Friday, December 29, 2006

Thursday, December 28, 2006

hello there!

Hope your Christmas holiday was great. We had a wonderful day. The kids got a lot of gifts from both Grandma's and my oldest brother. Eric got some UCLA stuff which ALWAYS makes him happy. Siobhan's Nino Richard and Aunt Julie came by on Christmas Eve. It is always wonderful to see them. We still need to see Siobhan's Nina and Diego's Nina. My brother Tony came by today to take Bradley golfing. He dropped off some gifts for the kids. They LOVED having more presents to open. They were all excited.

Eric, Krystal and I went to see Los Lobos at the House of Blues. Opening for them was The Low Rider Band (which is most of the members of the group War, you know Low Rider, Cisco Kid). What a great show. We stood for HOURS. We were only about 6 people away from the stage. We could have gotten closer. Only one fight broke out. We finally had had enough of standing and headed upstairs to sit and enjoy the rest of the show. They could have sung for another couple of hours and still have a bunch of songs to sing. They didn't sing my favorite "Maria and Tony". sigh We left there about 1am. Eric went to work the next day! I don't know how. I walked around like a zombie all day until my nice long nap!

I have so enjoyed being off these last 6 days. I don't go back to work for 5 more days and I shall enjoy them all.

We were worried about being able to go to Mexico. Last we had heard, as of 1-7-07 you needed a passport to re-enter the US. I looked today and everything I found said 2008. WHOO HOO. Although I do not mind at all getting passports if we are actually going somewhere, a two hour drive doesn't seem worthy of a few hundred dollars. Okay, I know it is another country. The US/Mexico border, but for anyone who lives here, it is almost like crossing into another city. We shall enjoy another "free" year!

Monday, December 25, 2006

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Shopping done? Not quite

I have one person, nope make that two people that I have finished shopping for. Let's see who is left, oh all four of our children, my mom, his mom, my brothers, my baby nephew, Siobhan's preschool teachers, my staff at work (four!), and all the ninos and ninas. Geez, and as always, never enough money. Actually money isn't the biggest problem. The biggest problem is what to get?!

We still don't have a tree. We have been so busy and frankly I think I have been in denial that Christmas will actually be here in a week. I was going to make sugar cookies today for a cookie exchange at work tomorrow, but I just couldn't. Those were my dad's favorite and frankly I am lucky to get through a day without breaking down. Damn it, I am so tired of being sad.

I would like to say a special prayer to my very good friend Natalie. Her grandfather passed away this weekend. My thoughts, prayers and hope are with you all.

Siobhan after performing ballet and flamenco. She was wonderful. She ran right passed her Dad and me to her Nino.

Friday, December 15, 2006

so, so busy

Ahhh, we had our holiday party at work today. It used to be that it was a highlight. I have found that it is not a as much of a highlight when you are part of the group decorating and getting everything ready. Not to mention that is not my thing. It was really nice though. Nice food, the room was nice. We ate upstairs and headed downstairs for our dessert and white elephant gift card exchange. Later we had our secret pal. Mine had NO idea it was me. The weird thing is, our department only has five people and three of us had someone in our department. Too weird. I was standing all day long

Tonight is Siobhan's holiday party at school. We are waiting for Daddy to get home with Grandma from the hospital to go. we might even get our tree afterwards. Tomorrow is Siobhan's "The Nutcracker", she is dancing Flamenco and ballet. I finally got everything for that (hopefully!). After tomorrow afternoon my weekend shall begin!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Shining - A Romantic Comedy

Not your Dad's Shining!

Monday, December 04, 2006

w/o our cannon

We had the Torres Christmas Party this weekend. About 70 people. Santa was there. Lots of photo ops. I got Diego to sit on Santa's lap, and suddenly the camera won't work. Arrgghhh. I know Sandee took some pics, so when I get those I will post them. Eric does not think he is going to be able to fix it. The lens will not go into the camera. It is stuck. We bought it not too long ago when our old digital was taking too long to take a picture. We gave that one to the kids and they gave theirs to Siobhan. The house had a total camera hand me down. Now we have no camera. We, of course still have the digital video camera. How else would Eric make all his wonderful dvd's of all of us.

I am home today. We only have one car and Carol had a doctor appointment, so I stayed home. It is always nice to have a random day off. Siobhan was supposed to go to school today. Her belly hurt. Funny, it is not yet 8am and she sure seems fine now. I am going to make her help me clean her room. She will wish she had gone to school.

I have lots to do, I wonder how much will actually get done. I think if I were a stay at home mom, I would have to schedule stuff. It is so hard to get everything done. You always have good intentions. Then some cute little kid comes up and wants you to read a book, or eat, or just hold him. Who would pass on that?!

Saturday, December 02, 2006


ahhh home

I am back. Back to work on Friday and back to work with a new position. I was offered to be the manager of my department. Sweet. It was nice to be back to work. At the Yuba office, everyone was wonderfully friendly. I had a great time, but getting back to your own office, it is like going home.

WE have a breakfast potluck for our department on Monday. What am I supposed to bring for breakfast? Tonight is our family holiday party. AFTER the UCLA vs USC game (UCLA WILL win!). It will be so nice to see family that we haven't seen since last year. There are just not enough days, you know?