Saturday, November 27, 2010


I met my friends, Andrea and Julie, for breakfast yesterday. It was so wonderful to see them. Julie lives so far away. Even though Andrea is so close, I usually only see her when Julie is in town.

It got me to thinking about friends. My cousin Russell just died after being sick with stomach cancer for a year. His friends were there every single day. They helped his wife take care of him, feed him, drive him around, etc.

I told Andrea and Julie that I don't have friends like that. Julie said she would be there everyday, and I know she would, if she didn't live so far. Actually so would my friend Melissa, but she lives out of stats (so ya know, she couldn't). I have some good friends who would totally come see me often, I am not saying I don't. But everyday?! I have some family I know would be there no matter what. I don't have too many lifelong friends like Russell had. Probably comes from living in the same city your entire life.

I got to thinking, maybe that says something about me as a person. I am an okay friend. I can be there when you need me but basically I am selfish. Hmm, something to think about. I don't expect I will change, but think about it. If it were you, would you have friends there everyday to take care of you? I hope you do!

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Julie said...

I love our time together. I think the fact it only happens so often makes it more special. We could solve world crises the three of us. Something about it just works, I love it and look forward to it. You are my replacement sisters.

I think that I have friends who would be there everyday, I hope my cousins would be too.

You are there for me, you have been during the past three years.