Monday, August 02, 2010

Yikes, pull over!

Well the LA Galaxy lost last night. They lost badly, very badly.

On the way to the fwy, "hmm, what's that noise?" " Do you hear that?" weird noise, got a bit louder than stopped.

Driving still, Eric said "Are your brakes okay", me "yes, but..crap, the steering, I can't really turn the wheel". At my attempt to get off the fwy, I managed to get on yet another one. I pull over on the fwy as a bit of steam comes from the engine. Turned the car off.

What are we going to do? Who do we call? We are in Long Beach and we don't know if Archie's serves that area. Oh, behind us pulls up the Hi-way Patrol tow truck. WOW. What amazing timing. Okay, we think, we can have it towed to the mechanic but how do we get from there to home? I call everyone in my phone. My mom (phone's off), Katie (phone's off), Linda (left message), Priscilla (left message), John (wrong number), thinking Sandee and Cheryl are on vacation, Julie is in the hospital with the new baby, what about Kevin. I couldn't seem to dial correctly so I called Eddie to get John's number when I finally get Kevin. Kevin will help. Kevin will pick us up.

The tow truck guy says they don't charge by milage but by the hour. Great, let's keep it under an hour. He actually offers to drive us home too. Called Kevin, thanks though! Drop off the car by the machanic (Joe), crap the car is locked. FUDGE (keeping it clean people) The tow truck guy gets them out and I think the battery is going because the headlights and flashers have been on all this time. FUDGE. Whatever, let's just get home.

We get to our house, where Siobhan who has been crying on and off, really has to go to the bathroom. Tow truck guy calls it in, well they charge by the hour BUT it is point to point. He has been with us less than an hour but he isn't back in his area yet, the dispacher tells him. CRAP. MOTHER CRAPPER. Whatever, nothing we can do about it now. Wishing we had AAA but glad we have State Farm's roadside assistace. We have to pay for it but we get reimbursed. Thankfully. The tow came to $172.50. Real nice.

Had to get up bright and early this morning to take those recovered keys to Joe so he could fix it and I could tell him what happened. Wasn't I JUST there, two/three weeks ago. Argh

But I am happy, we are all okay. Siobhan was a bit shook up. Today I was just getting ready to go to our State Farm agent and drop off my reciept when she called (WOW). She said just e-mail it to me. Super. Saved me a trip. Again, reminding myself, at least it wasn't worse. It could have been so much worse.


Julie said...

That is scary to a kid. We had a blowout once very close to home and it traumtized E for the longest time. Glad that everything worked out and you are getting reimbursed the towing.

Stephanie said...

Oh that sucks! :-( I hope your car is all better soon.

It's weird how upset the kiddos get over things with car. In May there was that big accident on the 91 involving the tanker truck that caught on fire. Anyway, we were a mile or so behind it and stuck there forever. Poor Amelia was with me and flipping out. I finally had to turn around (on the 91! lol) It ended up taking us something like 5 hours to get from Santa Ana to Riverside.. crazy!

Linda said...

Next time call my cell ding dong! Glad you are all ok.