Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Day 1 San francisco

We had to get up at 5 am! Yikes. I was surprised at how quickly the kids woke up. We left the house a little late so we didn't stop for breakfast at McDonalds like we planned. We made really good time but had to wait a bit for the parking shuttle. Some lady started talking to us, practically learned our whole life story in ten minutes. We checked in, rushed through security and literally ran (okay walked very quickly) to the airplane. I am glad Jet Blue allows you to reserve you seats because otherwise we would have been all over the plane.

The plane ride was nice. Diego was really excited and loved watching cartoons. Siobhan had fun too. Diego was excited about the sun shade. Haha

We took the BART into the city. The kids got a kick of standing up while it was going fast. We had to walk a bit to our hotel. Up a lot of hills good times, ha ha. We found our hotel but it was only 10am we left our bags and went to Lefty O'douls where we had breakfast I have eaten there many times but never for breakfast, it was good.

From there went went to Union Square. We looked at some art and took a few pictures. We walked over to China Town. Shopping Heaven! Picked up something small for the girls at work. Diego got some little gold birds that chirps in the light. Thank goodness that stops in the dark. Siobhan picked out a parisol and I got a little solar dancing pig/dog thing. We also went into Old Saint Mary's Cathedral Church. I have been there so many times. We lit a candle for Eric's grandparents, my dad and I said a special prayer for my friend Melissa who just lost her Dad.

We took a cab back to the hotel because our feet were starting to hurt. We checked in. Our hotel is so cute. It is the Mayflower Hotel. Our room is cute. I am hoping to post photos later. They have a little computer area where the have books and a totally comfy couch too. Siobhan found a couple of books to read.

There is a store next door where we got some water, bananas, string cheese and other snacks. Later we are going to the Apple store (of course) and to get some yummy pizza! Great trip so far.

I want to say a special thanks to Carol (Nana) for staying at our house and taking care of the dogs for us, much less to worry about.

Tomorrow, the wharf!

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Linda said...

Make sure to eat some mini donuts at the wharf. Have like 10 for me!!