Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'll be Home for Christmas

I have issues with this song.

First they RSVP-"You can count on me". Not a maybe, or probably but you can COUNT on me.

Then demands

"Please have snow. Mistletoe. Presents under the tree"

What is that about. They go on and on about they will be there and what they demand you have for them and follow it up with,

"But only in my dreams" RUDE

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas tree debate

Is at rest. Eric found a study which said it is more environmentally friendly to get a live Christmas tree than a fake one.

Tree growers have to plant FOUR trees for every one they cut down. No matter how you do the math, that is better overall. We shall not be getting a fake tree.

Ahh, it feels so much better to know we did the right thing.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Guess I didn't win

Not why I blog once a month in the month of November, but it would be nice, just once to win something. Even if it is something that isn't really anything. Like socks maybe. ha ha

Tomorrow is the tree lighting in Anaheim and Sunday is the Torres family party. Should be an enjoyable and I hope still relaxing, weekend.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

fly, fly birdie

Today I was having my break outside and there was a little bird who flew into the window. I went over and picked her up. She was hanging on to my finger but wasn't trying to fly away. Her wings worked (you hold them up high and drop them and see if the wings go, which they did). I was petting her. Other's were petting her.

I took her into my office and put her in a box and gave her a muffin. About 15 minutes later I moved the box a bit and she started moving around. I took her outside. I put the box on the bench, opened the top. She flew out and gave me a few tweets as she flew to the tree. I think she, Brenda the bird, said thank you!

Monday, November 29, 2010

fake Christmas Tree

Do you get a real Christmas tree every year or do you have a fake one? I wanted to get a fake one, only because I don't like the idea of cutting down a tree every year. Eric was against it and frankly I am okay with that. I love the smell of a fresh tree. Sometimes we get a big one, sometimes a little one, fat one, or thin one. Whatever strikes our fancy when we are out looking.

We go as a family and pick it out. Always. It is a wonderful tradition in this world of few traditions anymore.

The downside to a real tree is you can't get it in November. Well, really I don't think that is too much of a downside. I think two weeks is good, before Christmas. Around the second week of the month. As much as I love the look and the lights at night, I am ready for it to all be put away and things back to normal.

My mom always decorated her house in Orange nice, every year. I still don't have that much stuff. Never have any extra money to buy decorations for the next year on the 26th. I do some decorations. I would like to have that decorating gene but I don't. I see living rooms on tv and in the ads and I think, ooohhh that looks nice. But, of course, I don't have all that stuff.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


So, far (and really there are only a couple more days), this has been the easiest month of blogging yet.

I started cleaning the art room last night. Threw tons of stuff away (misc. papers, random puzzle pieces, and other crap. Washing some clothes, blankets and placemats that somehow made their way in there.

Diego is going through a box of toys and pulling out all his cars. We had to use that room as storage while he cleaned his room. It is amazing the stuff that can acculate if you put it all in one location with no rhyme or reason. Of course the dust is killing me. I opened the window today but not sure that is suck a good idea since the winds are pretty high.

Eric wants an art room and Siobhan and Diego LOVE to draw and paint so it is perfect idea. I am not at all creative but this I can do!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


I met my friends, Andrea and Julie, for breakfast yesterday. It was so wonderful to see them. Julie lives so far away. Even though Andrea is so close, I usually only see her when Julie is in town.

It got me to thinking about friends. My cousin Russell just died after being sick with stomach cancer for a year. His friends were there every single day. They helped his wife take care of him, feed him, drive him around, etc.

I told Andrea and Julie that I don't have friends like that. Julie said she would be there everyday, and I know she would, if she didn't live so far. Actually so would my friend Melissa, but she lives out of stats (so ya know, she couldn't). I have some good friends who would totally come see me often, I am not saying I don't. But everyday?! I have some family I know would be there no matter what. I don't have too many lifelong friends like Russell had. Probably comes from living in the same city your entire life.

I got to thinking, maybe that says something about me as a person. I am an okay friend. I can be there when you need me but basically I am selfish. Hmm, something to think about. I don't expect I will change, but think about it. If it were you, would you have friends there everyday to take care of you? I hope you do!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hot water

We have hot water again. Hopefully for good this time. All day yesterday, no hot water. Not to easy to clean Thanksgiving dishes if you don't have hot water.

We are testing it out. Everyone has showers/baths tonight. All the dishes are washed, laundry, etc

I have to hand it to Whirlpool though. Eric called the number on the hot water heater and gave them all the info from the hot water heater. They gave us a number and an approval code, and that was that. We didn't even have to sign anything when they came out. Great customer service!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks 30 days worth

I decided to borrow this from Julie's blog. 30 days of thanks (ya know for the 30 days in November) I would like to add, that I may have misspelled some things as my eyesight is going quickly. So here goes:

I am thankful for (in no particular order):
1. my wonderful husband who has stuck by me when he easily been justified to give up on me
2. sometimes still feeling like a newlywed
3. beautiful, healthy, and brillant children
4. the gift of being able to truly love my job
5. the right to vote
6. music
7. my pets (Cucui, Nacho, Barcelona, oh yeah and the fish)
8. my house (that I don't clean enough)
9. my various Apple products (iMac, touch, iPad, etc)
10. BBCAmerica (where I do most of my viewing television)
11. a chance to really know my dad as a person before he passed away
12. good tequila
13. that my mom still loves me and is healthy and happy
14. my three brothers (who I do not see enough of)
15. my niece and nephews
16. my mother in law good health
17. my extended family
18. some very good friends
19. LA Galaxy
20. friends I have made through the LA Galaxy games
21. the fact that some people might listen when I talk about how horrible Wal-Mart really is
22. health insurance
23. that my husband can decorate (otherwise everything woud be bare)
24. that Eric has a job he loves doing
25. that those with a college education are only at 4% unemployment
26. strawberries, popcorn and ice cream
27. air conditioning
28. cold nights which allow me to sleep wonderfully
29. my husbands kisses
30. a house to hold all my stuff and somewhere to lay my head

and thanks to you too!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have lots to be thankful for, but right now I can't think. Tomorrow I will go into it more

In the meantime, I am throwing out prayers for my cousin Ruseell

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The new OS

Oh my how I love the new OS for the iPad. The folders are AMAZING! I still haven't played with everything but it is wonderful.

Our water heater has been on and off lately. The pilot light went out again. Thank goodness I took a shower last night. I can NOT do dirty hair. We started it again tonight. I am gonna shower again tonight just in case. This means I ball my hair up and go to bed with wet hair so it will be sort of wet in the am. I don't sleep as well, but what are you gonna do?

Monday, November 22, 2010


About the time I had Diego, I noticed
my hands were really dry. I taught it was from washing my hands. Lotion would hurt. They would itch and burn and bleed. Finally I went to the Dr. Dry skin, try this. Medicine made me itch like crazy. Tried a cortisone cream, thinned out my skin so bad my white socks would be red from blood (I have it on my ankles too). Very painful, it looks horrible I am sure my hands are discolored from it

The other day Siobhan was complaining of some of the stratches she has from the cat on her hands. We thought that was all it was. Today I am sure, she has the same thing. Hers might be worse as it covers more of her hand. I actually found something that worked. Erics uncle noticed them and sent some medicine through a family member one day. Doesnt hurt, doesn't itch and it works. I tried some on S and it burns and itches her. Sigh. I feel like crap. I know how bad it can be. I am going to have to take her to the doctor and she what they can do for her, poor baby.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


In case you don't know, I HATE spiders. I am scared of them. Don't even like killing them. I can handle teeny tiny one's. Daddy long legs don't bother me too much. Too much.

I was in our extra room, cleaning it out. Ya know, in case someone might need to actually walk in there. What do I spy? A nasty rather large black spider. What the hell is he doing in there? There are no bugs. No food. No flies. What is he hoping to eat? Same with the one's that take up residence in the corner of the shower. I have never seen them actually catch anything. Are these the spiders who aren't dealing with a full deck? Shouldn't they be outside building a big ass web so they can eat? Or at least somewhere where a bug might come by? Idiots.

I have to admit although I killed that spider with my shoe (with joy I might add), I am a bit hesitate to go back in there. I know they aren't like roaches (where you see one..) there may be more. I really hate them. I am terrified of them. It isn't funny (as some may think) to be so frightened of something.

One morning when I arrived at work, there was a some web looking stuff around my phone cord. I pulled it and it looked a lot like spider web. I was out of my office in a second. I walked over to my very good friend Cheryl, who is the Office Manager, and with tears in my eyes and not able to talk very well, asked to her to clean it for me. See, the thing about me is I will do EVERYTHING myself. I hate asking anyone to anything for me. But HELL if I was gonna clean that! Luckily Cheryl knows my fears well.

A few moments later she returned to tell me that not only was it all cleaned up, it was only dust from the new cleaning crew. They actually cleaned the thing the phone sets on and it pushed the dust together and DID look like web. Didn't matter to me. It took me about 10 minutes to calm down after that!

So, alas, I guess I have to get my courage up and go back in. Pray for me!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

hmm, wonder where they got the idea for the head gear? Look at that face! It is a wonder that he actually smiles all the time

I adore this photo. Who do you think it is? Siobhan or Diego?
Man! This one is OLD! That is Krystal when she was still quite young
Another beach shot

I KNOW you are jealous. I can thank my sister in law for hanging on to this picture

Two very handsome men!

Such a cute photo of Siobhan. I need to do her hair like that more often!

Oldies but goodies

I thought I would post some old photos. I will do a few sets since I can only do five at a time

This is little Santa Diego. I love this picture!
I cracked up when Eric did this one. His friend took photos at the Tour de France, notice a new rider?

Beach babies

I think this photo was taken for a Christmas photo but I am not sure. Obviously pre-Diego!

Siobhan LOVED that Dora couch.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Didn't forget

Was thinking about going to bed, or having some popcorn and reading, and I remembered! Blog! So here I am. Diego is sleeping, he got in trouble. Siobhan is reading one of the seven books she got at the library. Waiting to see if Diego's game gets rained out for tomorrow. It is at 9am so I gather no matter we will have to wake up early.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today was longer

I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Not because of the food but the vacation. I have stuff I wanna get done around here and have aspirations that I might actually do it with four days off in a row. The reality of it should be quite different. It is actually quite unlikely anything will actually get done, but I like to think it might.

Right now I would like to just lay down and sleep. Of course, if I did that, I would find myself wide awake in a few hours. I am currently too lazy to do much of anything, except the internets.

Does anyone else look forward to shopping on Thanksgiving? Eric thinks it is wrong that people have to work on Thanksgiving, and while I agree, I am happy to have something to do. I am NOT going on Black Friday. If I am waking up at 4am you better give it to me in my car while I am in my pj's. I don't need much of anything that badly (yet)! Cyper Monday is more my style.

Diego and I just got home and he puts on a soccer game. How cute is he? It is 5:33, S is at Girl Scouts, Eric is on his way home and I am in my pj's already. I want some popcorn and a book. sigh

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

long day today

The kids got awards today at school. Eric and I went there and then I headed to work. I just got home, about 12 hours later. I am tried. I can't think of anything to write. Technically this is a post. So there!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No more LA Galaxy

for a while. The game SUCKED on Sunday when we lost to FC Dallas 3-0. I don't understand it. We controlled the ball almost the whole game but no score on our side.

We had a nice tailgate before the game. We have gotten to know some really great people this season. People that hopefully we will keep in touch with between seasons. Josh was twittering about the tailgate and Pretzel Crisps offered him some to take to the game. Here is a pic of the guys with the freebies. Power of the Twitter!

Here is a photo from our Day of the Dead. I had so many people come up to me and ask me where I got the skull. Some people thought it was part of my shirt. Everyone was looking. (Diego actually got it at Disneyland). It looks like his mouth opens and closes.

We had Siobhan and Diego's Parent Teacher Conferences the past two days. They are both doing wonderfully (of course) and are brillant. Okay, maybe the teachers didn't say that but they practically did! It is good to know they are a bit beyond where they should be.

I should be seeing a really good friend next week. Looking forward to that. I actually wanted to go away for Thanksgiving as I am not really looking forward to it. I never understood the insane amount of food for one day. I enjoy the days off of course but would rather sleep in and do something fun with the kids.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Do you have any traditions that still carry on?

Monday, November 15, 2010

My kitten

Eric was finally able to get a good photo of the kitten's eyes. So cute! What do you think?

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday my mom and her husband, Andy, threw a birthday party for her sisters. My Aunt Connie and my Aunt Brenda. I haven't seen my Aunt Connie in years. It was great to see everyone. To see her, her kids and her daughter's kids too. My brother Tony, The Wife and my nephew were there also.

Here is picture of (one of) my brother and Eric.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

November-month of videos

My husband put this video together from footage I took at our last LA Galaxy game. Tell me what you think!

Pumped for Sunday! from Eric Jasso on Vimeo.

Friday, November 12, 2010

some more

How did Izzy and George find out about Meredith and Derek sleeping together?

Last words to Meredith before she finds out about You Know Who

Thursday, November 11, 2010

To my Dad

Dear Daddy,

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. Usually in the car as I am singing along to whatever tune is playing as loudly as possible. My heart still aches for you. Five years you have been gone and still the pain is here. It isn’t as disabilitating as it once was but still, I fear giving into it.

You were always my Daddy. You were everything to me. Even as a teenager I wanted to be with you. Sitting by you. Holding your hand. I still have fond memories of Grandma joking because I always wanted to be right by you.

We were so similar. Such smartasses. Not many people could handle or understand our sarcasm. I once read that sarcasm is a form of anger and had to laugh. For some, it is simply a way of life.

Rarely a temper would flare. I know you tried to keep them at bay because your biological father was a mean one. I only recall once that you were ever really mad at me although I deserved it much, much more. Luckily for us, the Pap-Pap we had loved and never got mad.

I know there was so many times I disappointed you but you let it go. Both you and mom were amazing that way. Let me make mistakes, learn from them, and go on.

I miss you. I miss your laughter. I miss your singing. I miss your ring tapping on the steering wheel. I don’t miss arguing with you. I love to argue but never with you, not sure why that is.

Five years. Seems like yesterday. Seems like a million years. I wish you were here to see Siobhan and Diego grow. Watch Diego play soccer. I wish you were here to talk to Krystal and Bradley and help them grow. I wish, I wish, I wish.

Mostly I push the feelings away. I think of you but I have to stop. I do not like not being in control. Thinking of you will often bring tears and I fear the unstoppable tears. Sometimes I have to skip a song in the car because I know that I can’t handle hearing it. Sometimes the screams of pain feel like they might just escape. What if that happens and there is no end? Nonetheless you were the best Daddy for me. I miss you endlessly. You’re my heart. I am you. I love you daddy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alright my party people. Or at least people who check this blog and ACTUALLY read it. It's getting cold here in Southern California and I am loving it. I am freezing my husband because I steal all the blankets and it is a bit cold when I get up (we sleep with the windows open) but it is bliss as far as I am concerned. I love sweater weather.

1.How did Izzy and George find out Mer and Der were sleeping together?

2. What were the last few words Derek said to Meredith before she found out about Addison? (spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't watched Season 1, a MUST see!)

And for fun...

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Monday, November 08, 2010

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Just an FYI

Just in case anyone is just stopping by, I don't usually post about Grey's Anatomy all the time. I have a passion for the show and thought I would use my creative computer skills to utilize the once a day blogging. I shall not run out of things to post for this month!

This round goes to Melissa

How did Izzy pay for Med School?

Who did Meredith first tell about her mother's illness?

Saturday, November 06, 2010

So basically...

this is turning into a Grey's Anatomy month (sorry Julie) but it makes it easy to post everyday.

This clip always brings tears to my eyes. He was mad that his daughter (who recently lost her mom) wanted him to have brain surgery to help his Parkinson's. He says " I will be at your wedding, your Uncle will walk you down the isle. I know it isn't perfect but life is messy sometimes". His daughter says " i know that, don't yout think I know that?" and she walks off. Meredith turns and says "It is your life, but it is her life too and you have a chance to get better here and all she is asking is that you try". So he does...

Friday, November 05, 2010

Hmm, here's a couple more

So I guess Melissa is the only true Grey's fan I know.

Okay, okay, questions a bit easier. I also can only post a couple answers at a time. It took FOREVER to upload them. Here are a couple questions I think are far too easy.

1. How did Izzy pay for Med school?

2. Who was the very first person Meredith told about her Mother's illness?

If you know the answers post them in the comments here. Watch for your video answers!

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Okay, okay

So apparently my quiz questions are too hard.

If you haven't seen them yet, scroll down.

I will work on making them a bit easier. I am posting some of my favorite funny clips from Season One, episodes one and two. Maybe, just maybe it will ring a bell, or strike a memory or something. Anything

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Grey's Anatomy Quiz One

Alright, I don't promise it to be easy or super hard but it should make even the avid watcher have to think. These questions are all from season 1. Answers will be posted Thursday. Good luck!

1. What color shirt was Derek wearing when he met Meredith?

2. What was Izzy's first assignment from Dr Bailey?

3. Meredith's first case, Katie Brise, what was her condition?

4. Why did Meredith feel a connection with the rape victim?

Monday, November 01, 2010

Welcome to National Blog Posting Month

I have decided to do something a little different this year.

I like Grey's Anatomy. I didn't start watching it until they were on season 3 or 4 I think. Once I started watching it, LOVED it. I have seasons 1-4 full season and some of season 5 and I watch them starting with season 1 through and start over again.

I have taken Grey's quizes and they are always stupid. LIke what was Derek's nickname. Please. So I decided to try to do one for the real viewer. Now, I know I don't have a lot of blog followers, especially because I am rarely here. So if you want to use me as one of your posts that would be great!

I also plan to send out an e-mail letting my friends know to let their friends know.

I am going to post the questions, wait a few days, and post the answers. I plan to do this every few days or so. Maybe post the questions on Monday, answers Wed or Thursday and more questions Sun. Something like that.

So please check back.

Thanks and welcome again to the blog everyday in the month of November. Here is to being dedicated!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 2 of Barcelona's potty training

Had to use a stool so she could jump up on the toilet but she is going up there to go potty. We still have something blocking the hole.

You can buy kits but being as I am resourceful, I have placed a bowl (disposable) on the water, in case any litter falls through. Under the seat I have placed a paper box top and placed kitty litter on it. Once they get the idea to go there it is easy from there. You can cut out small holes until they get used to it or I am going to wait until she makes a hole and see how it goes.

I think it is necessary to clear away any poop right away. Do not clean up the pee (I do NOT use clumping litter) because she need the reminder that is where she goes.

I hope by Friday that she will be completely potty trained. Now if only we could teach her how to flush!

I will let you know how it goes.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Early Lunch

Enjoyed an early lunch with Andrea and Julie. No one even brought a camera which is wonderful because it means we are seeing each other more often.

Julie reminded me of the November Blog a Day. Oh man, I forgot. Gonna have to work hard on that.

Diego made two goals at his soccer game today. Okay, yes I cried on the first one! It was a great goal. He took it from about half the field and dribbled it into the goal. GGGGGOOOOLLLLL

Monday, September 06, 2010

A wonderful day

Yesterday could not have been better. There wasn't anything super special about it. We didn't do something like go to Disneyland, we just had a great day.

Nice lazy morning. Enjoyed a couple cups of coffee. Headed out to the Main Place mall. Usually when we go we go to one store only, but we went to a few. Macy's, Nordstroms, Journeys, Sanrio, Macys (the other one) and Justice. While waiting for us in Justice Eric and Diego went to See's.

From there we went to Chili Pepper and had a nice champagne brunch (at lunch time). They were much slower than usual but we were in no hurry. I tried something new (which I don't usually do) and it was great.

Off to home where thankful we had left the air on, so the house was nice and cool.

We watched a few old episodes of Dr. Who. We all sat around the couch and watched it together. That is one of the shows everyone really enjoys. About the time we were done (6pm) I opened the door to outside and oh my gosh, what a lovely cool breeze. Almost cold.

Eric and Diego kicked the soccer ball, Siobhan was on the computer and I did a little weeding in my garden.

Followed up by Mad Men.

A lot of TV. Especially for us but it was wonderful!

Two more movie reviews:
The Ramen Girl- she follows her boyfriend to Japan where he leaves her. She wants to learn to make ramen. She doesn't speak Japanese, her teacher doesn't speak English. Interesting.

Sunshine Cleaners- two sisters decide to start a business called Sunshine Cleaners and they are cleaning up after murders and suicides. I liked it.

Saturday, September 04, 2010


I like movies. Well, doesn't everyone? But lately I have been taking advantage of my Netflix app for my iPad and have been streaming movies like crazy. Usually one a night, sometimes one and a half.

I decided to put up the movies I have seen and let you know what I think about them. Most of the movies are Independent films. Usually romantic comedies. These are the movies I have seen in the last month.

If I put "Wouldn't watch it again" that probably means it sucked to you, but that isn't what I mean.

Broken English- cute, a little dark, a girl can't find romance but kinda does, sorta wouldn't watch it again

Ira & Abby- LOVED it. Highly recommend it. They decide to marry within 10 minutes of meeting one another.

2 Days in Paris- cute, funny, subtitles, think Eric would like it too

How About You- this is a nice movie about older people who live in a home together and become a family, good

Cashback- odd, about a guy who imagines he can stop time.

TIMER- different but I liked it. Most people have a "timer" it tells them time until the exact second they will meet their soul mate.

Outsourced- A guys job is being outsourced to India and he has to go there to train them and guess what? He finds love!

Did You Hear About the Morgans- um, I don't remember too much so it was probably only okay

I Do & I Don't- cute about marriage

Table for Three-don't really remember too much. hmm

Shades of Ray- I really liked this movie. The guys dad was too funny.

Bella-this was a good movie. Eric will like this one too (oops)

In a Day- let's just say lots happens to her in a day. It starts off really, really bad and gets better. I liked it!

Wake- a girl who goes to, you guessed it, Wakes. It was cute.

The Proposal- his boss is going to be deported so they agree to marry and of course fall in love.

The Ugly Truth- cute, you have probably heard of it. He is a pig and she falls in love with him anyway.

Woman on Top- great movie. It was about a girl who has serious motion sickness and her need to "be on top" because of it. It involves her love, being cheated on. It isn't THAT type of movie.

I will write after I watch some more!

Have you seen any of these movies?

Monday, August 30, 2010

School Time Blues

Well today is the day. Siobhan has started her 3rd grade GATE class and Diego is in 1st.

Eric and I took the day off to take them to school. Good thing Eric took the day off as he isn't feeling well. He is currently napping and I am... waiting.

Waiting to hear how it went. Did Diego have some friends in his class? Is Siobhan still stressed out that she might not have taken the right school supplies to the first day of class? (Apparently GATE students are notorious for being high strung). Did they eat all of their lunch? Ya know the regular stuff.

Siobhan wants to go to Dairy Queen after school. She said that is what we always do after the first day of school. Always? She is in 3rd grade. She has only had 3 other first days...ha ha

I miss them. I hope there is no homework already!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

School Issues

School starts on Monday. Classrooms were listed yesterday. I went to check it out only to find out that Siobhan is in a GATE cluster. This means that she is with 17 GATE students and the rest of the class are hand picked students by the Principal. We were a bit upset by that. According to GATE they are the highest performing students but the Principal said that isn't the case. She picked students based on who would be the best fit. We also have some concerns about the teacher she is going to have.

It isn't fair to judge the teacher based on things we have never seen or heard directly, only from others. On the other hand, with her belly problems and her sensitivity issues. So I spoke to the Principal about it. She said that she understood about our concerns. We told her we wanted Siobhan to remain in the GATE class but we do have concerns.

During the conversation we found out Diego is in the K/1 class. There are so many combo classes.

Just in case, I filled out the form to transfer classrooms. The Principal will check in with us within 10 days of school to see if we still want to change. I am afraid Diego won't be challenged enough and that Siobhan will be emotionally upset if her teacher is too hard on her.

I am torn because part of me thinks Siobhan needs to understand that all teachers aren't going to be cuddly teachers, but she is only EIGHT!

Anyway, we feel much better knowing that it is possible to at least change classes if we feel it is necessary.

Still kinda holding our breath.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I was never thin. When my mom was young she was super thin, but me, nope. I wasn't fat either. I have a bigger bone structure. In high school I was probably about 10 pounds over weight. I wore a 7/9 (which I would KILL for now). I was very healthy. My thing was skating (roller). I have been doing it as long as I can remember. I used to go to all night skates (7pm to 7am) and literally skate the whole time. Some people would sleep but not me. The thing is I did it like it was nothing.

Fast forward to pregnancy. I skated for a while but when I was about 5.5 months prego (and still wearing my jeans) I stopped because I fell. I didn't want to take a chance. I didn't know crap about metabolism at that time. Never even heard of it. Stopped skating but didn't change anything else about my lifestyle.

I lost about 15 pounds in the first three months because I was so sick. By the time I had Krystal I gained a total of 110 pounds. They say it is a harder delivery if you gain a lot of weight. Not true. Well, for me anyway.

I lost 30 pounds before I left the hospital three days later.

I got prego with Bradley, gained only about 15 pounds. WTH? If only I had only had boys. ha ha

Anyway, once K hit 21, over half my life I have been fat. I kept gaining and gaining over the years.

I tried Weight Watchers and lost about 40 pounds. It was working for me.

My dad died. I didn't give a sh*t about anything, much less losing weight.

Fast forward to present day. About a month ago, I thought, okay this is it. It isn't the weight so much as the way I eat. I decided to stop. As of that day, I am eating differently. It isn't so much as trying as I think I something changed in the way I think.

I used my Weight Watchers stuff for about a week to see what my portions should be. What types of snacks I should have and now I am different. I feel like a different person.

Previously I would wake up, have coffee at work and eat lunch. Lunch was huge for me. I was starving. I would go home eat dinner. I would usually have a snack of something before bed. (apples, popcorn, chips, etc).

Now things are so totally different. I make my breakfast at home but eating it at work (still not hungry when I wake but I still make sure I eat). I have two pieces of high fiber bread, toasted (1 point each), two egg whites (.5 points), half a piece of cheese (1) and two turkey bacon (1) for a yummy and very filling breakfast. I have a snack of 1 or 2 cups of fruit, or a 1 point yogurt or fiber one bar. For lunch, something like a veggie burger with 2 cups of veggies or a soup with the same veggies. Another snack and dinner but much less than usual.

It is just different. I can't explain it. I can't deny I wished it would have happened years ago, but it has happened and I think it will continue. I hope!


I know I shouldn't complain because we have had a really cool summer (so far). Everywhere else is hot but it has been really nice here. It has been heating up a bit here and there. I am hoping it doesn't last. I am ever so happy we decided to put in air conditioning about 7 years ago. Now, for some reason, our house doesn't get really cold but it is WAY better than outside. I think it might be because our house gets sun all day. We don't really have any trees blocking the sun so that probably adds to it.

It seems to be going back and forth. Hot, less hot. Today it is supposed to be 87. 87 is no big deal IF that is all it is.

Washed Cucs so she could come in and enjoy the ac. She is almost 10 and pretty furry. Nacho on the other hand is always cold no matter how hot it is outside. Crazy dog!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Last Day in San Francisco

We took our time waking up and getting ready. Packed all our stuff away and made sure the room was picked up. I had a cooler at 11am. I am sure I have never done that before.

We left our bags at the hotel and walked to
Lefty O'Doul's for a yummy lunch. I had corned beef and cabbage, Siobhan had mac and cheese (of course!), Diego had pasta with meat balls and Eric had ribs. Yummy! Included were rolls and a salad for everyone but Eric.

From there we took a cab to the Exploratorium where I used gift passes I have from at least 12 years ago. We spent a few hours in there. I think it might be better for kids a bit older but they had fun just the same.

Our cab driver took us by the house (or really the mansion) of Danielle Steel You could not see it so well as there are trees all around but it is HUGE. There were at least 5 cars in the drive. Not one VW there, damn it. I told Eric, I need to stop buying her books, she has enough money!

We picked up our bags and walked to the BART. Our next stop, the airport.

We arrived early. Wanted to make up for our mistake in Long Beach, where we arrived with not a minute to spare. We had lunch and found a place to sit. Our flight info wasn't listed yet as it was still early. Ahh, there it is. We moved to where we would catch our flight. Streaming Charlie Brown Netflix on Eric's iPad 3g because there is NO wi-fi at the San Francisco airport! Waiting. Our flight is delayed! What?! From 7:55pm to 9pm. Oh great and no wi-fi. I enjoyed a very, very good mocha. Can't remember the last time I had one. Finally, we are on the plane and headed for home.

It was a great trip. If you ask the kids what they liked best, they say the hotel. And everything else. Why? What is it about a hotel? I don't know but I enjoy them too. If I were insanely wealthy I might live in one. ha ha

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Day two SF

Set the alarm for 8am so we could make it in time for the free breakfast at the hotel. After filling our bellies we walked to the cable cars. The wait was about 30-45 minutes. I managed to buy a couple of newspapers from the homeless guy which was cool because we had thought maybe they stopped because we hadn't seen anyone selling them.

Kids enjoyed the cable cars but to be honest they we so full, even though we were on the outside they could hardly see. We took it Fisherman's Wharf. We got the yummy clam chowder bread bowls and ate them without getting attacked by birds.

We went to the Musèemècamique. There were lots of old coin machines. I was laughing at the old xxx one's with girls in bathing suits. Haha. We spent quite a bit of time in there.

We walked down to Pier 39. We used the outside self cleaning bathrooms. We watched the Sea Lions for a while. One had a big chunk of skin missing, poor baby. Siobhan went on a bungee trampoline and even did a few flips.

We ate an early dinner at an Italian restaurant, where Siobhan finally stopped crying that her belly hurt. We managed (finally) to find a taxi back to the hotel. But first he drove us down Lombard street.

Alcatraz in the background

Diego at Fisherman's Wharf

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Beautiful girl

China Town Gate

Let's play Where's Diego

The Honeymooners


Siobhan and Diego on the BART

Diego and Daddy on the BART

Diego and Daddy

Day 1 San francisco

We had to get up at 5 am! Yikes. I was surprised at how quickly the kids woke up. We left the house a little late so we didn't stop for breakfast at McDonalds like we planned. We made really good time but had to wait a bit for the parking shuttle. Some lady started talking to us, practically learned our whole life story in ten minutes. We checked in, rushed through security and literally ran (okay walked very quickly) to the airplane. I am glad Jet Blue allows you to reserve you seats because otherwise we would have been all over the plane.

The plane ride was nice. Diego was really excited and loved watching cartoons. Siobhan had fun too. Diego was excited about the sun shade. Haha

We took the BART into the city. The kids got a kick of standing up while it was going fast. We had to walk a bit to our hotel. Up a lot of hills good times, ha ha. We found our hotel but it was only 10am we left our bags and went to Lefty O'douls where we had breakfast I have eaten there many times but never for breakfast, it was good.

From there went went to Union Square. We looked at some art and took a few pictures. We walked over to China Town. Shopping Heaven! Picked up something small for the girls at work. Diego got some little gold birds that chirps in the light. Thank goodness that stops in the dark. Siobhan picked out a parisol and I got a little solar dancing pig/dog thing. We also went into Old Saint Mary's Cathedral Church. I have been there so many times. We lit a candle for Eric's grandparents, my dad and I said a special prayer for my friend Melissa who just lost her Dad.

We took a cab back to the hotel because our feet were starting to hurt. We checked in. Our hotel is so cute. It is the Mayflower Hotel. Our room is cute. I am hoping to post photos later. They have a little computer area where the have books and a totally comfy couch too. Siobhan found a couple of books to read.

There is a store next door where we got some water, bananas, string cheese and other snacks. Later we are going to the Apple store (of course) and to get some yummy pizza! Great trip so far.

I want to say a special thanks to Carol (Nana) for staying at our house and taking care of the dogs for us, much less to worry about.

Tomorrow, the wharf!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Yikes, pull over!

Well the LA Galaxy lost last night. They lost badly, very badly.

On the way to the fwy, "hmm, what's that noise?" " Do you hear that?" weird noise, got a bit louder than stopped.

Driving still, Eric said "Are your brakes okay", me "yes, but..crap, the steering, I can't really turn the wheel". At my attempt to get off the fwy, I managed to get on yet another one. I pull over on the fwy as a bit of steam comes from the engine. Turned the car off.

What are we going to do? Who do we call? We are in Long Beach and we don't know if Archie's serves that area. Oh, behind us pulls up the Hi-way Patrol tow truck. WOW. What amazing timing. Okay, we think, we can have it towed to the mechanic but how do we get from there to home? I call everyone in my phone. My mom (phone's off), Katie (phone's off), Linda (left message), Priscilla (left message), John (wrong number), thinking Sandee and Cheryl are on vacation, Julie is in the hospital with the new baby, what about Kevin. I couldn't seem to dial correctly so I called Eddie to get John's number when I finally get Kevin. Kevin will help. Kevin will pick us up.

The tow truck guy says they don't charge by milage but by the hour. Great, let's keep it under an hour. He actually offers to drive us home too. Called Kevin, thanks though! Drop off the car by the machanic (Joe), crap the car is locked. FUDGE (keeping it clean people) The tow truck guy gets them out and I think the battery is going because the headlights and flashers have been on all this time. FUDGE. Whatever, let's just get home.

We get to our house, where Siobhan who has been crying on and off, really has to go to the bathroom. Tow truck guy calls it in, well they charge by the hour BUT it is point to point. He has been with us less than an hour but he isn't back in his area yet, the dispacher tells him. CRAP. MOTHER CRAPPER. Whatever, nothing we can do about it now. Wishing we had AAA but glad we have State Farm's roadside assistace. We have to pay for it but we get reimbursed. Thankfully. The tow came to $172.50. Real nice.

Had to get up bright and early this morning to take those recovered keys to Joe so he could fix it and I could tell him what happened. Wasn't I JUST there, two/three weeks ago. Argh

But I am happy, we are all okay. Siobhan was a bit shook up. Today I was just getting ready to go to our State Farm agent and drop off my reciept when she called (WOW). She said just e-mail it to me. Super. Saved me a trip. Again, reminding myself, at least it wasn't worse. It could have been so much worse.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Proud of my plant

Lot's at different stages

These are in our kitchen now, ready to be enjoyed
Just to give you an idea of how big it is, this is over five feet across.
The bell pepper, Diego's cucumber and chili's are in there somewhere
Cilantro planted from seeds a couple weeks ago.
My cucumber replanted, see below:

I do not grow things. I have been known forever to kill just about any plant we purchase and I do mean anything.

This year I decided to do a garden. Eric and I moved our raised bed over, added LOTS of compost and soil, removed almost all of the grass and got busy. I planted a tomato plant, snap peas, cucumber, bell pepper and a chili plant. I think we both did this with the knowledge that everything would die. In fact, two did before we got them in the ground! I have also since planted cilantro seeds.

My peas did okay but I think they give peas and die. I did not know this and didn't pick them in time so I never really got to enjoy them.

My cucumber plant had termites so I moved it and didn't think it was going to make it but it is doing okay.

I can't see my bell pepper, Diego's cucumber or the chili's because the tomato plant is too DAMN big. It has taken over. I pulled all the peas out and below is the photo of my plants. Let's play find the bell pepper!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The finished project

Alright I won't lie, she still needs to do one shelf on her bookshelf (which you can not see here). Other than that, the room is spotless. You see that little box under her nightstand? She made that for Nacho. It cracks me up because he will go in it. I think it is funny because he lays on her bed (or in her bed) but if she is busy playing in her room he will go to his box. I think she might be posting more photos on her blog later. A clean room = bliss

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ahhh a breeze

I am so very pleased that it has cooled off. I ran my ac a full week while I was on vacation, but now it feels great. I am not looking forward to that bill but I don't do heat well.

A nice cool breeze is coming through the door right now. We were finally able to sleep well last night with the windows open.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well the end is near

NOW that I know I only have two days left before I go back to work I kick it in high gear. My SIL gave us my nieces old doll case for Siobhan's room. This started a whole room clean frenzy. Which in turn meant Diego might as well clean his as well.

Almost done with Siobhan's room. We moved the doll case in today. She is going room to room choosing things she wants to put in there. Lucky for her we have lots of little artsy things all over.

Diego spent about 20 minutes on his closet alone. He didn't have much in there in the first place, but he likes to clean. Of course his beanbag split open (AGAIN) and those little balls are everywhere. (It finally made its way to the trash after Eric sewed it up last time, forget it)

I told Siobhan she could take a picture of her room when we are done and put it on her blog. I wish I had done a before photo but I am not sure I would allow it for all the world to see anyway.

I still have to work on the extra bedroom. The truck for clothes and stuff comes by this week I think so I gotta get some stuff ready for that. The room, of course, has become a sort of "catch all".
Those clothes don't fit? -Put them in the extra room.
You don't know what books to keep? =Put them in a box in the extra room.

As you can imagine that can go on for ages but it is mostly old clothes and a baby mattress that Cucui likes to lay on after she has a bath.

We have an extra bed frame in there too. We were thinking of getting a mattress in case anyone comes over and needs somewhere to sleep. We thought of putting our bed in there once we get a new one but he wants to make it an art room too so I don't think there will be enough room left.

I meant to take our carpet out this week too but it was so freaking hot! We have something under there that will work until we get something we like. I hate the carpet and I think, once removed, it will be SO much cooler in there.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Discover Yourself

I knew I was not a good stay at home mom. I can't home school my kids like my friend Julie and I am not good at planning like my friend Andrea. I am good when I am home for a day or two but a whole week for no reason, really does not work for me.

I have done crap this whole week. Went to the dentist twice ( and that is a good time), took my car to the mechanic and waited for it (again, spectacular time). We went to Lemon Park once and the kids played in the water. Other than that, nada.

Now, I have watched about 5 movies which is nice for me! The kids actually seem fine as they have been able to just do whatever and watch a few shows and hang out with me.

I think next time I will take a couple days every couple of weeks instead of a week at a time. Yes, that is what I shall do!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rip Off

I bought these sandwich thins because they are only 1.5 points (two slices). I just noticed my bread for two slices is only 2 points. Believe you me, there is A LOT more to my bread than theirs. AND it is MUCH cheaper. I enjoyed two pieces of bread, NINE slices of meat (very thin) and half a piece of cheese for 4.5 points. It was GOOODDD too. Yeah me!

Monday, July 12, 2010


I have the best dentist. Depending on who is reading this, you probably know who he is. I swear half my office goes to him. He is completely old school. He is in a small mini strip mall thing with a liquor store, flower store, and a Tae Kwan Doe (or something similar). He wears the zip up shirts and I LOVE him. He has this dry humor which I totally get. And as a dentist he is top notch. He never makes you feel bad if you haven't been in a timely manner or haven't gotten your crown, in like, a year. Just reminds you "You know you still need a crown". He is great with the kids. It is just him and his assistant and she always remembers who you are. His wife stops by too. His office is small and he will often answer the phone when you call (which ALWAYS throws me off).

It is hard to find a good dentist. One you trust and like to go see. I just wanted to share my very good dentist luck with you!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not a math person

Last weekend it hit me, it is time to lose weight. I started counting weight watcher points. Too cheap to go to the meetings and pay, I am going to try it myself first. I forgot how expensive it is to eat right.

So far I am eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch (between a couple things) and whatever for dinner (only much, much less). Hopefully it is working. I mean I know I am eating less but haven't seen the pounds melt away (yeah, in a week). Eating the same thing might really be a problem for some people but not me. I prefer to not have to think about cooking in any way anyway. This way at least two meals are taken care of.

I have put cucumbers on my hamburger and BLT to make them bigger and more filling and I liked it. I like crunchy and they added to it. A couple different trips to the market and I am good. I am going out again to get yogurt at Ralphs because it is 1 point versus the yogurt at Albertsons which is 1.5 points. I know it is only .5 points but when your eating very couple/few hours those could add up and I liked the 1 point. I am NOT a yogurt fan anyway, so if I like it, why not.

Luckily Eric supports whatever I decide to do because although it hasn't happened yet, I may get crabby soon. Also, I am not going to make any super fatting dinners, so sorry babe.

I found a few iPad (or iPod) apps that help. One is Logit. You could use it for anything. It allows you to keep track of whatever you are keeping track of. I like it and it shows how many points (or whatever) you have left on the app without actually opening it. So far I have had at least 6 but up to 9 points per left per day. I plan to use my "flex" points on drinking. I just hope my snacking while drinking doesn't take over. I enjoy my tequila and squirt on occasion.

Anyway, I hope I stick with it. I think my mind is in the needed frame of mind for something like this now. I even told my co-workers I didn't want cake for my birthday. I don't think those words have ever been uttered by me before.

Wish me luck!

FOLLOW UP 7:20pm Yogurt at Ralphs are NOT 1 point, must have miscalculated. Depending on which program I use they are either 1.5 or 2. WTF?!

Friday, July 09, 2010

A weeks vacation

I will be off work for a week. Weren't you just on vacation? I get that all the time. Hey, I can't help I work at a place that values the employee. Not doing much of anything other than a family dental appointment. Might fit in a eye and ear check up for the kids as well but just going to hang out. We will probably visit Lemon Park and the little water thing they have going on during the day for FREE. Maybe pick up lunch at Costco (big hot dog AND drink for $1.50 beat that!).

Basically I just wanted to be home with the kids while they are out of school. I will be taking another week in a couple of weeks as well. Eric and I will be celebrating our TEN year anniversary. Can't believe, how blessed I have been!

What are you doing this summer?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Another Diegoism

I forgot one. We were talking about space aliens and Diego said "When we go to Mexico, we are aliens". ha ha

Sunday, July 04, 2010


was watching an old season of Dr. Who (we just started watching this season) and said "Dr. Who isn't on Dr. Who" ha ha see Dr. Who changes every so often and this season is a new one.

I called Diego from work and asked him "Diego are you being good for Nana?", he replied "Yep, so far" ha ha honest at least!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Diego sat next to me, looked at me and winked. I said "you are a player", he said "of what?"

ha ha he kills me

Sunday, June 06, 2010


Eric's birthday has come and gone. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Haveli's in Tustin. Always sure to have a wonderful dinner there. He really loved the gifts that the kids picked out for him. I walked them around Target and with no help, let them pick whatever. He was pleased and they really liked doing that.

Tomorrow is Diego's birthday. He will be SIX! Two hands needed now to show his age. He is really excited. My mom came over today and took him shopping at Costco and Toys R Us for gifts. Tomorrow Eric and I are surprising him with a HUGE day. Try and guess but I am not writing it here until afterwards. Let's just say a special thanks to Julie and her mom!

Eric and I are off tomorrow to enjoy the day with our six year old. They grow up so very fast. Lots more birthdays and celebrations coming this summer. Eric and I will be married 10 years in August and we are going to do something, at least overnight just the two of us. We took the older two on our honeymoon and I don't think we have been alone since. Eric's mom said we should do two nights and hmm, maybe we will!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ahh, long weekends

What a great weekend so far. I went to see Sex and the City 2 with my friend Natalie and her mom. We had a great time. I had heard the movie wasn't any good but it was about what I expected. I laughed a lot so it was worth it. Besides I don't get to the movies very often, so I really enjoyed it.

Saturday I took Siobhan to get her hair cut. She lost about 5-6 inches. It took some time talking her into it, but she likes it now.

It will be SO much easier to take care of, so I am super happy with it. Daddy likes it too (thank Goodness). After her haircut we went to the Brea Mall for a trip to Justice. She got four shorts/pants and a super cute eyeglass case.

We picked up lunch for everyone and headed home. After a bit we head over to the Olde Ship in Santa Ana to watch the LA Galaxy game with one of Eric's friends and lots of Galaxy friends. Alan Gordon was there so Diego was happy to get another name on his jersey.

Today we went to Ikea (frames) and Macy's. We are looking to get a new couch. Enjoyed yummy dinner and what I am sure will be another late night of the kids playing the Wii, watching Boomerang and Eric and I going between tv, computers and iPads.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Red O

Do you know who Rick Bayless is? He is a chef out of Chicago, who now has a restaurant in LA! He cooks foods from Mexico and can often be found shopping at the stalls of Mexico for whatever he is making on tv.

We have cooked many items from his cookbook and everything is amazing. Today I made reservations for dinner (next month). Eric and I will be going for a wonderful dinner with NO kids.

We are both super excited. Bradley used to watch his show all the time and we used to think about going out there to his restaurant in Chicago for his birthday or something.

I will let you know how it is. If you want, you can click on the title. There isn't too much on the website yet.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday, Monday

A bit tired today. I keep waking up with numb hands. I tuck them under my head for some odd reason.

Started the HUGE task of watering the back yard today. Played a little soccer with Diego and Cucui. She (Cucui) likes to get the ball and run with it. It is pretty funny trying to get around her, she moves like a true player. Wonder if the Galaxy will accept her if she gets fit?!

My mom said she might get an iPad. She wanted to go get one when she saw mine but I told her they are all out. She wants a 3G.

Eric's birthday is coming up, only he is turning 28 or something AGAIN. Then Diego's is a few days later. My little man will be 6. He keeps asking when he will lose a tooth. Maybe it will happen soon although I don't know what the hurry is. Maybe he wants to drive a car too?

Gonna go watch Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare now.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Wow, how wonderful to know there are actually people here! Thanks for hanging in there.

We've been working on the yard. By we, I mean us and Javier who we hire to do some stuff around here. He worked for 4.5 hours today and transformed our backyard back into something it once was. Well, if grass were yellow anyway. I think we should tear it all up and start over. Or really, we should replace most of it with something other than grass. Our lawn is huge and frankly impossible to water the whole thing unless it is over a couple of days. Eric has some great ideas for stone and other walkways throughout so we will have to do something. Not to mention I don't really believe in wasting water on grass. I wish we could replace the front grass with that fake grass. Maybe Anaheim will offer some kind of incentive. That would be super helpful. (We were thinking of doing the solar thing too Anaheim if you want to help us out!)

Been spending a lot of time watching True Blood. Basically a Twilight for adults. I know it came out first but Twilight is so popular. I really enjoy it but can only watch it online unless HBO finds it way inside our house somehow.

Looking forward to the return of Mad Men and Living Human on BBC. We also started watching Dr. Who with this new season. Great show. I recommend all of them, it is also on BBC. Eric said that is the only channel we really need. Oh, and Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. I really like that show too. Which is weird because I am not really into the whole reality show (except Amazing Race), but I look forward to watching that too. Also BBC, ha ha!

Anyone watch any of those shows?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Return

I entered my first blog post on 8-6-04. Almost six years ago. Before many people had even heard of a blog. Is those six years, I have blogged more than once a day to many, many months in-between (recently).

We watched Julie and Julia last night and Eric said "Don't you miss blogging?" I guess I do. So much of what I do is under my 160 characters. You can't express or discuss too much that way.

I enjoyed a day with Siobhan's class this week. We went on a field trip to Santiago Oaks Regional Park. I have been many times but Siobhan hasn't. Many of those kids hadn't either. It was fun learning about animals, rocks and getting a good bit of exercise at the same time.

I can't believe the school year is almost over. Diego will turn six in a couple week and soon he will no longer be a Kindergartener. Siobhan will be entering the GATE program and we are so excited about that. I am certain Diego will make it too when it is time.

Krystal and Bradley are out on their own. As much as we missed them (sometimes) it is really nice to have just the little one's too. Having such a large age grap the drama for the older kids has been removed.

This summer we are working on our yard and house. I am actually growing veggies. I say growing because they haven't yet died. I plan to actually make it work. We are going to enjoy many tomatoes, bell peppers, chili's and peas. I have to plant my radishes and I may pick up something else next time we head to the Home Depot.

We have been enjoying the LA Galaxy games. Well, Eric, Diego and I do. Siobhan doesn't really watch so she stays home. Beckham is hurt and two of our players are off to World Cup but we still plan to keep winning.

World Cup. I think our house is going to be madness for a month and a half. That's okay because I do like to hear a soccer game on the tv.

Hope someone is still reading this. I plan to be back more often and I hope you will too.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

new e-mail address

I have changed my e-mail. After about 12 years. I still check but I get so much spam there, it is hard to filter through it.

Please use this one from now on.


Posted via email from Diane's posterous

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

My Dad's Birthday

My dad was born on March 2nd, I know that NOW. I was always getting it wrong when he was alive, I am not going to start getting it right now.

Today I will be celebrating his birthday. Siobhan has been missing her Grandpa a lot so I think, (I say this now) we are going to make a cake. My dad LOVED cake. No, you don't understand, he LOVED cake!

I thought this might help her, not to mention, ya know we get to eat cake.

Happy Birthday Daddy! I miss you more than I could possible ever imagine. For everyone else, remember to tell people you love them. They really won't be here forever. Tomorrow may never come.

Monday, March 01, 2010


We have been getting quite a bit of rain here lately and I have to say I like it. I like it raining. I like it wet. I don't think I am ready for Seattle or anything ( and yes Marna, it rains ALL the time there) but I like the rain.

I hear people say over and over, I am sick of the rain. Really? We live in the desert. Have you forgotten there is a drought? We actually have to have water in order to live. you know that?

I like being at home, all cozy with a fire and a good book or a movie. All of us together. Of course the joy to living in So Cal is one day it is stormy and the next beautiful weather with the kids running around outside in shorts.

I get excited when I hear it is going to rain. Although most of the time they are wrong anyway, but keep it coming!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


something off Julie's blog. Krystal gave me a card for Mother's Day once (not too long ago) and it read

"Your like a Mother to me". WTH?!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Day Out

Today I am taking Siobhan and her friend to Adventure City. Siobhan's birthday is tomorrow and she really wanted to have a party but agreed to this instead. We are leaving in a few minutes to pick her up. We will spend as long there as they enjoy themselves.

We might pick up Daddy and Diego and go to the movies later.

Tomorrow we will enjoy cake and ice cream and a few gifts.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Diego is playing the Wii. He never gets the baseball right, always stands wrong

Posted via email from Diane's posterous

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No more baggies

I opened Diego's lunch box today to find a small container of what was left of veggies with dressing from Monday when his Nana packed his lunch. I started thinking, that is what I needed. Small container. I am so tired of buying lunch bags. Bad for the environment, using 2 or more per day. They bring home the plastic ware, they should be trusted. I will use foil for the the sandwiches.

My issue is where to put them. My daughter, Krystal, is usually the one to put the dishes away. (Eric and I like to wash but not put away) and IF she would put them where they go all would be fine.

Why does it seem as though I have eight thousand lids and no bottoms to match?

I think I might get a few, they are so cheap anyway and see how it goes. Should be cheaper in the long run too!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My brother David, super cute ME, my brother Tony

Me, my grandma (on my Dad's side) and my cousin Elaine

My Dad

Tony, me, my grandma and David

Two of my brothers and adorable little Diane

Friday, January 08, 2010


This year is going to bring some good changes around here. First off, Eric and I do our money separate. When we bought the house we decided who would pay what and have kinda gone from there. Eric is great with money. As great as he is, I am his opposite. Seriously, scary like. But this year, this is my year to get financially stable. I am doing better every month but I plan to see a difference at the end of 2010, hopefully a life style changing difference for my whole family.

Also this is the year we are going to "do stuff" with the kids. We do a lot already I think but more. More stuff we don't normally do. More zoo's (not just the same one), more weekend trips, just more. Eric LOVES to travel (he aches for it) and I really enjoy going somewhere else or just somewhere new. We took K and B to Europe for 3.5 week about 8 years ago and I think S and D will be ready in another couple of years. In the meantime there are so many shorter trips we can do. Grand Canyon, Redwoods, hell, Big Bear. This year I vow to plan to make it happen. All of us will be happier.

Ah, feels good just to "say it out loud" then there is some ownership. I already know Eric is onboard. That man loves to get away. He gets frustrated because I am so happy just to be home. Maybe because we moved around a lot or I don't know. But I don't know how long it has been since I lived in a house 10 years straight. But my babies need to have the travel bug too. Be it by car, train or plane, this year will bring some trips.

Any suggestions for children ages 5 and 8 (birthday at the end of the month!)

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Currently in pain from a headache

that I think I have because the thought to drink something didn't even occur to me until about 6pm. Hmm, could be.

Fun and busy day today. Stopped by my work to show off my beautiful kids. Dropped something off at UPS for Krystal. Took the kids to the bank, they now have their own accounts! Daddy met us at the movies to see Where the Wild Things Are. I was a little bit bored with it. Disappointed, but it was okay. Diego didn't care for it too much, I think Siobhan thought it was okay too.

Then the little one's and I headed to Chuck E. Cheese. Here is some info for you Chuck E., you want parent's to stay and spend their hard earned money on pizza or tokens or crap, get free wi-fi. Don't leave us to our own devices trying to get it from Lee's across the parking lot. The longer I stay in my satisfied bubble of ear buds, the more I spend. Get it?

Headed home just as the headache was coming full force. You know the kind, where you want to shut your eyes against the oncoming cars only you can't because you are driving. Yep, that's it. A few hours in the dark and made it only a minor thudding against my skull, hence, here I am. Unable to sleep but unable to do much less. Luckily for me, I keep my iMac's screen down super low anyway so it isn't too damaging the light I must endure while I type away.

Eric is busy behind me on his computer while the rest of the crew sleep. Lucky dogs!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

No more cash

I have been thinking and I think if the government is so worried about illegal goings on, we should remove our cash system. There are good and bad points in my opinion but it would help.

If there were no cash and everyone had to use electronic "credits" (or whatever you want to call them) every transaction would be recorded. You couldn't roll down the street and hand your dealer some cash for drugs, it would have to be done electronically. Now of course, Mr. Drug Dealer doesn't have a job and would ring some bells somewhere if no where else but the IRS as to why he has so many credits. You know exactly who is selling and who is buying.

Doesn't mean at Target or Amazon that your entire purchase is recorded, just where it was. You could still order your unmentionables (if your that type of person) but the store would be recorded.

Of course this limits our privacy. It would make having a Garage Sale a bitch. Not to mention very difficult for people visiting.

I'm not saying it is a perfect idea, but maybe something to work from...

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My new favorite meal- Hobo dinner

I don't remember where I got the recipe from exactly and there are a lot of variations online. But this one is yummy. You could prepare it in the am and stick it in your fridge until ready to cook too although I haven't tried that yet.

You take a good size sheet of foil (heavy duty is best), and put a good size hamburger patty on it. The first time I used those pre-made fresh patties but if you use good ground beef you can season it as you like better. I used Lipton onion soup mix (which I always recommend) and some season salt. They cut up an onion (rings are easist) and put those on top of the meat. Cut up some potatoes, use about 5-6 circles. Season those too. This last time I added some cut up garlic around the meat and baby carrots (5-6) or whatever will fit into your foil. (Eric and I thought it would be good with mushrooms too) Add a pat of butter on the top and pull the foil up to cinch it at the top. Heat it for about 1 hour at 350 degrees and there you go. Your own individual meal. I made the kid's a bit smaller and I make one or two with whatever veggies are left over. It is a perfect sized meal. Make sure the foil is completely closed, if not it will not cook as well.

If you try it let me know. Oh and added bonus, NO clean up!

Monday, January 04, 2010

A weeks vacation

No work for a whole week. Nothing to do for a whole week. Well, nothing is not really true. I have much to do around the house that I put off. I have some errands to run (which includes driving to Corona) and finding something fun to do too. Movies? Chuck E Cheese (minus the eating), Nickel Nickel? I know the kids want to miniature golf but Eric needs to be there on that one. So little time so much to do. hee hee

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I have started

my project. Started yesterday. Not sure how it is going to go but it has begun. I need something else too. Something outside.

My project is something my husband has always told me I should do. Something I have always wanted to do and I think something most people say they would like to do.

First I need a new chair. My computer chair is on it's last leg. ha ha It was so comfortable but Diego keeps tearing off pieces of the bottom. I need one that has a lower foot step too. My legs are at an unsafe angel. Not good for blood circulation. So, it is on the computer obviously.

Guess and I will tell but will it actually go anywhere? Who knows

Saturday, January 02, 2010

I have decided

I need a project. Not sure what but something. I am not really good at anything but I need something nonetheless. Maybe gardening, I mean I kill everything but if I can get it going, Eric can keep it alive. I don't know. Something. To work on. To allow before and after. Something. I am going to keep thinking. Hopefully it will be something that will benefit us all (like yard work). hmmm

Friday, January 01, 2010


Is it two thousand ten or twenty ten?

Writing it feels weird 1-1-10, 1/1/10 hmm. I have been doing it for a few weeks at work and it is still odd.

New Year's Eve was the same at my house again and I love it. We just hang out. Do whatever but have lots of yummy snacks and a nice fire, something on the tv that someone may or may not be watching. Very unorganized. Do what you want. Enjoy the night together or at least in the same two rooms.

I bought a little tiny itty bitty bottle of Patron and one of Captain Morgan's spiced rum. My nephew got me hooked on Captain Morgan's with Dr. Pepper. I had it with Coke (it is what I had). I had one of Eric's beers which is a New Year's Eve miracle as I hate beer.

I watched a show, via Netflix streaming, called Dexter. One of my friend's was always talking about it on twitter so when I saw I could watch it online, I decided to check it out. I really like it. I could see how it might be offensive or too gory for some, but not for me. I am hooked! I have watched 7 episodes so far, maybe 8. I know season 1 and 2 are online, I might have to get the DVD's beyond that, so who knows when I will get to watch them. Our queue has 247 DVD's on it.

The kids watched Boomerang (the new favorite channel at our house). It shows the tv shows when Eric and I were young. Siobhan said her new favorite show is Johnny Quest. It really isn't something I thought she would like. She is such a girly girl but she likes it.

They played the Wii (five new games) and Lego's and Glo Doodle. It was a really great night. Not really so much different from any other weekend night except the drinking (me) and the goodies to eat. And of course the staying up late.

Happy New Year no matter how you decide to say it!