Friday, September 19, 2008

My life

Had a wedding last week. I will post a few pics but you can always check out my Flickr! page. This weekend Siobhan is going with one of my friends to the fair. I know she will have a great time. We are going to the Galalxy game Saturday night. My mom wants us to come over on Sunday for a bbq but I am seriously feeling an illness coming on. Everyone at work is sick. Once I have that sort of asmtha/cold cough, I know! We'll see.

Work is good. Busy! I am filling in for one of the other manager's that is out so I have a few extra staff now.

I am waiting anxiously for the new season of Grey's Anatomy to start next week. It is a 2 hour episode so I need to make sure the kiddies are all tucked in by 8:58.

Eric has to take Diego for a filling today. It is his second one. The dentist said he has good teeth though. hmmm

Half of us went to the eye doctor and got new glasses.Dropped a couple hundred dollars there! Eric is taking the other half in a couple of weeks. He has offered to use his off Fridays for appointments. We have had SO many lately.

Off to work. Half of us leave and half of us get to stay home. I could really use a day in bed!

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