Monday, August 30, 2010

School Time Blues

Well today is the day. Siobhan has started her 3rd grade GATE class and Diego is in 1st.

Eric and I took the day off to take them to school. Good thing Eric took the day off as he isn't feeling well. He is currently napping and I am... waiting.

Waiting to hear how it went. Did Diego have some friends in his class? Is Siobhan still stressed out that she might not have taken the right school supplies to the first day of class? (Apparently GATE students are notorious for being high strung). Did they eat all of their lunch? Ya know the regular stuff.

Siobhan wants to go to Dairy Queen after school. She said that is what we always do after the first day of school. Always? She is in 3rd grade. She has only had 3 other first days...ha ha

I miss them. I hope there is no homework already!

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Stephanie said...

How did it go? :-)