Saturday, August 21, 2010


I know I shouldn't complain because we have had a really cool summer (so far). Everywhere else is hot but it has been really nice here. It has been heating up a bit here and there. I am hoping it doesn't last. I am ever so happy we decided to put in air conditioning about 7 years ago. Now, for some reason, our house doesn't get really cold but it is WAY better than outside. I think it might be because our house gets sun all day. We don't really have any trees blocking the sun so that probably adds to it.

It seems to be going back and forth. Hot, less hot. Today it is supposed to be 87. 87 is no big deal IF that is all it is.

Washed Cucs so she could come in and enjoy the ac. She is almost 10 and pretty furry. Nacho on the other hand is always cold no matter how hot it is outside. Crazy dog!

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Julie said...

It is probably because the sun is hitting the AC, we have that problem here. I think you can get special shades for them. Also it might need to be serviced.