Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Farm Town on Facebook

My friend Julie got me playing this game called Farm Town through Facebook. I tried it out because if Julie likes it... I am so hooked. I have three friends and three cousins playing. You pick your facebook friends has neighbors and you farm your land. You plant crops and have people harvest them for you. If someone else harvests you and they get more coins (to in turn by more crops, etc). You can always help people out while they are gone and get additional coins. You can gift (once a day) something to people. Animals or trees (I like the trees as it grows fruit which makes coins). There is a marketplace where you can hire and be hired for work. You can expand your garden as you gain experience. You have to keep an eye on your crops or they will die before harvested. You can chat with your friends and visit their farms. It is pretty cute!


Julie said...

I am so tired! that was my first thought.

I love Farm town, it is even more fun when you have friends to play with. It is so much fun working your fields and talking. I love this picture of us in our Farm Town glory!

hallinne: Let's hallinne the crops!

mackey said...

Where oh where has our little Di gone? Where oh where can she be?=]