Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ahh, long weekends

What a great weekend so far. I went to see Sex and the City 2 with my friend Natalie and her mom. We had a great time. I had heard the movie wasn't any good but it was about what I expected. I laughed a lot so it was worth it. Besides I don't get to the movies very often, so I really enjoyed it.

Saturday I took Siobhan to get her hair cut. She lost about 5-6 inches. It took some time talking her into it, but she likes it now.

It will be SO much easier to take care of, so I am super happy with it. Daddy likes it too (thank Goodness). After her haircut we went to the Brea Mall for a trip to Justice. She got four shorts/pants and a super cute eyeglass case.

We picked up lunch for everyone and headed home. After a bit we head over to the Olde Ship in Santa Ana to watch the LA Galaxy game with one of Eric's friends and lots of Galaxy friends. Alan Gordon was there so Diego was happy to get another name on his jersey.

Today we went to Ikea (frames) and Macy's. We are looking to get a new couch. Enjoyed yummy dinner and what I am sure will be another late night of the kids playing the Wii, watching Boomerang and Eric and I going between tv, computers and iPads.


Punk Rock Mom said...

her haircut is so cute! I have been thinking about cutting The Phi's hair for summer and so it will be easier to take care of when the baby get here but I have been to chicken to take her!

Julie said...

Orange shirt! I rest my case!

Cute pic of the family with the Galaxy guy :)