Friday, July 16, 2010

Discover Yourself

I knew I was not a good stay at home mom. I can't home school my kids like my friend Julie and I am not good at planning like my friend Andrea. I am good when I am home for a day or two but a whole week for no reason, really does not work for me.

I have done crap this whole week. Went to the dentist twice ( and that is a good time), took my car to the mechanic and waited for it (again, spectacular time). We went to Lemon Park once and the kids played in the water. Other than that, nada.

Now, I have watched about 5 movies which is nice for me! The kids actually seem fine as they have been able to just do whatever and watch a few shows and hang out with me.

I think next time I will take a couple days every couple of weeks instead of a week at a time. Yes, that is what I shall do!


Julie said...

Glad you figured that out. Sounds like you got a ton of stuff done though! I hate the dentist and the mechanic!

Andrea said...

I think we all need time to just decompress. I notice when I am doing a million fun planned activities with the kids, they are insatiable -- "What's next?!? I'm booooooored!" Down time is essential.

I like the idea of a couple days off every few weeks! Unless you are traveling for vacation, a week off can definitely get monotonous.