Saturday, December 27, 2008

The benefit of last minute shopping

As long back as I can remember, my Dad always did all of his shopping on Christmas Eve. I always thought he was crazy. Not to mention he would bring back all his gifts and give them to me to wrap. I don't think he ever wrapped his own gifts.

Anyway, this year I did almost all of my shopping on the eve of Christmas. I think I liked it. Here is why. Let's say you start shopping early (like Oct. for my friend Hope). You have your list of people you will buy for and you start looking. You look and look. You think "maybe" but you keep looking. (Kinda like those papers for college, much better to just sit and write the whole thing at once).

If you are shopping last minute, you have little option. Hmm, would Mark like this? Who the hell cares, I have to get it today or he gets nothing. See, then your mind is at ease. Plus you start being creative. I think Krystal might really like these slipper socks. You see where I am going. I did one store, Target, and I got gifts for everyone (except Eric, I got his somewhere else, no choice). Not only that, you know EXACTLY how much money you have spent because you did it all in one swoop. No holding onto receipts from here or there.

I think I will make it my tradition now. Too bad it is too late to do it with my Dad. Instead I will take over. Took me a few years to think of it, but better late than never. Right?


drama mama said...

My dad always does his shopping on Christmas Eve too. My mom would buy everything that she thought we wanted/needed, carefully budgeting the money. Then, on Christmas Eve, my dad would ask to see what she got, decide that it wasn't enough, and head out to the stores where he always bought us the "really good stuff"! He still does it today. But now, my kids benefit from the splurge instead of me!

Julie said...

there is truth in these statements, I also agree with shopping all in one place.