Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No more baggies

I opened Diego's lunch box today to find a small container of what was left of veggies with dressing from Monday when his Nana packed his lunch. I started thinking, that is what I needed. Small container. I am so tired of buying lunch bags. Bad for the environment, using 2 or more per day. They bring home the plastic ware, they should be trusted. I will use foil for the the sandwiches.

My issue is where to put them. My daughter, Krystal, is usually the one to put the dishes away. (Eric and I like to wash but not put away) and IF she would put them where they go all would be fine.

Why does it seem as though I have eight thousand lids and no bottoms to match?

I think I might get a few, they are so cheap anyway and see how it goes. Should be cheaper in the long run too!


Julie said...

I would suggest color coding the containers. Get Diego one color and Siobhan another. I do this for my kids and it works. Tell Krystal to put them away in the lunch bags so when you go to make the lunches they are there.

I know what you mean about plastic baggies.

Andrea might know of some good containers......

Oh dear this word accasms makes me think of something else!

The Mama said...

I did this a while back and love not having to use baggies. We got cute little sandwich containers too(I think I found them at Walmart) , my kids love them.


I'm going to eat enappl with my lunch. :-)