Sunday, November 21, 2010


In case you don't know, I HATE spiders. I am scared of them. Don't even like killing them. I can handle teeny tiny one's. Daddy long legs don't bother me too much. Too much.

I was in our extra room, cleaning it out. Ya know, in case someone might need to actually walk in there. What do I spy? A nasty rather large black spider. What the hell is he doing in there? There are no bugs. No food. No flies. What is he hoping to eat? Same with the one's that take up residence in the corner of the shower. I have never seen them actually catch anything. Are these the spiders who aren't dealing with a full deck? Shouldn't they be outside building a big ass web so they can eat? Or at least somewhere where a bug might come by? Idiots.

I have to admit although I killed that spider with my shoe (with joy I might add), I am a bit hesitate to go back in there. I know they aren't like roaches (where you see one..) there may be more. I really hate them. I am terrified of them. It isn't funny (as some may think) to be so frightened of something.

One morning when I arrived at work, there was a some web looking stuff around my phone cord. I pulled it and it looked a lot like spider web. I was out of my office in a second. I walked over to my very good friend Cheryl, who is the Office Manager, and with tears in my eyes and not able to talk very well, asked to her to clean it for me. See, the thing about me is I will do EVERYTHING myself. I hate asking anyone to anything for me. But HELL if I was gonna clean that! Luckily Cheryl knows my fears well.

A few moments later she returned to tell me that not only was it all cleaned up, it was only dust from the new cleaning crew. They actually cleaned the thing the phone sets on and it pushed the dust together and DID look like web. Didn't matter to me. It took me about 10 minutes to calm down after that!

So, alas, I guess I have to get my courage up and go back in. Pray for me!


Stephanie said...

I'm the same way. We get spiders in the garage, and I hate going out there. Unfortunately our laundry is out there so I don't have a choice...

Julie said...

I never knew this about you.