Wednesday, January 06, 2010

No more cash

I have been thinking and I think if the government is so worried about illegal goings on, we should remove our cash system. There are good and bad points in my opinion but it would help.

If there were no cash and everyone had to use electronic "credits" (or whatever you want to call them) every transaction would be recorded. You couldn't roll down the street and hand your dealer some cash for drugs, it would have to be done electronically. Now of course, Mr. Drug Dealer doesn't have a job and would ring some bells somewhere if no where else but the IRS as to why he has so many credits. You know exactly who is selling and who is buying.

Doesn't mean at Target or Amazon that your entire purchase is recorded, just where it was. You could still order your unmentionables (if your that type of person) but the store would be recorded.

Of course this limits our privacy. It would make having a Garage Sale a bitch. Not to mention very difficult for people visiting.

I'm not saying it is a perfect idea, but maybe something to work from...


Eric Jasso said...

Yeah, and we can give our kids their allowances on a credit card. Can you imagine?

renul: I thought I had nulled that transaction, but had to renul it once more.

Julie said...

People will still work a way around it. I had one of my seedy neighbors try to sell me food stamps for cash. Food stamps come on a credit card. I feel like it is so ridiculous, people sell those? I would never imagine such a thing!


Stop acting like such a catrop, traipsing around like that.