Monday, September 06, 2010

A wonderful day

Yesterday could not have been better. There wasn't anything super special about it. We didn't do something like go to Disneyland, we just had a great day.

Nice lazy morning. Enjoyed a couple cups of coffee. Headed out to the Main Place mall. Usually when we go we go to one store only, but we went to a few. Macy's, Nordstroms, Journeys, Sanrio, Macys (the other one) and Justice. While waiting for us in Justice Eric and Diego went to See's.

From there we went to Chili Pepper and had a nice champagne brunch (at lunch time). They were much slower than usual but we were in no hurry. I tried something new (which I don't usually do) and it was great.

Off to home where thankful we had left the air on, so the house was nice and cool.

We watched a few old episodes of Dr. Who. We all sat around the couch and watched it together. That is one of the shows everyone really enjoys. About the time we were done (6pm) I opened the door to outside and oh my gosh, what a lovely cool breeze. Almost cold.

Eric and Diego kicked the soccer ball, Siobhan was on the computer and I did a little weeding in my garden.

Followed up by Mad Men.

A lot of TV. Especially for us but it was wonderful!

Two more movie reviews:
The Ramen Girl- she follows her boyfriend to Japan where he leaves her. She wants to learn to make ramen. She doesn't speak Japanese, her teacher doesn't speak English. Interesting.

Sunshine Cleaners- two sisters decide to start a business called Sunshine Cleaners and they are cleaning up after murders and suicides. I liked it.

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TwinVic said...

Oh my gosh! I watched Ramen girl last month as well and enjoyed it. It was one of those rare times where I actually stop everything and enjoy a random movie. I would recommend this movie.