Friday, September 30, 2005

Is it raining out?

If it were, it would match what is going on inside. I am so sad. I would like to go an hour or so without crying. Without becoming overwhelmed by emotions. It is so odd though. I can sit here and look at pics of my dad and smile. There I am washing dishes, and boom, crying like crazy. I don't understand it and frankly I don't like it!

quick ?

Yogurt, not the big one, but the single serving. Some come with a plastic lid (which is hard to get off) and then the sealed top underneath. I was opening one for Siobhan this morning, and I thought, do you need the plastic lid? I mean is there someone out there who can't finish it all? If you didn't finish it would you want to save it? What, 2 bites? Do we need to waste plastic like that? I, of course, will recycle mine. There are a lot of people who don't recycle or are unable to.

Do we need the plastic lid? That is all I want to know!

keep it up!

Bradley got his grade check from 9th grade yesterday. Spanish-A, Biology-B, Algebra-B, English-A, and I am sure an A in Track and Field and Health. Great! Keep it up and see if you can't get all A's (I know you can!)

Good job!

ps. I would like to add that Bradley has been great about doing homework. He sits down and doesn't get up until he is done! I am soooo proud of you!

bug bite?

Last night after dropping Bradley off at soccer I was a bit sad. Okay, to be honest, I was a wreck. I came in crying like crazy. Everyone was worried about me. I put the food down (I don't do much cooking!) and went into the bedroom and cried. Eric, Krystal and Siobhan came in. Siobhan said "What is wrong Mommy?", and I didn't answer her. She said "Did something bite you?". Oh my gosh, how could I NOT laugh. Where did that come from? Then she said "Mommy, you can have my french fries, french fries make you feel better". That ended it. How can french fries not make you feel better?

With giggles from her, a huge hug from Krystal and a very loving and supportive husband, I felt better. Thanks everyone!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

New Eeyore toy

Have you seen the new Eeyore that moves his ears and plays peek-a-boo when your child shakes the rattle? Real cute. I am the mom of four. When I saw that commercial, I thought, "well what good would it be in two days when your child has lost the rattle". I mean come on. That is why we buy toys that are just one piece in the first place. Puzzles are fun for the first day or two. Then it is "mom, I can't find Dora's head".

If the rattle was attached, that might work! Disney, just ask me first!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

trucker bombs

Okay, this is crazy. I guess truckers often pee in some kind of container (water bottle, etc.) and then THROW it out the window. The state of Washington has made/is making it illegal to do so. This seems to bother some truckers. Come on! How hard would it be to, I don't know, throw it in a trash can. I am against littering anyway, but this just makes it that much more gross. If you are a trucker and you need to pee and want to do so in a container, go for it. But please, please, throw it in the trash! Gross!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Daddy, this song will always make me think of you!

Those schoolgirl days of telling tales and biting nails are gone
But in my mind I know they will still live on and on
But how do you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume?
It isn't easy, but I'll try

If you wanted the sky I would write across the sky in letters
That would soar a thousand feet high 'To Sir, With Love'

The time has come for closing books and long last looks must end
And as I leave I know that I am leaving my best friend
A friend who taught me right from wrong and weak from strong
That's a lot to learn, but what can I give you in return?

If you wanted the moon I would try to make a start
But I would rather you let me give my heart 'To Sir, With Love'


Just over 12 weeks left until Christmas! You know there is someone out there who is already done with their Christmas shopping. That will never be me. Although I do have one gift already AND I have made a list. Does that count for anything?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Things my Daddy liked

Big bowls of popcorn ( he would eat it for days)
huge bowls of ice cream (butter pecan)
frozen snickers candy bars
diet coke (needed an extra fridge)
double super star with cheese (Carl's Jr)
big, and I mean BIG, pieces of cake (any cake, no matter the flavor and the piece or pieces were NEVER big enough!)
sugar cookies (don't bother with the flavored frosting, he thought it ruined the flavor)
football (especially Dallas Cowboys)
sarcasm (where do you think I got it from)
Pink Panther movies
He would laugh if I said "your momma" (I still don't know why)
Godfather movies
TV (he would slept in front of that damn thing and swear he was watching it still!), the remote was NEVER out of reach
History channel
computer, computer parts, pieces, anything that may someday have something to do with computers

I know there must be many, many more I can't currently think of. Feel free to add.....

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Lourdes' last day!

My friend of just over 6 years quit working where I do. She will be missed. Not only was she a really good friend she was a HUGE help at work. (My job will now be harder, thanks a lot!) I know I will still see her and keep in touch but I will miss her on a day to day basis. Here a few photos from our night saying good-bye!

click me, click me!

Friday, September 23, 2005

walk this way...

We took Diego to the Dr. today. A little history please.

Since Diego began walking we have all noticed a slight problem with his leg. At first we weren't sure what it was but it is now obvious to us that it is his left leg. When we went for his well baby check the Dr. said to wait a few months since he was still an early walker.

It has now been a few months. We took him today. The Dr. wanted Diego to walk around (of course he screamed instead, Diego not the Dr.). He took enough steps for the Dr. to see what we were talking about. He has referred us to orthopedics. So tomorrow we will call and get an appointment.

For those of you who have not seen Diego in a while, we describe his running and a long stumbling. He tends to favor his left leg and therefore leans to one side and often falls. You might not notice unless you are looking or see him walk/run often. Eric also noticed that when Diego walked through some water the other day, his right foot gave a full foot imprint, where the left one showed just the toe. So, we will see what is going to happen. I wonder how long it will take to actually SEE the Dr? Oh by the way, Diego's Dr. said that his hips line up, his legs seem the same length and he has all the same creases in his legs. All a good sign!

I will let you know when we do!

check out my new link

You can click on it and see where people live who are reading my blog. How cool is that? I am hoping to get more and more people even if they don't leave comments!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

caca caca everywhere

You can always count on a one year old to bring laughter into your day. Eric, Siobhan, Diego and I were trying to nap. I finally gave up. I could hear Diego talking on and on in his room. I sent Bradley in to get him. Bradley came out without Diego. See, it seems whenever we put Diego down without pants, off comes the diaper. Usually we remember, needless to say, today we did not.

There he is standing with only his shirt on. There is caca and pee all over the bed. He is just smiling and laughing like he was at Disneyland. Oh geez!

Ha ha, you can do little but laugh. Certainly isn't his fault that no one thought "oh we should put pants on him".

So, he is currently being dressed after a nice cleansing bath.

Daddy's Home

How do you say good-bye to someone that you planned to have around for the next 15 years at least? How do you accept the fact that you will never be held or kissed again? How do you spend your WHOLE life loving someone only to find they are no longer there? How many years, hours, days and minutes have you spent laughing and crying together only to have to do it alone?

My Father has left me. My Daddy is in heaven (although I am sure he would disagree). One full day he has been gone. One full day filled with tears, anger, smiles but mostly denial. There is nothing, I think, more special than a bond of a girl and her Daddy. Mine was no acceptation. My Daddy was often my world. My grandma used to joke because I would still sit RIGHT next to him when I was a teenager. I would hold his hand when we went somewhere. My Daddy NEVER stopped believing in me, no matter how many bad choices I made ( and there were plenty).

This will probably be one of the many ramblings on about my Daddy! I will miss him continuously.

Music is important to my whole family. My oldest brother (I have three!) sent an e-mail with a song that meant everything to him about my dad. I have one too.

A little background please. My parent divorced when I was about seven. My Dad lived in town for a while and then moved to California (we were in Tennessee). I will never forget the day my Dad left the house. We always spent the summers with my Dad. My parents were really good, probably the best, about time spent with the other parent. My parents got back together when I was about 12 and we moved to CA. During those years was hell for me. A girl without her Daddy is a girl lost! My mother was wonderful. My big brothers were a God amazing. My Daddy was missed everyday.

My Daddy had a song for me. Daddy's Home by Shep and the Limelites. For 36.2 years this song always meant his home was with me. Now I guess it means he is finally Home. Here are the lyrics!

You're my love you're my angel
You're the girl of my dreams
I'd like to thank you for waiting patiently
Daddy's home your daddy's home to stay

How I've waited for this moment
To be by your side
Your best friend wrote and told me
You had teardrops in your eyes
Daddy's home your daddy's home to stay

It wasn't on a sunday (monday and tuesday went by)
It wasn't on a tuesday afternoon (all I could do was cry)
But I made a promise that you treasured
I made it back home to you

How I've waited for this moment
To be by your side
Your best friend wrote and told me
You had teardrops in your eyes
Daddy's home your daddy's home to stay
Daddy's home to stay
I'm not a thousand miles away
Daddy's home to stay
I'm gonna be here come what may
Daddy's home to stay...

Good-bye Daddy. My heart aches for you!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


The Jasso's have been without DSL for almost 24 hours. For most families this might not seem like such a big deal, but for us... it was hell.

I tried and tried. I called Earthlink and called them again.

Finally we are online. Finally I can check my e-mail (which is my families preferred way to communicate). ahh what bliss!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

just blah, blah, blah

I thought I would just go on and on about a few things.

Saturday I left at my usual time for Siobhan's ballet class only to remember as I arrive in downtown Santa Ana that they are celebrating Mexican Independence. Needless to say we were late due to no parking. We had to walk a bit (Siobhan is NOT a distance walker) but we finally made it. After ballet we walked around, rode the merry-go-round, got some free candy and a snow cone. They we headed home to a wonderful sandwich and german potato salad from Matern's German Deli.

I enjoyed my Sims yesterday (most of the day!) Picked up K's friend Kelsey and they went to an Angel's game.

Today Eric took Bradley to soccer and I am waiting for those girls to wake up so we can go do breakfast.

My cousin just told me she is pregnant. I am so excited and can't wait for the baby shower so I can give her a HUGE hug!

My mom, who no longer lives in N. Carolina, and is no in Garden Grove is back working at UCI. I think, honestly, that I saw her more when she lived far away. I am so glad to know that she is near that it makes up for it. (Plus our phone bills are a lot nicer!)

Carol, Eric's mom, is back watching Diego full time, without K and B to help. It is going good. She is doing SO well after her back surgery. She gets around a lot better and seems to be pain free.

My Dad is still sleeping away. The meds he is on makes him really tired. Gabi is working overtime because the meds also make him a pain in the ass (he actually said this!). thanks Gabi!

Krystal and I are planning this annual Torres Christmas party to be held on Dec. 10th. It might seem early to start but I don't know what or how much there is to do. I just want to make sure it is fun and everyone has a good time. (Hmm, I am thinking a keg or two?!)

A coworker quit to go back to get her MSW and my friend Ellen will be taking her place. It will be nice to share an office with her. Let's home we can all get some work done (jk!, all three of us are actually VERY hard workers!)

My niece, Holly, (the only one I have!) is heading to college in San Diego. I wish her the very best. I know she will learn a lot so have a good time too!

I continue to plan for various times of doing nothing, although they only come in small spurts. I have little to do and so much time to do it in, stop, reverse that!

Feel free to let us all know about your day!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Week end

Isn't it funny how sometimes a week seems to last forever? Well, for me, this was one of those weeks. Here I am home early and thankful that I have a couple of days off. Are my wine coolers cold? I have so much to do. I feel like it will never get done!

Can I just add that my little boy has attitude lately? He will stand there and just start crying like he is all pissed off at the world. How mad could he be? He is only 1! There he goes again! I swear if he could talk he would be yelling about something!

Krystal is having a get together for her birthday tomorrow (her birthday WAS last month) but one of her good friends has been out of town. Tomorrow we have Siobhan's ballet class (too cute!) and Sunday Bradley has a soccer game. Sounds as though I have plenty of time to relax between those two things! Hey! Maybe I will even play the Sims 2! yeah, that is what I will do alright! I need to check on them anyway!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005



Sunday, September 11, 2005

pics pics pics

Who are those cute kids anyway?

click me, click me

Saturday, September 10, 2005

a little laugh for the day!

Bush Library Burns

Crawford, Texas - A tragic fire this morning destroyed
the personal library of President George W. Bush.

The fire began in the presidential bathroom where both
of the books were kept.

Both of his books have been lost.

A presidential spokesman said the President was
devastated, as he had almost finished coloring the
second one.

Friday, September 09, 2005

My newest link

for a blog, check it out..

This is Eric's friend and here is a little of what and why he is riding all over:

My mission Simple: to create awareness of the importance of discovering our world and its cultural heritage and supporting humanitarian needs of our world neighbors all in an effort to help make the world a safer place to live and travel. This is my heritage ride. I will bring awareness to UNESCO World Heritage sites and visit local schools along the way and share my experiences and the world and its cultural and historical wonders with children and you ride along with me at

check it out!

cute kid!


oh yeah! In the OC

High: 77°
Low: 57°

How true!

Thursday, September 08, 2005


...Diego's newest word. It is now added to, MaMa, Elmo, BaBa (bottle), agua, and a few other almost understandable words. He thinks he is talking all the time, it cracks me up. Did I mention how damn cute that kid is?

I think I will post some pics soon.

TWO kids in high school

What happened? When did I get older? I have two small children, how could I have two big children too? Oh, woe is me! I can't believe it. Bradley's first day of high school. Krystal's first day in 11th grade. Wow! They better do REALLY well this year. Bradley has already spent a couple of hours at the table with homework. K CLAIMS she doesn't have any. OK! We will see.....

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

sorry for the trouble

sorry for the word verification when you go to post a comment but I am so tired of deleting spam comments. Bastards, do they have to ruin everything?!

Saying good-bye

Tomorrow I will be saying good-bye to a friend at work. She is leaving and going elsewhere. She has been there longer than me (I've been there 6.5 years!) Now there are only 7 people who have been there longer than me and that is out of about 75 people. I will miss her. She directly effects my job so I will really miss her!

Bye Lourdes, hope to see you often! (There is always Happy Hour!)

Summer over yet?

cause I got the electric bill and frankly I am SOOOO ready to keep the air off. It does not help that I have come home at LEAST three times only to find the air conditioning on and one or more windows open. Do you think the electric company keeps teenagers in mind when they read the meter? I didn't think so. I could really go for sweater weather (where we will be turning on the heat, so why bother!)

By the way, I am NOT complaining. Heat and I do not get along. I do not do well with heat. I can think of at least two different times I passed out from heat stroke (sorry that time I scared you Aunt Brenda!) hee hee

Go Diego Go

Siobhan and I just finished watching Go Diego Go. It was cute. I bet there are a lot more kids named Diego in the next year or so. What a cute name!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor day without the labor

Eric took the kids for a bike ride. I went to the store briefly (there went my "I am not going anywhere today") but I thought we should eat dinner. I am doing laundry (not fun but not so bad, although I do not like putting it away). We have the air on so the house is comfortable.

I hope everyone else is enjoying an extra day off. Too bad this doesn't happen every week. Eric has his flex on Friday so he only has to work three days this week. He scored! (although he always works at home, at least he doesn't have to GO to work).

The kids start school Thursday. Okay, get this, they have been bugging me, and I mean bugging me, to go get school supplies. (what do they need really?) So today I give Bradley four pens. Do you know what he has the nerve to say? "Why are you giving them to me already, I don't need them until Thursday". Oh my gosh, THREE WEEKS they have been asking to go buy school supplies and here I give him a few pens a few days early, and what the hell am I thinking? If I said it once, I have said it a thousand times, if children were born as teenagers, parents would only have one child!

So, enjoy the rest of your day. Watch something good on tv (no football!) and just remember the work week is shorter!

Mr. Bush, thank God your time is coming to an end

although not soon enough.

Hey, click me!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Please take a look

I have been reading this blog for a while now, Rebekah, please check it out. It is amazing what this little girl and her family are going through. It hurts every time I read it, but now that I know, how can I not? The tears flow freely and I think maybe if there is someone out there, who reads it through my blog, and can help even a little bit, than I have helped. I thank God that my family is heathy and really pray that Rebekah finds the strength she needs to keep fighting. God is watching you Rebekah!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Isn't it amazing

that no matter how much we grow up, some of us never do. We continue to let people down day after day. Believing that we are something we are not, acting as though we have more than we do. Wanting to be happy, but still falling short day after day. Isn't it amazing how you can go day in and day out and never really think about what is important. Not really tell those that you love that you REALLY love them. Letting a loved one leave without a kiss or a hug. Yelling and complaining about things that really aren't important, yet still forgetting to say "I truly do love you. Without you my life would be, nothing, empty."

A Day Off

I am off today because I wasn't sure how I was going to feel and thankfully I feel great! I am taking the kids into my work so everyone can see how gosh darn cute they are. I will stop by Eric's work too. Then we are going to go to Old Navy and hope I can get the kids some school clothes without going broke! Maybe we will even have lunch!

I am going back to work tomorrow but it is nice to be off just randomly mid week, plus Monday off. Yeah!