Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Christmas tree debate

Is at rest. Eric found a study which said it is more environmentally friendly to get a live Christmas tree than a fake one.

Tree growers have to plant FOUR trees for every one they cut down. No matter how you do the math, that is better overall. We shall not be getting a fake tree.

Ahh, it feels so much better to know we did the right thing.


Andrea said...

LMAO! You know how I feel, I love my fake tree! I also love not hacking my lungs out or having to take a Claritin every day, like my brother. It's a tough time of year for those of us allergic to pine. : )

I can't wait to see your real tree -- post pics!!

Word verification: fullati. This is how I feel after eating gelati at the place in Fullerton. : )

Julie said...

I also like not having to spend money every year on a tree! I like not having to water everyday. There are some benefits.

You crack me up!

I agree, post pics!

Melissa said...

Who knew?! I love real Christmas trees, but I can't seem to take care of them. The very first one that my husband and I got when we were in our first apartment was completely dead two weeks before Christmas. I've had a fake one every Christmas since then. I can definitely take care of the fake ones!