Thursday, January 07, 2010

Currently in pain from a headache

that I think I have because the thought to drink something didn't even occur to me until about 6pm. Hmm, could be.

Fun and busy day today. Stopped by my work to show off my beautiful kids. Dropped something off at UPS for Krystal. Took the kids to the bank, they now have their own accounts! Daddy met us at the movies to see Where the Wild Things Are. I was a little bit bored with it. Disappointed, but it was okay. Diego didn't care for it too much, I think Siobhan thought it was okay too.

Then the little one's and I headed to Chuck E. Cheese. Here is some info for you Chuck E., you want parent's to stay and spend their hard earned money on pizza or tokens or crap, get free wi-fi. Don't leave us to our own devices trying to get it from Lee's across the parking lot. The longer I stay in my satisfied bubble of ear buds, the more I spend. Get it?

Headed home just as the headache was coming full force. You know the kind, where you want to shut your eyes against the oncoming cars only you can't because you are driving. Yep, that's it. A few hours in the dark and made it only a minor thudding against my skull, hence, here I am. Unable to sleep but unable to do much less. Luckily for me, I keep my iMac's screen down super low anyway so it isn't too damaging the light I must endure while I type away.

Eric is busy behind me on his computer while the rest of the crew sleep. Lucky dogs!


The Mama said...

Hope you're feeling better today. I get headaches like that too, sometimes some caffeine helps. :-)

Julie said...

I never drink enough, a very bad habit of mine that I intend to change. Hope your headache goes away today.