Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ear Ring(s)

I can not wear regular earrings, even if I change them everyday, because I have very sensitive skin. I often don't bother. No reason to have sore earlobes for a couple days to wear something for a few hours.

For my birthday many, many years ago, Eric had me pick out some diamond earrings for my birthday. Some I could finally wear and not have to remove. I was so excited. I LOVE those earrings.

Lately I had to remove them every few months for a few days because I was getting irritated by them. I usually put them on my computer stand inside my wedding ring (don't EVEN get me started on that!).

One day I went to put my earrings in and... I couldn't find one! OH NO! I looked everywhere. I thought it might have fallen on the floor so I was on my hands and knees...nothing. I looked every time we swept for the next couple of earring.

I told Eric maybe I would get the diamond made into something for Siobhan. I don't know, I wanted to do something with it, but alas it sat there. Week after week.

Yesterday I came home from work and Eric and the kids had done some rearranging in the house. I was talking about how great it looks and Siobhan comes up with my EARRING! I could NOT believe it. After a couple of months, it shows up. Not only does it show up but it shows up TWO rooms away. I held Siobhan and cried and cried. I was so happy. I was SO SO happy.

I still need to find a back for one of them but wow, I can't believe she found them. I honestly can't tell you how happy it makes me. Really, really happy!

I must have done something right somewhere. Karma!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


I am awful about leftovers.

I will go to the trouble of making some really wonderful meal (pozole, pot roast, etc) and then end up throwing the leftovers away.

Usually I just forget about them. I think part of the reason is because we eat out so much. When I go to work I am pretty good about using those leftovers as lunch. Since I have been off work because of the holidays and now this flu, well they sit there.

Eric will take leftovers if I package them up and he doesn't have it the next day. But to be honest, by then I have usually forgotten. ha ha

I did realize, I think what I need to do is buy more containers for lunches and just put everything away like that. I invision our fridge with the small, ready to go lunches for the week.

That is what must happen. I think it is the only way. My next outing I will get the proper size and hope and pray that the lids don't go to some far away place that lids and socks disappear too.

Leftovers shall be eaten. I will mentally add this to my Small Things list

Friday, January 04, 2013

Small Things

Maybe it is the small things?

Maybe resolutions tend not to work because we make them so big or general. I want to lose weight or save money. Or I want to lose X (all you could possibly lose) and save X amount of dollars.

Maybe it would be better to think small. Go for a target that is reachable and a goal that is accomplishable. Once that goal is accomplished, another small goal could be set and so on and so on. You may never reach that end goal but you might be almost there.

Let's say you are pretty sure you can save $20 a week, why not set a goal of $10 or even $5. It is completely obtainable and you won't feel bad when you don't do it.

You need to lose weight. Instead of setting the goal at the total amount, set something more obtainable. How about 2 pounds in two weeks. Most anyone can do that. Of course the more weight you need to lose the higher the number could be, but still, you won't hate yourself if you don't do it.

Going to the gym,cleaning the house, etc. any other goals could be reached the same way. Aim small. Chances are if you met those goals you will continue on to your ideal goal.

I heard on the news they said if you have goals you should share them. Tell people. The more likely you are to tell people the more likely you are to stick with it. I am not sure this works with all people, but I could see how it might help.

I am willing to share mine. So here goes...

I will save $20 a pay period. I know I could do more but I am not so good with saving as it is, so I will start very small. It will not be in my regular accounts where I have immediate access to it, but I shall begin with the pay period that just past (transferring $20 now! DONE!).

I am going to start eating better. I think I can not use weight as I currently do not own a scale, but I can do something more manageable. I will vow to not eat TWO things I think about eating in a weekly period Sunday to Saturday. This does not mean I will save them up to wait until the new week begins either. These will obviously be things I should not have in the first place. Training the mind is what I am planning here.

I know I need to spend a bit more time cleaning up around the house. I am not a cleaner by nature. ha ha Not at all! I shall spend at least ten minutes per day doing something extra. Not the usual stuff like washing dishes, but something extra. Even I can do ten minutes a day!

So, these are things I will do as of today. Today because today is the day I set out to do them...wish me well!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

What was that again?

It isn't that I haven't anything to write about. It's that what I think I will write about is usually in my head in the shower, in the car, while I am walking at work and the next thing I know...poof gone forever!

What was that really creative or deep thought I had earlier? That gem of an idea? I might have even made a quick note to remind me and then I think "What the hell did I mean here?"

Old age? Brain too full already? Maybe I am in a constant Twilight Zone. Yes! That is it!

I am not a creative person really. I get creative on a few things a few times a year, but that's it. I do believe that the more you do it, the more it will come. This blog used to be my source. I thought that since I am able to do it with my phone it might come more frequently. That has not been the case.

I have had this blog since 2004. Coming up on NINE years. My thoughts, dreams, passions have been posted here. Some pretty amazing photos and giggles as well. I have decided I don't want to give it up.

It isn't about other people reading it. It is about me. Me thinking, feeling, sharing even when there is no one to share with. I could easily think of something to write each and every day, but I want to feel when I am here. I am hoping to make this another big part of my life.

Here's to hoping!