Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today was longer

I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Not because of the food but the vacation. I have stuff I wanna get done around here and have aspirations that I might actually do it with four days off in a row. The reality of it should be quite different. It is actually quite unlikely anything will actually get done, but I like to think it might.

Right now I would like to just lay down and sleep. Of course, if I did that, I would find myself wide awake in a few hours. I am currently too lazy to do much of anything, except the internets.

Does anyone else look forward to shopping on Thanksgiving? Eric thinks it is wrong that people have to work on Thanksgiving, and while I agree, I am happy to have something to do. I am NOT going on Black Friday. If I am waking up at 4am you better give it to me in my car while I am in my pj's. I don't need much of anything that badly (yet)! Cyper Monday is more my style.

Diego and I just got home and he puts on a soccer game. How cute is he? It is 5:33, S is at Girl Scouts, Eric is on his way home and I am in my pj's already. I want some popcorn and a book. sigh


Melissa said...

I stay far away from stores on Black Friday. I can't handle all those crowds of people and the long lines. I have become more of an online shopper. I'm all about Cyber Monday!

Julie said...

I am going to drive to Anahiem and force you to come out with ne. Oh that would be so fun!

I am all about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

I used to work every holiday at Disneyland, it was so hard.