Monday, July 12, 2010


I have the best dentist. Depending on who is reading this, you probably know who he is. I swear half my office goes to him. He is completely old school. He is in a small mini strip mall thing with a liquor store, flower store, and a Tae Kwan Doe (or something similar). He wears the zip up shirts and I LOVE him. He has this dry humor which I totally get. And as a dentist he is top notch. He never makes you feel bad if you haven't been in a timely manner or haven't gotten your crown, in like, a year. Just reminds you "You know you still need a crown". He is great with the kids. It is just him and his assistant and she always remembers who you are. His wife stops by too. His office is small and he will often answer the phone when you call (which ALWAYS throws me off).

It is hard to find a good dentist. One you trust and like to go see. I just wanted to share my very good dentist luck with you!

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