Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where have I been?

Well where have YOU been? No one comes here anymore why should I? Truth be told there is so much crap going on over here there is nothing I want to write about.

Yesterday one of my friend's called and told me that Disneyland is having a new hair/make up for girls and before they do it for the public they are going to have people come and try it out. Her husband works there so they put Siobhan's name on the RSVP list. How cool is that? We need some cool over here.

I hope everyone out in internet land is well. Things could pretty much only get better. I think my moons are out of alinement or something.


Stephanie said...

Sorry things aren't going well at your house.

The Disneyland thing sounds cool!

Julie said...

My mom was just telling us about the Princess makeovers last weekend. That is awesome and they sound really cool.

Nan said...

I wish I have Disney in my country.I really do.
I'll wait for the pictures .It sounds good.