Monday, November 22, 2010


About the time I had Diego, I noticed
my hands were really dry. I taught it was from washing my hands. Lotion would hurt. They would itch and burn and bleed. Finally I went to the Dr. Dry skin, try this. Medicine made me itch like crazy. Tried a cortisone cream, thinned out my skin so bad my white socks would be red from blood (I have it on my ankles too). Very painful, it looks horrible I am sure my hands are discolored from it

The other day Siobhan was complaining of some of the stratches she has from the cat on her hands. We thought that was all it was. Today I am sure, she has the same thing. Hers might be worse as it covers more of her hand. I actually found something that worked. Erics uncle noticed them and sent some medicine through a family member one day. Doesnt hurt, doesn't itch and it works. I tried some on S and it burns and itches her. Sigh. I feel like crap. I know how bad it can be. I am going to have to take her to the doctor and she what they can do for her, poor baby.


Julie said...

It is psoriasis or excema some creams don't work because of the oils in them. There is a excema cream in the baby aisle at Target that works well. I have the same thing but on my scalp and have for years.

Di said...

Well, I have a combo of oth. Not sure about her yet. Bradley has skin issues too

Punk Rock Mom said...

you have to tell me what worked for you. I have been dealing with this with my 5 year old for years and nothing works for her.