogie Howser MD DVd's). hee hee

What? You are thinking of the Jasso's? Then imagine them as they are, by the pool. Eating tacos, Eric with a margarita and Diane with a pina colada in a pineapple so big she needs two hands to hold it. Krystal, Bradley, Siobhan and Diego in the pool no doubt!

See you!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tuesday Morning, no not the store

Hello everyone. Just thought I'd pop a quick hello. See how everyone's day is going. My alarm didn't go off this morning, so no training for me! I have wonderful left over's from Krystal's birthday dinner last night to enjoy for lunch. No soccer this week (at night anyway, so I feel like the whole week is a vacation (not really though!).

I hope I might get my car back today. At least I have a loaner car, otherwise, we would be going nuts with only one car. I would make Eric get the Nova out and running. Hee hee!

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, August 08, 2005

A sad farewell

Peter Jennings passed away. I will miss having him tell me the world news. I loved watching him. I loved his voice and his handsome face. Mostly I loved the way he would tell the news. I will miss his smile after something amusing at the end of the show. Mr. Jennings, you will live in our hearts and minds forever!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Aug. 8th

Happy 16th Birthday Krystal. Dang, I can't believe you are that old. How can I be a mother of a 16 year old. Clearly something is wrong here!

I love you mucho!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

here kitty, kitty, kitty

yesterday when I was walking Siobhan to preschool we passed a cat. I could smell this cat about 10 feet away. It was curled up and looked to be sleeping (with a few flies on it). It was obviously dead. Siobhan said "Look mom a kitty", I was rushing her along, telling her that the kitty was sleeping. Poor baby. We were almost to her school and she said "Mommy, I smell that kitty again!"


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Sixteen Candles

No, not the movie, as great as it was (I put it on Netflix for Krystal).

Krystal will be 16 on Monday. August 8th. Wow! Do you know how old that makes me?! (no comment, thank you!)

I can't believe. My first baby, all of sixteen years.....I think I have to go cry now.

Things really suck sometimes

I took my car this morning for an oil change. Come to find out it needs a new fan. The fan won't be in until Monday of course, so I have no van over the weekend. (Not to mention getting back and forth to work tomorrow, am I feeling ill?) And what next? Eric's car starts making a noise on the way home. Oh when it rains it pours (we could use some rain here!).

Well, if nothing else at least Krystal is done with summer school. No more dropping her off. (Thank goodness since I have no car!)

Bradley starts soccer camp next week, great! (Looks like he might spend Sunday night at my Dad's, you don't mind do you Dad?!) hee hee