Monday, October 10, 2011

Nighttime is falling

The blissful darkness. I really enjoy these nights. I can't wait until it is cold enough to enjoy the fireplace. Eric and I agreed we needed a fireplace and we use it every chance we get. I love when it is pouring rain and the kids and I get hom and have a nice warm fire by the time Eric gets home from work. Ahhh, warming your toes in front of the fireplace. Or waiting to see if the stupid long hair cat catches fire as she is RIGHT in front of the fire. (there are bets on that!) The long sunlight days are great in that the kids play outside and run around a lot. But the darkness has my heart. I think because we are night owls over here (minus Diego...he's working on it) and we aren't those people who get tired just because it is dark outside. I think I wake up as the evening goes. If I could decide my own day. I would sleep in until about 10:30 everyday...lazy around and head to work about 4 and work, work, work. It is too bad that we have to follow a clock instead of allowing our ourselves to perform at our best when it works for us. Better yet, I think one of those jobs where you have to work 40 hours per week but you can break it down however you want. Two 20 hour days. ha ha

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Julie said...

I feel the same way! I wake up as night goes on. I love longer evenings in the fall ( darkness wise)