Friday, November 05, 2010

Hmm, here's a couple more

So I guess Melissa is the only true Grey's fan I know.

Okay, okay, questions a bit easier. I also can only post a couple answers at a time. It took FOREVER to upload them. Here are a couple questions I think are far too easy.

1. How did Izzy pay for Med school?

2. Who was the very first person Meredith told about her Mother's illness?

If you know the answers post them in the comments here. Watch for your video answers!


Julie said...

I suck as a friend, I should watch this show because it is important to you!

Di said...

ha ha it is just a cute show. No need for you to get hooked too.

Melissa said...

Ha, Izzie was an underwear model.

Ok, you got me on the second one. Was it Cristina?