Sunday, July 25, 2010

Proud of my plant

Lot's at different stages

These are in our kitchen now, ready to be enjoyed
Just to give you an idea of how big it is, this is over five feet across.
The bell pepper, Diego's cucumber and chili's are in there somewhere
Cilantro planted from seeds a couple weeks ago.
My cucumber replanted, see below:

I do not grow things. I have been known forever to kill just about any plant we purchase and I do mean anything.

This year I decided to do a garden. Eric and I moved our raised bed over, added LOTS of compost and soil, removed almost all of the grass and got busy. I planted a tomato plant, snap peas, cucumber, bell pepper and a chili plant. I think we both did this with the knowledge that everything would die. In fact, two did before we got them in the ground! I have also since planted cilantro seeds.

My peas did okay but I think they give peas and die. I did not know this and didn't pick them in time so I never really got to enjoy them.

My cucumber plant had termites so I moved it and didn't think it was going to make it but it is doing okay.

I can't see my bell pepper, Diego's cucumber or the chili's because the tomato plant is too DAMN big. It has taken over. I pulled all the peas out and below is the photo of my plants. Let's play find the bell pepper!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The finished project

Alright I won't lie, she still needs to do one shelf on her bookshelf (which you can not see here). Other than that, the room is spotless. You see that little box under her nightstand? She made that for Nacho. It cracks me up because he will go in it. I think it is funny because he lays on her bed (or in her bed) but if she is busy playing in her room he will go to his box. I think she might be posting more photos on her blog later. A clean room = bliss

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ahhh a breeze

I am so very pleased that it has cooled off. I ran my ac a full week while I was on vacation, but now it feels great. I am not looking forward to that bill but I don't do heat well.

A nice cool breeze is coming through the door right now. We were finally able to sleep well last night with the windows open.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well the end is near

NOW that I know I only have two days left before I go back to work I kick it in high gear. My SIL gave us my nieces old doll case for Siobhan's room. This started a whole room clean frenzy. Which in turn meant Diego might as well clean his as well.

Almost done with Siobhan's room. We moved the doll case in today. She is going room to room choosing things she wants to put in there. Lucky for her we have lots of little artsy things all over.

Diego spent about 20 minutes on his closet alone. He didn't have much in there in the first place, but he likes to clean. Of course his beanbag split open (AGAIN) and those little balls are everywhere. (It finally made its way to the trash after Eric sewed it up last time, forget it)

I told Siobhan she could take a picture of her room when we are done and put it on her blog. I wish I had done a before photo but I am not sure I would allow it for all the world to see anyway.

I still have to work on the extra bedroom. The truck for clothes and stuff comes by this week I think so I gotta get some stuff ready for that. The room, of course, has become a sort of "catch all".
Those clothes don't fit? -Put them in the extra room.
You don't know what books to keep? =Put them in a box in the extra room.

As you can imagine that can go on for ages but it is mostly old clothes and a baby mattress that Cucui likes to lay on after she has a bath.

We have an extra bed frame in there too. We were thinking of getting a mattress in case anyone comes over and needs somewhere to sleep. We thought of putting our bed in there once we get a new one but he wants to make it an art room too so I don't think there will be enough room left.

I meant to take our carpet out this week too but it was so freaking hot! We have something under there that will work until we get something we like. I hate the carpet and I think, once removed, it will be SO much cooler in there.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Discover Yourself

I knew I was not a good stay at home mom. I can't home school my kids like my friend Julie and I am not good at planning like my friend Andrea. I am good when I am home for a day or two but a whole week for no reason, really does not work for me.

I have done crap this whole week. Went to the dentist twice ( and that is a good time), took my car to the mechanic and waited for it (again, spectacular time). We went to Lemon Park once and the kids played in the water. Other than that, nada.

Now, I have watched about 5 movies which is nice for me! The kids actually seem fine as they have been able to just do whatever and watch a few shows and hang out with me.

I think next time I will take a couple days every couple of weeks instead of a week at a time. Yes, that is what I shall do!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rip Off

I bought these sandwich thins because they are only 1.5 points (two slices). I just noticed my bread for two slices is only 2 points. Believe you me, there is A LOT more to my bread than theirs. AND it is MUCH cheaper. I enjoyed two pieces of bread, NINE slices of meat (very thin) and half a piece of cheese for 4.5 points. It was GOOODDD too. Yeah me!

Monday, July 12, 2010


I have the best dentist. Depending on who is reading this, you probably know who he is. I swear half my office goes to him. He is completely old school. He is in a small mini strip mall thing with a liquor store, flower store, and a Tae Kwan Doe (or something similar). He wears the zip up shirts and I LOVE him. He has this dry humor which I totally get. And as a dentist he is top notch. He never makes you feel bad if you haven't been in a timely manner or haven't gotten your crown, in like, a year. Just reminds you "You know you still need a crown". He is great with the kids. It is just him and his assistant and she always remembers who you are. His wife stops by too. His office is small and he will often answer the phone when you call (which ALWAYS throws me off).

It is hard to find a good dentist. One you trust and like to go see. I just wanted to share my very good dentist luck with you!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not a math person

Last weekend it hit me, it is time to lose weight. I started counting weight watcher points. Too cheap to go to the meetings and pay, I am going to try it myself first. I forgot how expensive it is to eat right.

So far I am eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch (between a couple things) and whatever for dinner (only much, much less). Hopefully it is working. I mean I know I am eating less but haven't seen the pounds melt away (yeah, in a week). Eating the same thing might really be a problem for some people but not me. I prefer to not have to think about cooking in any way anyway. This way at least two meals are taken care of.

I have put cucumbers on my hamburger and BLT to make them bigger and more filling and I liked it. I like crunchy and they added to it. A couple different trips to the market and I am good. I am going out again to get yogurt at Ralphs because it is 1 point versus the yogurt at Albertsons which is 1.5 points. I know it is only .5 points but when your eating very couple/few hours those could add up and I liked the 1 point. I am NOT a yogurt fan anyway, so if I like it, why not.

Luckily Eric supports whatever I decide to do because although it hasn't happened yet, I may get crabby soon. Also, I am not going to make any super fatting dinners, so sorry babe.

I found a few iPad (or iPod) apps that help. One is Logit. You could use it for anything. It allows you to keep track of whatever you are keeping track of. I like it and it shows how many points (or whatever) you have left on the app without actually opening it. So far I have had at least 6 but up to 9 points per left per day. I plan to use my "flex" points on drinking. I just hope my snacking while drinking doesn't take over. I enjoy my tequila and squirt on occasion.

Anyway, I hope I stick with it. I think my mind is in the needed frame of mind for something like this now. I even told my co-workers I didn't want cake for my birthday. I don't think those words have ever been uttered by me before.

Wish me luck!

FOLLOW UP 7:20pm Yogurt at Ralphs are NOT 1 point, must have miscalculated. Depending on which program I use they are either 1.5 or 2. WTF?!

Friday, July 09, 2010

A weeks vacation

I will be off work for a week. Weren't you just on vacation? I get that all the time. Hey, I can't help I work at a place that values the employee. Not doing much of anything other than a family dental appointment. Might fit in a eye and ear check up for the kids as well but just going to hang out. We will probably visit Lemon Park and the little water thing they have going on during the day for FREE. Maybe pick up lunch at Costco (big hot dog AND drink for $1.50 beat that!).

Basically I just wanted to be home with the kids while they are out of school. I will be taking another week in a couple of weeks as well. Eric and I will be celebrating our TEN year anniversary. Can't believe, how blessed I have been!

What are you doing this summer?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Another Diegoism

I forgot one. We were talking about space aliens and Diego said "When we go to Mexico, we are aliens". ha ha

Sunday, July 04, 2010


was watching an old season of Dr. Who (we just started watching this season) and said "Dr. Who isn't on Dr. Who" ha ha see Dr. Who changes every so often and this season is a new one.

I called Diego from work and asked him "Diego are you being good for Nana?", he replied "Yep, so far" ha ha honest at least!