Friday, January 01, 2010


Is it two thousand ten or twenty ten?

Writing it feels weird 1-1-10, 1/1/10 hmm. I have been doing it for a few weeks at work and it is still odd.

New Year's Eve was the same at my house again and I love it. We just hang out. Do whatever but have lots of yummy snacks and a nice fire, something on the tv that someone may or may not be watching. Very unorganized. Do what you want. Enjoy the night together or at least in the same two rooms.

I bought a little tiny itty bitty bottle of Patron and one of Captain Morgan's spiced rum. My nephew got me hooked on Captain Morgan's with Dr. Pepper. I had it with Coke (it is what I had). I had one of Eric's beers which is a New Year's Eve miracle as I hate beer.

I watched a show, via Netflix streaming, called Dexter. One of my friend's was always talking about it on twitter so when I saw I could watch it online, I decided to check it out. I really like it. I could see how it might be offensive or too gory for some, but not for me. I am hooked! I have watched 7 episodes so far, maybe 8. I know season 1 and 2 are online, I might have to get the DVD's beyond that, so who knows when I will get to watch them. Our queue has 247 DVD's on it.

The kids watched Boomerang (the new favorite channel at our house). It shows the tv shows when Eric and I were young. Siobhan said her new favorite show is Johnny Quest. It really isn't something I thought she would like. She is such a girly girl but she likes it.

They played the Wii (five new games) and Lego's and Glo Doodle. It was a really great night. Not really so much different from any other weekend night except the drinking (me) and the goodies to eat. And of course the staying up late.

Happy New Year no matter how you decide to say it!


Mary said...

My kids are LOVING Boomerang too!!

And we of course love Dexter. This last season was really creeptastic!

Did you ever try making the potstickers? I'm going to try them again soon...

Di said...

No, I got too lazy. running around all day New Year's Eve. Someday. We love those things!