Monday, December 04, 2006

w/o our cannon

We had the Torres Christmas Party this weekend. About 70 people. Santa was there. Lots of photo ops. I got Diego to sit on Santa's lap, and suddenly the camera won't work. Arrgghhh. I know Sandee took some pics, so when I get those I will post them. Eric does not think he is going to be able to fix it. The lens will not go into the camera. It is stuck. We bought it not too long ago when our old digital was taking too long to take a picture. We gave that one to the kids and they gave theirs to Siobhan. The house had a total camera hand me down. Now we have no camera. We, of course still have the digital video camera. How else would Eric make all his wonderful dvd's of all of us.

I am home today. We only have one car and Carol had a doctor appointment, so I stayed home. It is always nice to have a random day off. Siobhan was supposed to go to school today. Her belly hurt. Funny, it is not yet 8am and she sure seems fine now. I am going to make her help me clean her room. She will wish she had gone to school.

I have lots to do, I wonder how much will actually get done. I think if I were a stay at home mom, I would have to schedule stuff. It is so hard to get everything done. You always have good intentions. Then some cute little kid comes up and wants you to read a book, or eat, or just hold him. Who would pass on that?!

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Mexipino Gurl said...

Diego was so cute sitting on Santa's lap. I couldn't get over it! Maybe you should ask Santa for a new camera =)