Saturday, August 21, 2010

I was never thin. When my mom was young she was super thin, but me, nope. I wasn't fat either. I have a bigger bone structure. In high school I was probably about 10 pounds over weight. I wore a 7/9 (which I would KILL for now). I was very healthy. My thing was skating (roller). I have been doing it as long as I can remember. I used to go to all night skates (7pm to 7am) and literally skate the whole time. Some people would sleep but not me. The thing is I did it like it was nothing.

Fast forward to pregnancy. I skated for a while but when I was about 5.5 months prego (and still wearing my jeans) I stopped because I fell. I didn't want to take a chance. I didn't know crap about metabolism at that time. Never even heard of it. Stopped skating but didn't change anything else about my lifestyle.

I lost about 15 pounds in the first three months because I was so sick. By the time I had Krystal I gained a total of 110 pounds. They say it is a harder delivery if you gain a lot of weight. Not true. Well, for me anyway.

I lost 30 pounds before I left the hospital three days later.

I got prego with Bradley, gained only about 15 pounds. WTH? If only I had only had boys. ha ha

Anyway, once K hit 21, over half my life I have been fat. I kept gaining and gaining over the years.

I tried Weight Watchers and lost about 40 pounds. It was working for me.

My dad died. I didn't give a sh*t about anything, much less losing weight.

Fast forward to present day. About a month ago, I thought, okay this is it. It isn't the weight so much as the way I eat. I decided to stop. As of that day, I am eating differently. It isn't so much as trying as I think I something changed in the way I think.

I used my Weight Watchers stuff for about a week to see what my portions should be. What types of snacks I should have and now I am different. I feel like a different person.

Previously I would wake up, have coffee at work and eat lunch. Lunch was huge for me. I was starving. I would go home eat dinner. I would usually have a snack of something before bed. (apples, popcorn, chips, etc).

Now things are so totally different. I make my breakfast at home but eating it at work (still not hungry when I wake but I still make sure I eat). I have two pieces of high fiber bread, toasted (1 point each), two egg whites (.5 points), half a piece of cheese (1) and two turkey bacon (1) for a yummy and very filling breakfast. I have a snack of 1 or 2 cups of fruit, or a 1 point yogurt or fiber one bar. For lunch, something like a veggie burger with 2 cups of veggies or a soup with the same veggies. Another snack and dinner but much less than usual.

It is just different. I can't explain it. I can't deny I wished it would have happened years ago, but it has happened and I think it will continue. I hope!

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Julie said...

I am the same way. I was a 9 in high school, never super skinny but never big. I always say, " I thought I was fat and then one day I became fat."

Mine has to do with how fast I eat and not drinking enough water.I am active but not consistently.

did you gain 110 pounds with Krystal? WOW, that is crazy!

I lost thirteen with Conner and then gained 7 pounds. I was already heavy when I had him. I got heavy after high school when I stopped swimming.

I lost 50 pounds on WW, then had Elizabeth, gained 30 lbs. I lost it and maintained the 50 pounds off until my Gramie died. Then I gained weight that I have never been able to get off.

I need to get active and do portion control.