Wednesday, September 29, 2004

what do you need?

Everyone needs a new job or needs a lawyer, IF you base life on daytime commericals. I mean really, how many Bryman College, American Career College, California School of Culinary Arts and Larry H. Parker commericals do we need to see in one day?

It's as if you are suddenly going to say "yes, I think my Doctor had something to do with my child's disability" (God forbid!) so I should sue. I mean really! And they won't charge you unless they get you money.

Geez, with all the money spent on these commericals, they could cure world hunger or something.


Today I am trying to do my best to clean the house between holding Diego (not going so well). Tonight is Weight Watchers (have a feeling it isn't go to go too well). Tomorrow we are having our House Party for the debate and then WORK ON FRIDAY. Yikes!

I can't think of anything else to say but YIKES!

Di's 8th(?) birthday

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Here is a blast from the past. I think this is 1977. That is me sitting down cutting something (they trusted me with a knife?). The girl in the middle is my best friend for life Melissa, (You wouldn't believe the story there) and one of my three brothers, Tony. Dig that shirt man!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


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Look at these cute kids enjoying the hammock in the backyard. You can hardly see little Diego but he is there. They said it was a family size hammock, I guess they were right!

Alone again, naturally

Today Diego and I are home alone. No Siobhan and no Eric. Could the house seem more quiet? There is so much to do. I only have 2 more days off before I return to work, yet all I want to do is be sad. Sad that Siobhan is not here. Sad that I am returning to work (although time and time again Eric asks if I want to be a stay at home mom, and the answer is no). I know I need to go to work (for me) but I don't want to actually go. Makes no sense!

Siobhan did better today. A lot less crying. She has not forgotten about the Princess backpack either. I guess we will be getting that while Bradley is at soccer practice.

How come it is so hard to decide what you want out of life? Do I want to work? Do I want to stay home? How would I be a better wife and mother? I am NOT a good housewife as it is. I hardly do anything while I am home all day. How will it be once I go back to work? Poor Eric, I don't know if he knew what he was in for when we bought this house but thankfully he loves me anyway! I always remember to do laundry and do the dishes, but beyond that.......

Maybe I can blame my mood on the weather. It is gloomy today, not a typical Southern California kind of day. Yes, that is it. I am happy about Siobhan not being here and I am happy that I am going to back to work in a few days. (I don't believe it either!)

Monday, September 27, 2004

A house without Siobhan.. no house I wanna be in. Well, it has started, she is in pre-school as I type. It was hard on all of us. She spent the morning going back and forth on if she wanted to go or not. When we got there she wanted to play, told us she wants a Princess backpack to match her blanket, and was looking at the kids. Eric and I started to leave, and oh no, that was it. She was crying, poor baby. We kissed her, hugged her, I picked her up and handed her to the teacher (who is also having her first day!) and tried to leave. We waited in the lobby for a few minutes where we could still hear her crying.

We finally left and about 10 minutes after we got home I called to see how she was doing. She was still upset but better. Great! Don't we feel like the worst parents in the world. Now I know it was going to happen, I know it is expected, but it does not make me feel any better. Eric and I both had tears in our eyes leaving her there crying out "Mama!".

I called back around 12 and they said she was having a good time. They actually asked her while I was on hold. She ate lunch (no surprise there!) and was getting ready for a nap. Maybe she will do okay. I don't know what to expect tomorrow, but as long as she enjoyed herself today, all is well.

Well, I must go search the internet for a Princess backpack. Because, like her mama, what Siobhan wants, Siobhan gets!

Sunday, September 26, 2004


This weekend has been enjoyable. Friday night, I went all alone, that's right no kids, to Happy Hour. To say good-bye to my assistant and friend Maria. She will be impossible to replace, I can tell you that. Not to mention she is a terrific person.

Saturday morning, a soccer game. Bradley scored a goal and his team won 6-0. We came home and I actually took a nap. Then the kids and I headed out to pick up Bradley's friend and go to his school's fiesta. Rides, food, games, 50/50 raffle (which I did NOT win) one of them was up to $502.00. I could use $502.00 but oh well. It all goes to the church so I guess my $3.00 was well spent.

Today, Sunday, Eric and Krystal are painting and Bradley is cleaning his room (always it seems). I am here writing this (do I have it hard or what?) then we will be heading out to our favorite Indian restaurant for brunch. Yum Yum!

Tomorrow Siobhan starts preschool. Eric is having a hard time with it, I am unsure. I know she needs it but it does feel as though she is growing up. In reality she will not be any more grown up tomorrow then she is today, but it is still hard. We decided to start her a few days before I go back to work, now I think doing that will be harder on me. I mean if I am at work and she is at school, it isn't too different than when she was with NaNa. But if I am at home and she is at school, what an empty house. I mean 8 hours without holding, kissing, talking and feeding her. She loves to help around the house. It will seem to empty without her. It will give me more time with Diego but still will seem sad without her.

So tomorrow is the big day. Bigger than me going back to work. We are letting our little Chivies out in the world. Those teachers better be great because they don't know who they are messing with. I know the Orange County Child Care Lisensing number by heart. hee hee

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Thank God for higher education

Today I decided that I would put together something I ordered to hold all of Siobhan's toys. How hard could it be? All you have to do is use a screwdriver. I watched my Dad put together all kinds of stuff, I can do this.

So there I am, both panels up, pegs in, and Diego starts crying. You can't screw the screws in until they are all in there (about a thousand it seemed) because it will be uneven (like your tire, eh?) So I have no choice but to allow him to cry, no, rather scream for a few minutes.

If I let go, it will all topple to the ground, so I must continue. This thing would have taken Eric about 8 minutes to put together. It took me about 30. Now, I did get it. But as I was doing it I was thinking, if I had to work in a car factory or something, do you know how many cars would be recalled? I can barely work a screwdriver.

So thanks to everyone to can put things together. Now I know why Toys R Us has the convient $10 charge to put it together for you.

Let's just hope this thing holds!

Sleep aid not required

Last night I could not sleep. I tried watching tv. I tried reading. I checked my e-mail. Nothing. I am laying there thinking "I am never going to fall asleep". Then what happens? Diego starts cooing. Now I know he isn't going to wake up, but the second I hear him I am so tired. Why is that? For hours I could have gotten him up and fed him, but the minute he makes noise, I can't keep my eyes open. I was asleep seconds later.

Odd! Somehow my body says, "hey your kid is going to wake up! Go to sleep so you can feel REALLY tired when he needs to be fed 15 minutes from now."

Lucky for me he was out until morning.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

weight Watchers update week 5

Well another loss, 1.2 for a total of 14.4. I really was hoping to get another 5 pound star. But next week, right?!

I'm winning
I'm winning
I'm winning-Santana

Disney, fact or fiction?

Have you noticed how Disney has help guide little girls to believe that they will grow up and fall in love with a Prince? That one day, when they are least expecting it, a Prince will ride up on his white horse and make all her dreams come true. Once they fall in love there are no problems after that? No fighting about bills (they are all rich anyway), how to raise the children (nannies), or anything else normal couples fight over. None of that.

So as a girl you dream, there must be only one man out there for you and if he falls short, well what was all the fuss about?

I think the story needs to be altered with each person. I will use myself as an example. My "Prince" rides up in a Passat. He might not be loaded but he provides for his family and we don't go without. As for all my dreams, well he helps me make them happen. Isn't that more important? I mean, do I really want someone else to make me happy? Wouldn't it be better that together we are happy because we help each other? We lean on one another, support one another, and tell one another "you can do it!". My "Prince" is here for a lifetime, and I am hoping for "happily ever after". If there is only one "Prince" out there for each person, I am sure I found mine.

I got my "Prince" a card and it said something along the lines of, "If someone asks me how long we have been together, I will tell them, not long enough". I thought, right then and there, that says it all. 15 years, not long enough. 25 years, not long enough. 50 years, if we are lucky enough to see it, still not long enough.

Maybe Disney leads us to believe in something that isn't possible. Or maybe Disney helps us realize that what we already have is everything they write about. Every dream coming true. True and lasting love.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

wonderful children

I love my children, obviously, or I wouldn't have four. (no Eric, we are not having five!) I love holding, kissing and playing with them. They are a joy (most of the time). A smile, laugh or hug can really make my day. But right now, right this minute is bliss. Krystal and Bradley are at school and Diego and Siobhan are both asleep. That never happens (until about 10pm).

Wow, what to do? What to do? I thought I would take a moment and let you all know how nice it is, and really it will end soon. Krystal will walk through the door in about 15 minutes and my solitude shall end. I will be going out Friday night all by myself. The true meaning of by myself. Every last one of the kids will be left here at home while I go say goodbye to a good friend at work, for HAPPY HOUR. I plan to scrape up every dollar I can. (hee hee)

I will be thankful for everyday I have with my children because I know one day they will move. They won't call, they will forget my birthday (sorry Dad!) and I will no longer be needed for every little thing. WOO HOO, then Eric and I can party. We will travel, (how much cheaper will that be?!) and play our music loud. We will be able to relax and not worry if homework was done, clothing is washed, rooms clean (never), and teeth brushed. Although seeing as how Diego is only 3 months, I think it will be quite sometime before that day comes. Still, I will do the best I can now, enjoy them, and miss them when they are gone.

Only I don't miss them now. Boy the house is quiet. I might go read now. ta ta

Sunday, September 19, 2004

For anyone interested

We invite you to come over and watch John Kerry DEMOLISH Bush during the first debate. We'll watch the Kerry DNC bio DVD as well. We'll have snacks, drinks and a "Donkey Bucket" available for donations to the DNC or Kerry/Edwards campaign. Please come share your thoughts and concerns...bring your WiFi devices and cameras too! We Habla Espanol! Kids are welcome.

Thursday Sept. 30th 6pm

Please just let me know and I will e-mail directions. Hope we see you soon!

question about clothes

Today I was putting Eric's shorts away and I happened to look and see what size he is wearing, and I had a thought. Why is that men's pants are sized by the inches in the waist (makes sense to me), but women's are not. I mean a woman wears, let's say, a size 8. What the heck does that mean? What is a size 11? But you know clearly what a size a men's 32 is.

Just something to think about. Thanks to Levi's for at least doing most of the jeans in inches so we can all know what size we actually wear.

Saturday, September 18, 2004


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Please notice just how guilty she looks as we took this picture after she had a little "free" time. Little does she know we were trying so hard not to laugh as we took the photo. Thank goodness it was only her and not the walls or anything.


Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

Showing us all her artwork. Please notice the nails as well. Crazy kid!

Holly update

This is an e-mail I recieved from her mom:
We got to see her ankle xrays, post surgery. Strange to see things inside your kids body. She had a new cast put on and her foot straighted more on Wednesday. On Tuesday they identified the bone that is broken in her wrist and told us that downward pressure (like if you were lifting yourself up with you hand) is what not to do. 4 more weeks in that cast. We also had an ultrasound this week because we thought she may have had a hernia, no just "stretched skin".

Friday, September 17, 2004

Will Diego ever stop

If you didn't see him roll over from his belly to his back, scroll down to Diego's Big Day and click on the link there. Last night he went to bed early so when he decided he was ready to eat at 4am, I pulled myself out of bed, and made a bottle. I came back to change his diaper and pick him up, and what to my wondering eyes appears? He has rolled (at some point) from his back to his belly. I can't believe it. Is this a week or what? Just to let you all know he will be filling out college app's in a week or two (hee hee). UCLA here he comes!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Apple computer

stock is up a $1.15 today. Do you think we will ever make any money on that stock if we keep buying more Apple products? Or do we make money because we are buying Apple products? Either way, I love my iMac (even if I hadn't won it). Some house have 3 or 4 tvs, we have only one tv. We don't watch much tv and we don't have cable or a dish. Of course we have, currently in use, 5 computers and DSL. Those we use! (you know what is funny, that really is more then one per person because the two little one's do not use them yet) plus two more not currenly being used and one over at a cousins house. hee hee

I have an iPod. Found I couldn't live without it and told Eric he must get one. So Eric has an iPod. Krystal wanted one so we got her one for Christmas (thanks Ellen!) now Krystal has an iPod. Bradley wanted an iPod, well Bradley needs to get his grades up. So Bradley has an iPod sitting on the shelf, right where he does his homework, and it is his as soon as those grades are worthy. I wonder who will be next? Siobhan or Cucui?

Netflix comes through again

Today is a good day. Not only is it the beginning of a new Survivor, (although it will never be the same watching it without Nan) but low and behold what was in the mail but TWO Netflix movies. I will be able to enjoy yet another six episodes of Sex and the City and Spike and Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation. Really, what more could one ask for? It is almost like getting a gift in the mail (even though you do pay for it). A gift of laughter (it REALLY is good for you!)

We could use some laughter too. One of Eric's old co-workers, and a good friend of both of ours, passed away yesterday. We will miss Gene, he was a wonderful man. He was always trying to get me to leave Eric for him (I might have if I thought he was serious, hee hee). I will always keep him and his family in my prayers. He was a great father and a super grandfather. He lived for his grandbaby, literally. We will miss you Gene. God bless you!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Weight Watchers update week 4

Get this! I lost 4 pounds this week! I can't believe it. I thought for sure I gained. woo hoo. I am so excited. That is a four week total of 13.2.

"I'm strong enough to take these dreams and make them mine"

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Diego's big day!

Click here to see what Diego can do!
Diego rolls over

Little D

Little D
Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

Here is little Diego being held by his big brother. What a cutie that kid is!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Things that are required if you have children

Some of these items are only needed during small periods of a child's life, but still important just the same:

Vibrating bouncie seat (where Diego is currently sleeping)
swing, one that runs on batteries (stock up!)
about 15 thing to put on the crib (mobil, light, music, aquarium, etc.)
his own room, for all your kids crap
stroller (a good one, to last about 3 years!)
a saucer (a must have!)
good big sisters and brothers help out a lot
grandparents, hopefully living real close by!
a big car to carry all your kids crap
dogs that don't bite
soundproof rooms
many bathrooms
someone to fill in when you can not get your kid to soccer practice
heavy duty washer and dryer
room in the garage for all your kids crap
lots of photo albums
tons of Disney dvd's (Siobhan prefers Dora or Disney) I don't care what the "experts" say about your kid watching too much tv, when your making dinner, talking, working, or in a bad mood, what else is there? Maybe the "experts" can come watch my kids during these times. (How do you think I have time for this blog anyway? Thanks, Disney Princesses!)
a never empty fridge (if you can find one that fills itself up, let me know where to pick it up)

Of course, for your own sanity, lots and lots of alcohol (for me wine coolers do the trick, Eric likes Rum and Coke) now one might think that is a bit odd, but the one thinking that, has no kids!
Also for me, a stack of books, so that I never run out.
I think a nice tub is also very important. Hey better yet, drink a cooler, while taking a bath and reading a book. If you leave the water running you will never even hear the kids crying. ha ha

Things I think you DO NOT need when you have children:

a non-vibrating bouncie (what is the point)
a baby monitor (I mean unless you live in a castle you WILL hear your kid cry!)
so many clothes during the first few months (come on, how often are you ACTUALLY leaving the house anyway)
sleep (at least your kids think so )

I am sure there are lots more under each but my brain is all used up for today (it's only 7pm). I will leave you with these thoughts. As far as buying things for your kid, only do it if you know it will be used up before it is passed up. There is no point in spending extra on something that does not do anything extra.

Having said that, one thing I think parents spend too little thought on are shoes. Maybe Payless shoes seem okay, but those little feet are growing and shaping and need to be in good shoes. Good fitting, flexable and hopefully washable shoes. If they are cute then that is a bonus. Eric and I do not believe in cheap shoes for any of us, least of all Siobhan (Diego too once he needs them). Here is a website for kids shoes, I hope you will at least check it out. They are a little pricey, but well worth it. We buy from them and I think they have an amazing product.

Have a good night, and have a drink on me!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

one more

I thought of one more movie I would love to have on DVD- DC Cab starring Mr. T.

Friday, September 10, 2004

DVD's I would like to have but would never spend money on

90210 ( yeah, yeah, I know, I know)
Mad About You
Escape to Witch Mountain
Emmet Otters Jugband Christmas
Good Times
Twilight Zone (all of 'em)
Blade Runner
The Princess Bride

oh, I am sure I could go on and on, and no doubt they would all be movies that Eric wouldn't want to see. hee hee, I just might buy them. J/K

Things I would like to see on DVD

Here are some things I would like to see on DVD, if they are out there, let me know. These are not in any kind of order.

Six Feet Under season 3+
Northern Exposure season 2+ ( season 2 is supposed to be coming out soon, why hold back the others?)
Ballykissangel season 3+
Fame, the tv show (I know, I almost didn't want to put it down)
Soupy Sales
Battlestar Galactica
Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home (loved that show!)
Square Pegs

I am sure there are lots more.
Are there any you would like to see come out on DVD?

Diego, wonder baby

Not only is Diego by far the happiest baby we have ever seen, he is often known to sleep 9 hours a night. That's right, 9 hours! He just turned 3 months and has been sleeping at least 7 hours from the day he turned 2 months. What a joy that little guy is. Just look at him and he will smile and "talk" VERY loudly (wonder where he gets that?).

Oh what wonderful things life brings us.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

What is with people?!

Another little baby is dead because she, the 5 month old, was left in the car for up to FOUR hours. I do not understand how anyone can be so stupid. It used to be that you had to tell people not to leave animals in the car, and now over and over, you have to tell parents not to leave a child in the car while it is hot. I mean, come on, think people!

This angers me to no end. First off I do not understand how anyone forgets a child. Okay, let's say you do. Wouldn't you, after a few moments, realize you forgot SOMETHING? I mean, don't you realize how quiet it is? That you didn't carry your child inside? That you forgot that what is supposed to be the most important thing in your life? Misplacing your wallet I can understand, leaving your child in a VERY hot car, I do not.

Can people please just get some common sense? When you get in your car it is hot. Wouldn't a person realize that it is hot all the time? GEEZ, I just can't get past it! AAAUUUUGGGHHH!

Back to school

Today is the day! The house belongs to Siobhan, Diego and mom! woo hoo. I went to bed early knowing I would have to get up early, so of course I couldn't sleep. Then Diego, having slept 7 hours, decided it was time to eat at 4:30am. I put him back to bed, and again I couldn't sleep. (What is that about!) He woke up right before Eric left for work. Normally I am just waking up. I guess there is a lot to say about early risers (I don't know what though!). So, we will enjoy the day without Krystal and Bradley but at least we will look forward to them coming home!

Sex and the City

I am now on a mission to watch all the episodes of Sex and the City before I go back to work. That is 8 dvd's, 6 episodes on each one, I wonder if I will make it. I do have to account for mailing time (Netflix). I think I can do it. I really enjoy that show. Of course, on the other hand, I will be sad when I no longer have that to look forward to, but there are other shows I will watch. I will check out Dead Like Me, and I am waiting for season three to come out for both Ballykissangel and Six Feet Under.

I am hoping Sex and the City comes today although it isn't supposed to arrive until tomorrow. Oh what joy those red envelopes bring!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Weight Watchers update week 3

Not as good, but still okay. This week I lost 1.2 pounds for a three week total of 9.2. I am really hoping to lose 20 pounds by the end of this month. It may not happen, but that is what I am shooting for.

If you don't quit, you can't fail

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Don't go outside!

The news said it should be 104 degrees today. Yikes! Did Mother Nature know that the a/c in my car is not working this week? Did she decide to make it super hot on the day before I am getting it fixed?!

So at 7am, I made Krystal give her garden a lot of water. I bathed Cucui first thing this morning. I got the errands out of the way. Krystal bathed Xochitl so we could bring them inside. Eric makes fun of me, "They are dogs", well dogs get hot too!

Here we are, inside with the air blowing (glad we got central air last year!), watching Siobhan's new Disney Princess DVD for the second time already. aaahhhh. So nice. The tile along with our new windows really helps keep the house cool. Oh drat! Now I have to go out (again in the car with no a/c today) and pick up Bradley from school. Just my luck!

I would like to throw a raspberry at the weather men. They said 104 and it is only 94. See! They know nothing!

Welcome home UCLA student who was missing for 6 weeks, I know your family feels blessed to have you home!

Sunday, September 05, 2004


Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

Who is the REAL princess? This is Siobhan with her cousin Jerry. As you can see, she really enjoys playing with him. Jerry, you never looked better!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Tour de France

Tour de France
Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

Please enjoy this photo taken at the Tour de France last year. Lance Armstrong better get training if he wants to keep winning.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Holly update

Here is an update on my niece:

Holly went to the doc today. She had the stitches removed from her
wrist and knee. They put hard casts on her wrist(purple) and leg(green,
to honor her car)They did not remove the stitches from the surgery area,
that will be in two weeks. It was painful but its done.

Looks as though all will be well with Holly, we just don't know how long it will take.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Weight Watchers update week 2

Second week on WW and I lost 2.4 pounds, for a two week total of 8 pounds. Is that sweet or what? I have not had a coke since I began but I will be celebrating with one Friday night. COKE!!!! YUM! Let's hope it keep up (or down) haha

one month and counting

I return to work one month from today. I have been off since May 24th. Am I eager to return? Partically. Why is it that we often define who we are by the work we do? Although I work for a non-profit agency that helps low income families by providing child care payments, I often feel I don't do enough. Should I volunteer as well? Shouldn't I feel complete with a job (which I love) a wonderful husband and four kids. Isn't my life full enough, yet I don't FEEL like I do enough. Who is judging me? Isn't is just me? And if so, why am I so hard on myself?

Odd, though, the things we think about ourselves. Things we may never let anyone else know (until you get a blog). We judge ourselves so much harder then most people (at least I do). I know my shortcomings, those I wasn't aware of have been pointed out to me, and although I might seemingly not care, I do.

I care about people probably more then I should. I have been told not to be so nice, but how can that be when I am a complete bitch the rest of the time. I know this about myself. I am sarcastic, no thanks to my dad, and love it. I have read that being sarcastic is a sign of hiden hostility, I don't buy it. I express myself pretty well. I ususally say what I am thinking, but being sarcastic is part of who I am. I am also usually quite literal, a trait which drives my husband nuts. (sorry babe!) But when something goes wrong, my fault or not, I am first to blame myself. I am easy to cry, which might seem as though I am sad that someone is upset with me, but it is often because I am upset with myself. Anything I can be blamed for, I have already blamed myself endlessly. I HATE to let people down.

Sorry for getting way off the subject here. Work. hhmmm. I love what I do. I have some REALLY good friends at work, they make the day. Because wherever there is good, there is...not good. I will be as nice as possible (not the same as letting someone in while driving) but there are some people at work, that don't deserve to have even the smallest space in my thought process. They are evil and mean, they don't have a work ethic, they are people who take others work as their own, and blame others for their misfallings. I don't like that. No matter who you are, if you aren't doing what you love, you are the only one to blame. Get out. Take responsibility for what is yours, good or bad. Frankly, I think those are words to live by.

So, I am looking forward to returning to work. To earning a paycheck again. To seeing my friends. To doing the job I love that makes me feel as though I make a difference in the community (although not enough of one, always hard on myself), but what will I leave behind. No more laying in bed in the morning with Siobhan. Holding her close, kissing, talking, telling each other how much we love each other. Holding little Diego all day, seeing him smile up at me throughout the day.

Things are so hard. I guess I should be happy that I am lucky enough to have a job that I love as well as a family that I love beyond anything I thought I could know.

So, one more month of freedom and it will be back to the 9-5 (does anyone actually work those hours?, okay 8:30-5). I will miss many things, I will come home upset sometimes, but I as long as I am coming home to Eric, Krystal, Bradley, Siobhan and Diego it will all be okay no matter what the day may bring!

Don't know what you have until she's gone

Talked to Nan (she was our exchange student from Aug. to June from Thailand) today. She is so busy with school. The school year she spent here is wasted. They are not counting it towards anything. She is repeating the 11th grade again. She is so busy and all she does is study. School was already in session about a month or so when she returned home, so she didn't get any break.

I miss her so much. I didn't think it would be so hard. I hear her and she doesn't sound happy and it breaks my heart. She doesn't even have time for drawing. She did say she is going to try and join the newspaper, she really seemed to enjoy that while she was here.

Eric and I are always talking about how other countries treat school as more important then we do here in the states. I don't think our schools are anywhere up to standards, but this is crazy. She is so behind. How could she spend a year here taking advance classes that our children will probably never take (maybe college) and be so behind in 11th grade back there. As much as I know school is important and must be a child's job, I don't think a child should have to spend all waking hours with a school book. I know Nan, I have seen her study, if she says she is always studing and is behind, she must be. She will not even be able to e-mail for two weeks because she has to study for a test.

I want Nan back. I want her to be able to continue and expand her art. She is amazing. It seems as though, in Thailand, art is not important. I don't want her upset everyday.

On the up side, she misses us too. She heard Diego in the background while he was eating (he is a loud eater). I miss her and wish I could hug her right now. We all miss you Nan and think of you each and every day.


Originally uploaded by cucsmom.

Is this one cute dog or what? I better not hear any "or what's" out there either. This is Cucui, she is a chocolate lab and will be turning 3 years old this month. We might be having a birthday party for her. Do you think that's odd?