Sunday, November 28, 2010


So, far (and really there are only a couple more days), this has been the easiest month of blogging yet.

I started cleaning the art room last night. Threw tons of stuff away (misc. papers, random puzzle pieces, and other crap. Washing some clothes, blankets and placemats that somehow made their way in there.

Diego is going through a box of toys and pulling out all his cars. We had to use that room as storage while he cleaned his room. It is amazing the stuff that can acculate if you put it all in one location with no rhyme or reason. Of course the dust is killing me. I opened the window today but not sure that is suck a good idea since the winds are pretty high.

Eric wants an art room and Siobhan and Diego LOVE to draw and paint so it is perfect idea. I am not at all creative but this I can do!


Julie said...

It has been easy. It has been fun but it has been missing Andrea. Don't you agree?

Di said...

Why yes Julie, I do agree.