Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Day

I think this is the first day before Christmas that I have only a single gift to buy. We were VERY frugal this year. We always say we won't buy a lot but this year we actually did light shopping.

I still am unsure of what is for dinner tomorrow. I hate the stress of it. Eric doesn't care what we have which makes it worse because it leaves so much to choose from. I wanted something I could make today. Chili he thought. I did all my shopping at Vons instead of Albertsons (I like the meat at Vons better) and I couldn't find the kindey beans so that means I still have to go to the market.

Kids are excited about Santa. Oh great, we haven't anything to make cookies either. I think I might go cry now...

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Julie said...

each kid is getting two gifts. We did not buy a lot either. The grinchenator prevented that! I am most sad about giving up the cards.

I just bought stuff to make cookies today. Wish that we lived close by, I have a ton of them.

I have felt down this whole season. Things have been tight and that makes it rough.