Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

Wow, how wonderful to know there are actually people here! Thanks for hanging in there.

We've been working on the yard. By we, I mean us and Javier who we hire to do some stuff around here. He worked for 4.5 hours today and transformed our backyard back into something it once was. Well, if grass were yellow anyway. I think we should tear it all up and start over. Or really, we should replace most of it with something other than grass. Our lawn is huge and frankly impossible to water the whole thing unless it is over a couple of days. Eric has some great ideas for stone and other walkways throughout so we will have to do something. Not to mention I don't really believe in wasting water on grass. I wish we could replace the front grass with that fake grass. Maybe Anaheim will offer some kind of incentive. That would be super helpful. (We were thinking of doing the solar thing too Anaheim if you want to help us out!)

Been spending a lot of time watching True Blood. Basically a Twilight for adults. I know it came out first but Twilight is so popular. I really enjoy it but can only watch it online unless HBO finds it way inside our house somehow.

Looking forward to the return of Mad Men and Living Human on BBC. We also started watching Dr. Who with this new season. Great show. I recommend all of them, it is also on BBC. Eric said that is the only channel we really need. Oh, and Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. I really like that show too. Which is weird because I am not really into the whole reality show (except Amazing Race), but I look forward to watching that too. Also BBC, ha ha!

Anyone watch any of those shows?

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Julie said...

I sometimes watch Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare's that is about it. What a treat to come home and find you blogging again.