Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Return

I entered my first blog post on 8-6-04. Almost six years ago. Before many people had even heard of a blog. Is those six years, I have blogged more than once a day to many, many months in-between (recently).

We watched Julie and Julia last night and Eric said "Don't you miss blogging?" I guess I do. So much of what I do is under my 160 characters. You can't express or discuss too much that way.

I enjoyed a day with Siobhan's class this week. We went on a field trip to Santiago Oaks Regional Park. I have been many times but Siobhan hasn't. Many of those kids hadn't either. It was fun learning about animals, rocks and getting a good bit of exercise at the same time.

I can't believe the school year is almost over. Diego will turn six in a couple week and soon he will no longer be a Kindergartener. Siobhan will be entering the GATE program and we are so excited about that. I am certain Diego will make it too when it is time.

Krystal and Bradley are out on their own. As much as we missed them (sometimes) it is really nice to have just the little one's too. Having such a large age grap the drama for the older kids has been removed.

This summer we are working on our yard and house. I am actually growing veggies. I say growing because they haven't yet died. I plan to actually make it work. We are going to enjoy many tomatoes, bell peppers, chili's and peas. I have to plant my radishes and I may pick up something else next time we head to the Home Depot.

We have been enjoying the LA Galaxy games. Well, Eric, Diego and I do. Siobhan doesn't really watch so she stays home. Beckham is hurt and two of our players are off to World Cup but we still plan to keep winning.

World Cup. I think our house is going to be madness for a month and a half. That's okay because I do like to hear a soccer game on the tv.

Hope someone is still reading this. I plan to be back more often and I hope you will too.


Andrea said...

YAY! I'm reading! : ) Great to see you back blogging. I'm guilty of taking too long of a hiatus too. It's hard to get back into the groove once you stop. Good for you for just jumping right back in. Blame Twitter & FB for lack of blogging!

Our happy crazy home said...

I'm still here reading too. :-)

Julie said...

I have about five blogs in my head. I missed your blogging. That is what brought us together in the first place. I love hearing what is in your head and life. Keeps us connected. I have missed it. Glad you are back.