Friday, December 15, 2006

so, so busy

Ahhh, we had our holiday party at work today. It used to be that it was a highlight. I have found that it is not a as much of a highlight when you are part of the group decorating and getting everything ready. Not to mention that is not my thing. It was really nice though. Nice food, the room was nice. We ate upstairs and headed downstairs for our dessert and white elephant gift card exchange. Later we had our secret pal. Mine had NO idea it was me. The weird thing is, our department only has five people and three of us had someone in our department. Too weird. I was standing all day long

Tonight is Siobhan's holiday party at school. We are waiting for Daddy to get home with Grandma from the hospital to go. we might even get our tree afterwards. Tomorrow is Siobhan's "The Nutcracker", she is dancing Flamenco and ballet. I finally got everything for that (hopefully!). After tomorrow afternoon my weekend shall begin!

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