Tuesday, June 04, 2013

I have noticed

that I don't think any normal person can lose weight without exercising. Yes, I know it IS possible, but I don't know how. I get 1400 calories per day. Seems fair. I often have 600-1100 left over each day but ONLY because I earn about 600 exercising. How the heck do you get through the day on 1400, which is probably a lot (but I weigh a lot).

I often make it through the whole work day without eating into my 1400 calories. Which is why I have so many more left over. You can only eat so much (and I don't want to). For breakfast I might have: a cup of strawberries or a cup of Special K and half a cup of low fat milk or oatmeal (which I HATE) Snack (any variety, twice a day): cucumber strawberries apple banana carrots I LOVE the Fresh and Easy fruit packs for $1.24 perfect amount Lunch: soup (most days) salad frozen meal meat and cheese Dinner: Is whatever I am making but I measure it out. I like to have popcorn at night, but any of the above snacks works too.

I try and get creative. Although, for the most part, I can eat the same thing everyday and it won't bother me. Since I enjoy soup and Progresso has so many varieties it is easy to change it up. A whole can of soup can be as little as 120 calories! It is great because I feel like I am eating all the time so I usually don't feel hungry. Some days though, I am really hungry. I try to bring a VERY large salad and leave it at work with a low cal dressing in the fridge so if I find myself still hungry I have a good choice.

This is all new for me but already I find myself making the better choice over and over again. I finally understand that commercial for cereal where the girl is looking at the cake and they say "do you want to ruin your whole day". I used to think "Why not, you were good all day" but now, oh now, I understand. But sometimes, not very often, but sometimes, I still go for the cake (or whatever it is). This is still life. The point of being healthy is to enjoy it, all aspects of it. Making good choices all week and allowing one larger, delicious meal (especially if it is at Anepalcos Cafe) is worth it. Sometimes I will go out for a walk before enjoying the less healthy item. Even though I have calories left, I feel SO much better about eating it.

Changes. They are happening. Each and every day!

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