Saturday, August 28, 2010

School Issues

School starts on Monday. Classrooms were listed yesterday. I went to check it out only to find out that Siobhan is in a GATE cluster. This means that she is with 17 GATE students and the rest of the class are hand picked students by the Principal. We were a bit upset by that. According to GATE they are the highest performing students but the Principal said that isn't the case. She picked students based on who would be the best fit. We also have some concerns about the teacher she is going to have.

It isn't fair to judge the teacher based on things we have never seen or heard directly, only from others. On the other hand, with her belly problems and her sensitivity issues. So I spoke to the Principal about it. She said that she understood about our concerns. We told her we wanted Siobhan to remain in the GATE class but we do have concerns.

During the conversation we found out Diego is in the K/1 class. There are so many combo classes.

Just in case, I filled out the form to transfer classrooms. The Principal will check in with us within 10 days of school to see if we still want to change. I am afraid Diego won't be challenged enough and that Siobhan will be emotionally upset if her teacher is too hard on her.

I am torn because part of me thinks Siobhan needs to understand that all teachers aren't going to be cuddly teachers, but she is only EIGHT!

Anyway, we feel much better knowing that it is possible to at least change classes if we feel it is necessary.

Still kinda holding our breath.

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