Friday, January 08, 2010


This year is going to bring some good changes around here. First off, Eric and I do our money separate. When we bought the house we decided who would pay what and have kinda gone from there. Eric is great with money. As great as he is, I am his opposite. Seriously, scary like. But this year, this is my year to get financially stable. I am doing better every month but I plan to see a difference at the end of 2010, hopefully a life style changing difference for my whole family.

Also this is the year we are going to "do stuff" with the kids. We do a lot already I think but more. More stuff we don't normally do. More zoo's (not just the same one), more weekend trips, just more. Eric LOVES to travel (he aches for it) and I really enjoy going somewhere else or just somewhere new. We took K and B to Europe for 3.5 week about 8 years ago and I think S and D will be ready in another couple of years. In the meantime there are so many shorter trips we can do. Grand Canyon, Redwoods, hell, Big Bear. This year I vow to plan to make it happen. All of us will be happier.

Ah, feels good just to "say it out loud" then there is some ownership. I already know Eric is onboard. That man loves to get away. He gets frustrated because I am so happy just to be home. Maybe because we moved around a lot or I don't know. But I don't know how long it has been since I lived in a house 10 years straight. But my babies need to have the travel bug too. Be it by car, train or plane, this year will bring some trips.

Any suggestions for children ages 5 and 8 (birthday at the end of the month!)


Julie said...

Get in the car, take the 5 until it turns into the 99. Take that until you hit the 198 East and then call me. I will be here waiting, I MEAN it!

Julie said...

We have big trees, Yosemite, snow, lots of nice things to do.


There will be a undercur if you don't listen to me! and I MEAN that too!