Sunday, April 03, 2011

I had a thought

Something I wanted to write about and the thought has fled.

Kids are on week two of Spring Break. I am staying home this week. My plan is to paint Diego's room, plant our avocado tree (before it dies) and plant a tomato plant or two. Oh, and somewhere in there, try and have some fun with the little one's.

I started watching a show called Doc Martin. I watched all four seasons. I thought it was an older show but it looks like they are coming out with a season 5. I watched it on Netflix but they are showing it on PBS too now.

Siobhan has another doctor appointment tomorrow with her GI. Her medicine arrived so I think I will start it today. We have a Meet and Greet with the LA Galaxy today too. Is there any chance in hell my bracelet will be the one that allows me to meet Beckham? If not, screw it, I don't care! ha ha I'll let you know!

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Julie said...

YOU GOT LUCKY!! You got to meet Becks! AWESOME!