Monday, July 30, 2007

Honey, can I have this?

Pretty please?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oh yeah

Saturday Siobhan had her last dance class for the summer, which we missed. Her dance studio is great because they have all kinds of different types of dance for everyone, they are very inexpensive but man they LACK serious communication. Oh well.

I came home on Saturday to Bradley cleaning the garage (we have a nightmare garage, just like Dad's!) and Krystal painting in the kitchen. Oh man, really what more could you want. Kids doing ALL the work. Ideal!

There is so much work to be done, but it will get done. Slowly.

Missed two day of work this past week due to having the stomach flu. Man, I was so behind. I am looking forward to tomorrow to catch up. I LOVE my job!

Eric and I are trying to figure out when to take a few days to go Mexico in the next couple of weeks. Krystal will already be there so it will just be the rest of us. Any one else want to go?

The Pediatric GI thinks Siobhan might have acid reflux. I am not sold on that. They are running all kinds of test. There is a three day poop thing we are doing at home. Talk about fun! I guess we have to wait and see. Still, doesn't seem to account for the fact that the x-ray shows a lot of poop in her belly.

Anyway, in the background in the movie "Like is Beautiful" (La Vita รจ bella). That movie is all about love. Amazing!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I say it again

If babies came out as teenagers, couples would only have ONE baby!


Over there on the right! No, your other right! ---------------->
It will change every week. ------------->
Take it! ------------------------------------------------------->

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Last night Eric and I went out to dinner. We went to Amazon BBQ which is a Brazilian BBQ restaurant. You pay a set price (in this case $25.95 per person), there is a salad bar with lots of goodies (shrimp, all kinds of salads, chicken, onion rings, etc) and they bring by the meat for you. There is a color coded thing on your table. Green-bring the meat. Red-give me a break. ha ha I didn't get to try the alligator. I would have tried it, at least that is what I tell myself. It was GOOD meat too. All of it. Man, you could really eat your fill. It would be a great place to go if you plan to hang out a while.

Obviously we left the kids at home but they might get to go next time.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The book I am currently reading

My birthday

Had a great birthday. Well, except for the work meeting first thing, after that, SUPER! My staff decorated my office in a "baja" theme. They said they brought Baja to me. They even had music playing. I got a lot of gifts from everyone. Gift cards to Target (2), iTunes, McDonalds (the kids used that already!) and Borders. I got 4 books too. They had a pot luck taco bar as a surprise for lunch. That was cool! My family got me a LA Galaxy jersey (see below)
We went out for dinner, minus Bradley. He had a bad headache. I think he gets migraines. It was nice! All in all I felt really spoiled. All my co-workers really do birthdays big. Which we really should all celebrate our lives in this world!

Siobhan has an appointment this week with a Peds GI about her belly. That is on Thursday. I am sure they will just schedule some kind of test.

Krystal has her paper drivers test on Wed. Scary! Of course, she still has to actually pass!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thank you Apple

Apple stock is currently $143.75 a share. Thanks all you iPod, iPhone and Apple computer people. We thank you mucho mas!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

happy birthday dear Di, you are almost 40!

Monday, July 16, 2007

8 things about my husband and me

Tagged by Mary
1. We dated 7 years before we got married

2. We took our two oldest kids on our honeymoon with us

3. We are both extreme liberals

4. We would rather listen to music than watch TV

5. Both of us are night owls (although somehow he is able to get up in the morning)

6. We love going to Mexico and we plan on retiring there

7. He took me on my first trip to Europe. A few years later we took our two older kids (still need to plan a trip for the younger two)

8. We seriously, completely love one another no matter what. We are two people we were supposed to be together (not to say every day is perfect, but our love for one another is!)

Maybe not earth shattering news, but there it is!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ahhh, nice weekend, well sort of

Friday night was softball and pizza afterwards. I didn't stay too long because I had the little one's and Siobhan had dance in the morning. Took Siobhan to dance and K and her friend E to the mall. After dance a trip to the market. A nice nap, then I went to the mall to pick K and E up. There was enough time to let Siobhan and Diego play at the little play area at the mall.

I wasn't feeling too well and had a bit too much wine I think. Bad headache and a bit of belly ache (cheese maybe?) so to bed early.

Sunday, my favorite! Nada. Our cousin came by and then a family friend stopped by too! Doing laundry and "little" bit of light housecleaning. I love Sundays. Nothing to do. No where I have to be. Just hang around. Two cups of coffee, relax in the pj's. Ahhhh!

Tomorrow I am taking Siobhan for her follow up about her belly. She has been on meds for three weeks. I don't think it has helped very much but we will find out tomorrow. Poor baby.

She has three weeks left of Childtime. Then she will be home with Krystal and Bradley and visiting with Nana Carol when possible for another three weeks. THEN SCHOOL!. I can't believe it.

We have to go in a few weeks and buy her uniforms! Big girl. She is going to be so cute! I know she will want to wear the skirt or jumper all of the time, no shorts for this little girl. Kindergarten, wow!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Softball game # 3

Yikes. We had two guys fill in for two guys who were gone. One was a pitcher, the other one didn't do so well. The pitcher was good all the way around. Eric's friend Kevin has been to game 2 and 3. We should have him fill in for us. One of the guys on our team thought he was my husband. ha-ha. The team decided he is our No. 1 fan!

We were playing a pretty tough team. They were all about the game. Then one of our guys got a little bit rough with another guy (the biggest guys on each team) and Yikes, we almost had a fight. It is a game, fellas! Geez!

Then our guy had another scuffle with another one of their players and the Ump called the game. That was that. There is always next week. Oh, I struck out. I can't believe it. I go to the batting cages and I can hit whatever comes my way. grrr.

Next week we will get them. I keep saying by next year we will be together. Most of these teams have been playing together for a while now. There is only one other new team in our league!

Monday, July 09, 2007


I saw this sign outside a bread store by Siobhan's dance. I walked past and giggled. I had to go back and get a picture. It isn't great (it was my cell phone) but you can read it. Man, hamburgers don't stand a chance!

A few pics!

Krystal and Diego! Too cute!

Siobhan enjoying dinner at Chili Pepper (Diego and Bradley are in there too!)

Catch Up

Well, I haven't been able to use my darn Blogger because it wouldn't allow me to post. I kept getting an error. I was getting pretty po'd too because I couldn't get any help. Alas, I was able to find some help here!

Friday night we had our second softball game. Didn't do too badly either. We were winning for most of it. We lost by 1. Okay, the good part of the story is: I was on first base, running hard to second and I fell! Yep, I fell. I didn't trip, I didn't slip, I fell! I am not the most coordinated person anyway, but dang! I was so mad. I was trying so hard! Of course I got out. Dang! Oh well, at least I tried. (What I will try and do is NOT fall next time!)

Saturday we went to Uncle Richard's house for a party. see Eric's Flickr page here!

Sunday we went to a Winery for Natalie's anniversary. It was fun. I actually picked out some wine I enjoyed. I think I like this wine tasting stuff. Watch out Napa, here we come!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Siobhan lost her very first tooth!

It only took about 4 days for her to actually let me pull it. I can't believe how big she is getting!