Friday, March 23, 2012

Like a good friend

You can forgot this blog. Put it off. Avoid it and yet, when you need or want it, it is still here.

The blog once a day every day in November always keeps me going for a few weeks but then I fade.

Diego has stared soccer again. Practice twice a week with games on Saturday. The second one was rained out already. He is on a Spring Select team so they play a longer season which he will love because it is all he does. First chance he gets he is outside with his ball.

The La Galaxy started too. Sigh. Wonderful. Although we lost our goalie we kept Beckham which is pretty awesome. And NOT just because he is easy on the eyes either! We have some new friends sitting behind us since our old seat mates did not renew this year.

I have been enjoying my iPhone 4s. Taking SO many photos and posting them all the time. I love being in contact with Eric all the time too. Sweet!