Friday, January 04, 2013

Small Things

Maybe it is the small things?

Maybe resolutions tend not to work because we make them so big or general. I want to lose weight or save money. Or I want to lose X (all you could possibly lose) and save X amount of dollars.

Maybe it would be better to think small. Go for a target that is reachable and a goal that is accomplishable. Once that goal is accomplished, another small goal could be set and so on and so on. You may never reach that end goal but you might be almost there.

Let's say you are pretty sure you can save $20 a week, why not set a goal of $10 or even $5. It is completely obtainable and you won't feel bad when you don't do it.

You need to lose weight. Instead of setting the goal at the total amount, set something more obtainable. How about 2 pounds in two weeks. Most anyone can do that. Of course the more weight you need to lose the higher the number could be, but still, you won't hate yourself if you don't do it.

Going to the gym,cleaning the house, etc. any other goals could be reached the same way. Aim small. Chances are if you met those goals you will continue on to your ideal goal.

I heard on the news they said if you have goals you should share them. Tell people. The more likely you are to tell people the more likely you are to stick with it. I am not sure this works with all people, but I could see how it might help.

I am willing to share mine. So here goes...

I will save $20 a pay period. I know I could do more but I am not so good with saving as it is, so I will start very small. It will not be in my regular accounts where I have immediate access to it, but I shall begin with the pay period that just past (transferring $20 now! DONE!).

I am going to start eating better. I think I can not use weight as I currently do not own a scale, but I can do something more manageable. I will vow to not eat TWO things I think about eating in a weekly period Sunday to Saturday. This does not mean I will save them up to wait until the new week begins either. These will obviously be things I should not have in the first place. Training the mind is what I am planning here.

I know I need to spend a bit more time cleaning up around the house. I am not a cleaner by nature. ha ha Not at all! I shall spend at least ten minutes per day doing something extra. Not the usual stuff like washing dishes, but something extra. Even I can do ten minutes a day!

So, these are things I will do as of today. Today because today is the day I set out to do them...wish me well!

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