Saturday, July 17, 2010

Well the end is near

NOW that I know I only have two days left before I go back to work I kick it in high gear. My SIL gave us my nieces old doll case for Siobhan's room. This started a whole room clean frenzy. Which in turn meant Diego might as well clean his as well.

Almost done with Siobhan's room. We moved the doll case in today. She is going room to room choosing things she wants to put in there. Lucky for her we have lots of little artsy things all over.

Diego spent about 20 minutes on his closet alone. He didn't have much in there in the first place, but he likes to clean. Of course his beanbag split open (AGAIN) and those little balls are everywhere. (It finally made its way to the trash after Eric sewed it up last time, forget it)

I told Siobhan she could take a picture of her room when we are done and put it on her blog. I wish I had done a before photo but I am not sure I would allow it for all the world to see anyway.

I still have to work on the extra bedroom. The truck for clothes and stuff comes by this week I think so I gotta get some stuff ready for that. The room, of course, has become a sort of "catch all".
Those clothes don't fit? -Put them in the extra room.
You don't know what books to keep? =Put them in a box in the extra room.

As you can imagine that can go on for ages but it is mostly old clothes and a baby mattress that Cucui likes to lay on after she has a bath.

We have an extra bed frame in there too. We were thinking of getting a mattress in case anyone comes over and needs somewhere to sleep. We thought of putting our bed in there once we get a new one but he wants to make it an art room too so I don't think there will be enough room left.

I meant to take our carpet out this week too but it was so freaking hot! We have something under there that will work until we get something we like. I hate the carpet and I think, once removed, it will be SO much cooler in there.

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Stephanie said...

I've been cleaning our extra bedroom this week. It's totally our catchall, so it's so nice when it's clean. Next u are the kids rooms. I don't think I'd post a before picture of Amelia's room either. It's bad right now! lol