Sunday, December 17, 2006

Shopping done? Not quite

I have one person, nope make that two people that I have finished shopping for. Let's see who is left, oh all four of our children, my mom, his mom, my brothers, my baby nephew, Siobhan's preschool teachers, my staff at work (four!), and all the ninos and ninas. Geez, and as always, never enough money. Actually money isn't the biggest problem. The biggest problem is what to get?!

We still don't have a tree. We have been so busy and frankly I think I have been in denial that Christmas will actually be here in a week. I was going to make sugar cookies today for a cookie exchange at work tomorrow, but I just couldn't. Those were my dad's favorite and frankly I am lucky to get through a day without breaking down. Damn it, I am so tired of being sad.

I would like to say a special prayer to my very good friend Natalie. Her grandfather passed away this weekend. My thoughts, prayers and hope are with you all.

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