Saturday, September 04, 2010


I like movies. Well, doesn't everyone? But lately I have been taking advantage of my Netflix app for my iPad and have been streaming movies like crazy. Usually one a night, sometimes one and a half.

I decided to put up the movies I have seen and let you know what I think about them. Most of the movies are Independent films. Usually romantic comedies. These are the movies I have seen in the last month.

If I put "Wouldn't watch it again" that probably means it sucked to you, but that isn't what I mean.

Broken English- cute, a little dark, a girl can't find romance but kinda does, sorta wouldn't watch it again

Ira & Abby- LOVED it. Highly recommend it. They decide to marry within 10 minutes of meeting one another.

2 Days in Paris- cute, funny, subtitles, think Eric would like it too

How About You- this is a nice movie about older people who live in a home together and become a family, good

Cashback- odd, about a guy who imagines he can stop time.

TIMER- different but I liked it. Most people have a "timer" it tells them time until the exact second they will meet their soul mate.

Outsourced- A guys job is being outsourced to India and he has to go there to train them and guess what? He finds love!

Did You Hear About the Morgans- um, I don't remember too much so it was probably only okay

I Do & I Don't- cute about marriage

Table for Three-don't really remember too much. hmm

Shades of Ray- I really liked this movie. The guys dad was too funny.

Bella-this was a good movie. Eric will like this one too (oops)

In a Day- let's just say lots happens to her in a day. It starts off really, really bad and gets better. I liked it!

Wake- a girl who goes to, you guessed it, Wakes. It was cute.

The Proposal- his boss is going to be deported so they agree to marry and of course fall in love.

The Ugly Truth- cute, you have probably heard of it. He is a pig and she falls in love with him anyway.

Woman on Top- great movie. It was about a girl who has serious motion sickness and her need to "be on top" because of it. It involves her love, being cheated on. It isn't THAT type of movie.

I will write after I watch some more!

Have you seen any of these movies?

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Julie said...

I will have to watch some of these.Some of them I have already seen but most of them I never have heard of.