Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanks 30 days worth

I decided to borrow this from Julie's blog. 30 days of thanks (ya know for the 30 days in November) I would like to add, that I may have misspelled some things as my eyesight is going quickly. So here goes:

I am thankful for (in no particular order):
1. my wonderful husband who has stuck by me when he easily been justified to give up on me
2. sometimes still feeling like a newlywed
3. beautiful, healthy, and brillant children
4. the gift of being able to truly love my job
5. the right to vote
6. music
7. my pets (Cucui, Nacho, Barcelona, oh yeah and the fish)
8. my house (that I don't clean enough)
9. my various Apple products (iMac, touch, iPad, etc)
10. BBCAmerica (where I do most of my viewing television)
11. a chance to really know my dad as a person before he passed away
12. good tequila
13. that my mom still loves me and is healthy and happy
14. my three brothers (who I do not see enough of)
15. my niece and nephews
16. my mother in law good health
17. my extended family
18. some very good friends
19. LA Galaxy
20. friends I have made through the LA Galaxy games
21. the fact that some people might listen when I talk about how horrible Wal-Mart really is
22. health insurance
23. that my husband can decorate (otherwise everything woud be bare)
24. that Eric has a job he loves doing
25. that those with a college education are only at 4% unemployment
26. strawberries, popcorn and ice cream
27. air conditioning
28. cold nights which allow me to sleep wonderfully
29. my husbands kisses
30. a house to hold all my stuff and somewhere to lay my head

and thanks to you too!

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Julie said...

Very sweet blog, loved it!